Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My "Sunset" Dome...

Good Morning Ladies!!!

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FINEALLY...My Master Bathroom Dome Reveal...YAAAAAAAY!!!
So this is where I left you Thursday.  My "Vision" changed with something my BFF said...REMEMBER, the "Wheel of Fortune" game last week...The jest of what she said is " O_   m_    G___!!!   I__   ___ut ____!" HA!  Just Kiddin...NOT gonna make yall play the Game again :)   Basically, she said :
"Oh my Gosh, it looks Beautiful...it looks like a Sunset!"  Thats when I had a LIGHTBULB moment!!!  I decided to CHANGE my NEARLY FINISHED Dang Dome,{ that I had JUST finished applying all that Bronze Glaze to} to look lke a TRUE "Sunset"...
So here is what I did....

I mixed a black { craft } paint with some Irredescent glaze to get a "Shimmery" black...because a Night Sky is SHIMMERY  IN MY CREATIVE, OCD BRAIN !  If I was going to CHANGE my "Vision" I was going to do it "All the Way!"  I mean...a TRUE Sunset is all about the Beautiful Golden, Sun disappearing into the horizon, as the Sky up high begins to fade into Darkness, filled with its OWN Beauty { you will see } RIGHT???   Thats MY vision of a true "Sunset"...

SO!   Here is the BEGINNING of the Night sky setting into place... { and about 3 MORE days of work }
I KNOW!  Good Googly Moogly, Kara!!!   It was FINE BEFORE!   I THINK I might just PUSH myself to see how FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR I will go...YA THINK???!!!  Anyhoo, My vision of a Sunset is comprised of 3 Main colors...Black at top, fading into a Copper that fades into the Golden tones.....

Black....CHECK!  Well, not REALLY...cuz I have MORE applications of it to do....

E GADS!!!   I know thats what you are thinking...BECAUSE, THATS what I was thinking!!!!

NOW...I have to go BACK UP to the "Tippie Toppie" of the ladder....Like Evil Kenivel {sp} and add MORE black, and blend the black into the NEXT STEP of the color Copper...

This HERE shows ALL THAT Bronze Glaze that I put on and NOW, I gotta COVER IT UP with the Copper!!!   Sheez Louise!   And NO...I dont know who Louise is EITHER...She is over there with Pete and Betsy....Well, actually, right now Louise is in my DANG DOME!

This process of covering the Bronze with the Copper,  goes ON & ON & ON & ON & ON & ON & and the Merry go Round goes ROUND & ROUND & ROUND & ROUND & ROUND...ICK!  Im Nauscious!!!

NOW...I start to apply more of the Black and begin to Feather it into the Copper....so the Merry go Round continues....

Blending, Blending, Blending...

THERE!!!   The night sky is fading into the Sunset...

These PICS...UGG!  I PROMISE!!!   Bible....the Dome looks SO MUCH BETTER in person!  It is a CONSTANT BATTLE with my Camera to get a GOOD pic and it still doesnt happen!  I am on a MISSION to getting a WAY BETTER camera....Dont know how im gonna do it...but, im gonna do it!

A bit better pic....you can see how the Black fades into the Copper that fades into the Gold....I HOPE!  If not im going to pull out all my HAIR and throw a BIG OLE TEXAS SIZED Tantrum!   Isnt it pretty :0)

Black into....

The Copper.... EEEEERRKKK!  Wait a minute...NOT enough Copper....For the LOVE of PETE!  {Pete...get over there with Louise!}

Mixing MORE Copper....WHERE O WHERE is the "Im crossing my eyes" ICON???  BROTHER!

Adding MORE Copper...

And MORE....

And MORE....BLENDING....Heavens to Betsy!   Betsy...get over there with Louise and Pete!

And blending the Copper into the Golden "Sunset"

Aaaahhhh!!!!   There, Finished!   EEEEEERRKKK!   Nope!  NOT finished....

