Monday, January 27, 2014

Just A Seecond Shout Out...

Hey there everyone!!  THANK YOU so much to everyone who responded to me after my post this weekend!  Meant so much!  But I wanted to do a 2nd little post this morning just to try and reach those bloggers who take the weekends off ( not AWOL like me...OOPS ) 

If you are just reading this post to day, please scroll down to my post on Saturday about things to come!!

I LOVE ALL YOU GIRLS who were a HUGE part of my life when I was blogging daily!

Go Follow me on Instagram at  KARABOYDELEMENTS as this will be a place I share my life but also my store and my projects when I can't do a full blog.  I will also be updating my Facebook page to share there as well, but for now I will be posting to INSTAGRAM immediately...Its SO EASY it just makes sense for my life right now to do that as a way to stay in touch with all my Blog Gals when I cant be home on my computer :)

SOOOOOOOOOOOO!!  My project for today is SO FUNNNN...NOT!  Im off to get a root canal! 
UUUGGG!  I will give a tidbit of INFO about TEETH!

Everyone have a FABULOUS Monday and I will be back!  PROMISE!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yes, Im still alive and have NEW THINGS to come!!!

OK!!!  Is anybody still popping in over here???  Hello, ello, ello...Anybody Here, ere, ere...Im Back, ack, ack...Hello, ello, ello...
Well, im hoping I can get this blog back on track!  Lets just SAY, I had to take an EXTENDED VaCa {vacation ;) } Ive had some health issues and just LIFE in general!!!  Im ok and I would like to get back to Blogging!! 
I HAVE MISSED ALL MY FRIENDS IN BLOGLAND!!!   I will say that I have to be realistic about my time on my blog and while I WISH I could blog like I used to, THAT is just NOT POSSIBLE RIGHT NOW :(   I had found myself being run by my blog and not ME running IT...SO, Im going to set a goal of at least 1 to 2 times a week...I have a store that needs constant attention which NEEDS to come after God in 1st place, my Hub and 2 kiddos {and Parents} in 2ndplace to be followed by a clean home, clean dogs...clean dogs helps= clean home...laundry, dishes, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH...UUUGGGG!!!  If I could just have 5 of me, I could do EVETHING 2,000 % 

I am going to be UPDATING my Elements Facebook Page...I PLAN to share merchandise I offer in my store as well as any and all of my Handmade with TLC, Kara Pierce Boyd Collection, merchandise :) a quick fill in resource to my Blog, I have an INSTAGRAM page!!  I have some GOODIES on there already!!  So PLLLEEEEEEASE come FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!!  Im excited about that because it is such a quick and easy place to share not only my HECTIC LIFE with all of my Blogland FRENZZZ, but some of my projects as well!!!  I will be doing some Follow me on INSTAGRAM giveaways!!!  

So there you have it!  MY PLAN...Fingers crossed! I can NOT wait to see all of ya,ll again! 
OH!  And I DO plan to come back with that FUNNY POST I told yall I would be doing way back, months ago...OOPSIE!

xoxoxoxs Kara
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