Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Are You Kidding Me???


I KNEW I was and still am in an "Infinity x A GaZillion" amount of  PAIN...
Now I know WHY! 
I have a Vesicular Eruption / Viral Infection / OR just simply put...


OK!  OUCH!!!  I didnt even know that was possible!  WELL....IT IS!  And let me tell you...It is about the MOST PAINFUL thing I have been through....I THINK it beats my C Sections and possibly my Neck surgery!
Thank you GOD for the ENT that fineally knew what was wrong...This past week, I have felt like I was on SCARY ISLAND...ALONE....with NOONE who was understanding what I was trying to tell them!!!
Till this morning...Thank you Dr Scolaro...who sat and explained to my Dad exactly how PAINFUL this is...not that my family didnt believe me, but to have the MD be able to medically explain HOW BAD it is helped me breathe better...PLUS, I know im not losing my mind! 
SO...What now???  It takes about 3 weeks to run its course...NO!!!  Wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 

{crickets want to cry!}

Oh My Gosh!  2 more weeks???   I hope there is enough pain medicine to get me through!
Basically:  The entire roof of my mouth is numb but THROBBING...like I can feel my heartbeat...
Boom Boom, Boom Boom, Boom Boom...I guess at least there is a heartbeat...
the entire inside of my mouth is inflamed and PULSATING...My tongue HURTS, so its hard for me to talk...
 All of my sinus areas have a ton of pressure and really, its just ONE BIG MIGRAIN like headache!
It feels like a HOT AIR BALLOON on top O my 5 foot body!  Uuumm...I have felt better, FO SHO!

However...I am gonna do my best to post as much as normal...and pray that God gets me through this!

Thank yall for hangin in here with me!  Did I say earlier how BLESSED I AM?!?!  

I WILL have Whassup Wednesday up and running for tomorrow!!!  AND...I have LOTSA Features!!!

And Im running the GIVEAWAY through the weekend...Will announce the WINNER on Monday! 

Again..Thank yall SO MUCH for your sweet thoughts, prayers but espicially your FRIENDSHIP!
Im the Luckiest gal in Blogville!

see yall in da mornin :)


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

OMGosh! Shingles in your MOUTH!?? I have heard that Shingles are one of the most painful things you could get. I never, EVER heard of the possibility of getting them in your mouth. What. The. Heck!
Praying for your comfort and grateful that you know what it is.

Ricki Treleaven said...

Kara, that is so horrible! I am so sorry!!!!!!!!!!! Shingles are bad enough on the back but *in your mouth*...seriously!?!?!? You poor thing. I hope you can take something for the pain...whiskey....(I am Southern Baptist, but that would drive me to drink).....

Thanks for the update, and I will pray that your shingles improve, like, quickly!!!

Ricki Jill

Becca said...

Ohmygoodness, friend. This is horrible; however, I'm glad that you finally found out what was wrong. I know that stress can cause shingles ... so, friend, PLEASE take it easy !! I understand it can be very painful. I'm so sorry and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery !! xoxoxo, Becca

At The Picket Fence said...

Oh Kara!!! How awful! I just got through reading your last post (let me tell you how relieved I was to hear from you...I was worried about ya my friend!) and then this one popped up. I am soooo sorry about what you are going through but grateful that you have an answer. I suffer from horrendous migraines so I fully understand that pain (I get the kind that make me throw up from the pain!) but please know I am praying for a quicker healing than what the Dr. said! Take care of yourself friend and get lots and lots of rest!
Big hugs to you,

NanaDiana said...

Awful! Absolutely awful! Did they tell you that when you recover you can get a vaccine for shingles so that you never get them again? They are horrible! Horrible! About 20 years ago I had surgery on the roof of my mouth. It was, hands down, the most painful thing I have ever endured. I wished I could pull teh top of my head off. I know exactly what you are going thorugh. I will tell you one little thing- try to keep your mouth relaxed. I found biting down hard took away part of the pain. It became a habit for me to wake up with my mouth clenched so tight I could not breath. That said, pressing an ice-filled cloth against the roof of your mouth helps. God bless you, baby, it will pass~ xxoo Diana

Pamela said...

OMG Kara shingles in the mouth? Oh I hope you are better very soon! I have never heard of anyone getting them in their mouth. The pain must be horrid.
I am sending you tons of wellness thoughts!
Pamela xo

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Oh, Kara! I am so sorry! What an ordeal. My husband is in the process of recovering from shingles right now. But his were along his waist. I cannot imagine what you are going through or how you can still function to blog while medicated! You must be on a really high dose to knock that kind of pain. I am praying for you. Hope you breeze throught this MUCH faster than the MD predicted.

