Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Back SOON with a FUNNY Post!

Hey Ladies!!!  I had a few of you show up here yesterday and your comments mean the WORLD to me!!!!  Ive missed all of YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!  Im going to get back into this blogging a little slower and less stressed!!  I had found myself in a situation of Posting EVERYDAY and doing a "Project" EVERYDAY to post about...needless to say, the Blog was running my life when it should be ME running my Blog!  So, now that ive figured that out, I did a lot of PRAYING and Soul searching and realized that I was running my health into the ground (possibly in a coffin, YIKES!) I realized I was partially blogging a project almost daily for fear of anyone in blogland might get bored with me if I wasnt sharing and showing all these "GREAT CREATIONS" almost daily. Then I realized that God would not want it that way!  He wants whatever we do in life to be a JOY and we should be at PEACE, and we should GLORIFY God in our daily life! 
SO!  New approach for Kara...Im going to blog ANY and ALL Projects I HAVE SCHEDULED to do for a client on an Interior Design job...Im going to post on any work I do in my Store, I JUST MIGHT even blog me opening freight I get for my store.....Im going to blog MY LIFE...NOT projects(though I will blog those when i have them)...
So I HOPE you all will go on this NEW journey with me....It wouldnt be the same without ALL of you, My Blogging FRIENDS!!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Im still here!!!

I hope i am not posting to an "Empty" blogger world!! 
I KNOW its been REALLY QUIET without me around the last, oh say, YEAR and a HALF!!!
Ive had lots to deal with and just needed to regroup a bit, BUT, I PLAN to get back into this Blogging GROOVE...little by little.
SO...that said, I just wanted to put out a little "Hello" from Texas and say how much I have MISSED my BLOGGING FRIENDS!!!!!
I look forward to visiting all of ya'll and hope ya'll will come back here and see me:)

SO!  Big HUGS and KISSES from me to ALL of you!!!

Talk to ya'll soon!!

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