Marianne said...

Oh you poor thing. Shingles of the mouth, never heard anyone getting it in the mouth but I've heard that the pain is awful. Stress does cause shingles so you should really take it easy and rest, rest, rest. I know, easier said than done but you must do. Prayers to you for a speedy recovery.
Marianne :)

Debbiedoos said...

HOLY CRAP! Is all I can say. I had chicken pox a couple of years ago, and it was awful as an adult. I am so afraid of getting shingles, because I have that virus in my body..I get cold sores like twice a year and it is all the same stinking viral family. I am so sorry and hope you feel better real soon girl!!!!~ Big hug to you!XO

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm glad they figured out what was wrong with you...that can be the scariest part. And I'm sorry for all of the pain you are in. Keep taking the pain meds and get your rest. My mom had this and I know she was in terrible pain. I pray it's over soon, Kara. Hang in there.


At The Picket Fence said...

Oh Kara! First, you have been on our minds and in our prayers. We've been so worried about you. Second, I have had shingles it is awful!! One of the worst things I've ever gone through. I can't even IMAGINE having them in my mouth. I'm sure the doctor told you that stress and a low immune system can bring shingles on...those two things often go hand in hand. Please take care of yourself! Every time I feel run down now I'm worried the shingles will come back. Just be a good girl...and rest! rest! rest! Praying this passes quickly! Love ya!


Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Oh my! So sorry...I've had shingles on my back and it was very painful! Hope it gets better fast...Eat lots of COLD AND CREAMY ICE CREAM! :)

cami said...

Hi Kara, I am soo sorry for this. I've heard how terrible shingles can be and can't even imagine them in your mouth! Keep those meds going and don't worry about the blog, we will all return. YOu are a fabulous girl and you just need to take care of yourself lady!!!!!!

xoxoxo, cami

Debra@CommonGround said...

Oh Honey, I feel for you. I've had shingles on my neck down to my knee, de-stress if you can. Are they putting you on prednisone or any anti viral? You're in my prayers; don't over do it and take a blog break if you need it. We'll all totally understand!! hugs Debra

Ann H. said...

Leave it to you to have something so totally abnormal. HA. I am so, so sorry that you are in so much pain, but at least now you know what it is and hopefully the medications will help you through this. Try not to stress or do too much. Rest and relax as much as possible and let our prayers wash over you. Ann H.

southerninspiration said...

Oh bless your heart...that sounds miserable. I hope you can find relief and that it leaves asap. I hope you can escape the pain somehow....like just hibernate for two weeks?? I cannot imagine how painful it must be...but will pray that you find relief!!


The White City Project said...

Oh my goodness! I have never heard of that! I feel so bad that you are in such agony. I know all too well what it's like to be in so much pain that you think you might lose your mind. Hugs to you, hope you get some relief soon.

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Please get as much rest as you possibly can.

Kathy said...

Oh my gosh....so so sorry for you...you are worn down and really need some super duper vitamins, start with vitamin C. I just read not to long ago about why shingles can get you...and stress and fatigue are the number one reasons why, so girlfriend pamper yourself to heal. Best wishes

Unknown said...

You poor thing! I wasn't even aware that was possible! Hope that all our prayers helped, and wishing you a speedy recovery.

The French Hutch said...

MERCY! I know you must be in horrible pain. I hope your up and feeling better soon. I'm sure your docs have you on the right path with antibiotics for your infection.
Hope your feeling better soon. LOTS of REST!!!!!!!

The French Hutch

Cricket said...

Hi...I found you through Becca over at Adventures in Decorating. I love your blog...sooooo sorry you are feeling so bad. I have shingles on the back of my thigh and they hurt soooo bad. I can't even imagine what it would feel like to have them in my mouth. You poor thing. I'm sending prayers and healing thoughts and wishes your way.

E. Charlotte said...

Yikes! I am so sorry to hear about your ailment! Ouch ouch ouch ouch! I can't imagine. :( I had oral surgery a month ago and am still dealing with complications. Nothing like mouth pain! Not fun! Hang in there and I hope it passes quickly. :)

g.suzie said...

Oh my I'm sooooo sorry, that sounds awful.
We have all missed you and wish you a very
speedy recovery.
May the force be with you!

Pams Party said...

Glad to see you post. We were really worried! Been praying for you the last few days. More prayers for a speedy recovery and that the pain goes away soon.. ((hugs))

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

Phooey! Me no like pain! :( Praying for God's healing touch to come quickly. Try to get some rest, ok?

Screaming Sardine said...

Dang, I had no idea you could get shingles in your mouth! I've had shingles twice, but not in the mouth. I'm so sorry for what you're going through. At least now you know what's wrong and that you know it will end soon.

Hang in there,
Tracy All Thumbs Crafts

Cheri said...

Shingles in your mouth? Oh my goodness....I've gotten shingles on my face 3-4 times now and I cannot even imagine it in my mouth. I totally feel for you...it is horrid pain. Wow. Hope those meds kick in quick!

Crazy Wonderful said...

Noooooo!!!!! Sending hugs and prayers your way!!! So sorry to hear you're in so much pain :( I've never had shingles, but the pain your explaining sounds VERY similar to the pain I experienced after major oral surgery - pretty much like a Mac truck slammed into your head. Ooooo... I'm getting all tense just thinking about what you're going through. Prayers, prayers, and more prayers your way!!!


Tammy said...

Praying for you!!! Ouch! I can't imagine. Can you eat?

Savannah Granny said...

OMG!! That sounds awful. I pray that you get some relief until this thing runs it's source. Bless you, Ginger

Gypsy Heart said...

Oh my word! My daughter has shingles and they are EXTREMELY painful. I feel so bad for you. Wish I could do something to help but I will keep you in my prayers, ok?


An Oasis in the Desert said...

OMGosh, sweet friend, I am so sorry! I have had shingles twice, both times across my boobs. The first time, I thought I had cancer & was in the final stage! It truly is an indescribable pain. But I can't even imagine how awful it would be in your mouth. Poor baby. I hope your family members are making themselves available for your every beck & call. You deserve total pampering. Take care.

Unknown said...

Ugh! Girl I haven't had shingles before let along shingles in my mouth but I have known someone who did have the same situation and my heart goes out to you because i've never seen someone in so much pain.......bless your heart and hang in there :)

April @ just enough sparkle said...

Oh my gosh I cannot even begin to imagine! Here's hoping the discomfort wears off sooner than 3 weeks so you can at least recoop easier!!

Denise said...

OMG! I can't even imagine the pain you're going through, wish I could give you a big ole hug. Shingles in the mouth?!!!!! What causes that?! It sounds terrible, well more than terrible. I am praying you feel some comfort soon, hopefully things will ease off before 2 weeks. You're such a trooper still wanting to post :) Hang in there girly.

Andrea said...

Praying for continued healing for you. I, too am so sorry you are going through this, not fun. Just try to stay on your meds to get through it and I pray it helps with some of the pain. Please know we are all thinking about you...please get well soon!!

Alaina said...

Oh snap! That is AWFUL!!!! Feel better soon!


Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

oh my, that sounds just awful!! :-( I hope you get better really soon.

Janet said...

Oh Kara, this is so sad! I hope you recover QUICKLY friend!!!


Unknown said...

I'm so SOOO sorry! That sounds absolutely horrible and terrible, but I'm so glad you found out what's happening so you aren't just wondering and being carted along... and I can't imagine that it was fun to be in Lubbock so it's not like you can just run across the street to the Houston Med Center and be seen by 500 more doctors and know that someone there knows... that's one of my big fears living out in the boonies in SC after having lived in big BIIIIG cities! Good luck and hope you get to sleep through most of it!!

Irma@CosasBellas said...

OMGosh Kara, I'm so sorry that this is happening to you. Was this brought on by stress, maybe?
My GM had shingles, a couple of years ago, on her face and head. It caused her horrible migraines and one of her eyes to shut down. I can't even imagine what you're going through but I will be praying for your quick recovery.

Big hug,

Laurie in SC said...

Kara, my eyes are tearing up just reading what you are going through. I have had chronic migraines for 10 years (almost daily headache pain), so I know something about pain. But, in your mouth?! How simply horrible. I know our God will see you through this. And we are all here for you! This scripture comforts me:
He forgives your sins - every one. He heals your diseases - every one. He redeems you from hell - saves your life. He crowns you with love and mercy - a paradise crown. He wraps you in goodness - beauty eternal. He renews your youth - you are always young in his presence. Psalm 103:3
Sending you prayers, love and hugs!
Laurie from Scene of the Grime

Debbie said...

That is just horrible!! I have never heard of anything like it and I feel so bad for you. I can only imagine what pain you are in.

Be well, Kara!

Traci said...

I've never heard of shingles in your mouth either. That's awful. I've never had shingles but I keep hearing how awful they are. I hope you're feeling better soon!

Ami Allison said...

OH NO!!!!!! I can't even imagine! I'm so sorry and I hope your feeling better soon! Happy Birthday to your beautiful niece too! :)

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