Mixing MORE of the Golden color to do MORE Blending!!!   At this point, I have done SO MUCH BLENDING, I could open a Smoothie Shop!

There is still to much Bronze showing...CANT HAVE THAT!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAND, Im DONE blending!  WooHoo!  Look out and Make room for the "Chicken Dance!"  Uh Hu, Uh Hu...Uh Hu....Oh Yea, Oh Yea, Oh Yea!!!   Chicken Dance!!!  YeeHaw!!!

NOW!!!!!   For the Finishing Touch!   I was out POKIN AROUND in my Studio/Craft Room and came across THESE!!!  Stared at them for a bit...then BAM!   Figured out what to do with them!!!!
Chicken Dance!!!  Uh Hu, Oh Yea!   Chicken Dance! { LOVE that Movie! } NOT just for the Fact that I get to look at Matthew McConaughey for 2 hours BUT, HELLER...BONUS!  But it is HALARIOUS!  I HIGHLY recommend the Movie "Ed TV"!!!!!!!   A BIT of TRIVIA....Did you know that Matthew McConaughey is from Austin TEXAS???   DAS RIGHT...Texas GROWN, HUNK O LUUUUUUVE!!!
"Chicken Dance"!!!!  "Chicken Dance"!!!   OK!  Back to the Dang Dome!

WHAT night sky would be complete WITHOUT Twinckeling STARS?!?!  NOT MINE!!!
SEE...I KNEW I would need these SOMEDAY!

Need some Quick Grip Glue....

Just a "Little Dab ul Do Ya"....

AAAAAAAAAAND, Stick 'em!   CAREFULLY, of course....I THINK....NOT a good Pic!  See...Im IN THE RING with my Camera AGAIN!!!   Paaaaalease!!!

Flash OFF............

Flash ON.......still BITES!

Flash OFF with ONLY the Cove lights ON...{ this one is ACTUALLY pretty good...BUT NOT GREAT!

Flash still OFF with Cove lights....

Flash OFF with Chandie ON....

Flash ON with Chandie ON....

LIZ.....WHERE o WHERE is that "Pulling My Hair Out"  ICON???

Flash OFF with Chandie ON...........

And ANUTHA!!!  Im actually LAYING on the Floor with my Kiddos at this point....
Looking for the " Little Dipper"...YEP!   And NOPE!  I didnt tell them that I DID NOT actually apply the "Stars" in PROPER Position!!!     Hhhmmmm....should I go back and APPLY the...EEERRRKK!  NO!
I  REFUSE!!!!  I THINK....

Uuuugggg!   I CANT get a really good pic!   I may CRY!

HOLY TOLEDO!   { whats Toledo??? }  This MIGHT have been a good Pic, MINUS the BLINDING

A SHHMIDGE  better....

You Know....Im just gonna add ALL the pics and SURELY you will get a feel for what it turned out like...
Im THRILLED with it and Im OOBER PICKY....so, use your Imagination....

LUUUUUUUUUUUUUURVE this...how it actually FADES into the "Sunset" ...

Aaaahhh!   BESTILL my HEART!

I HEART this!

My STARS...Up close...

I EVEN applied the TINY Stars!   This was a CHALLENGE!!!  

And these last 2 are my View from my TUB! {that I LOVE SO MUCH!}
Twinkle Twinkle little STAR ....Like a DIAMOND in the Sky..............
There you have it Ladies!   My Master Bath "SUNSET" Dome...

aka...Dang Dome!  Dang Dome Done!   Ding Dong!!!!!   DUNZO!!! 
WooHoo!  Chicken Dance!!!   Do the Chicken Dance!   I AM!!!


Hope you Decoratin Divas have a MEGA SUPER DOOPER Blessed Day!


Dont Forget the GIVEAWAY!

Its that time!  Giveaway, GIVEAWAY, Give A Way!!!  WoooHooo!
So What is this Giveaway???
Well...Let me just tell you!  Its a lil bit of SPA mixed with a lil bit of DIY FUN!

1}  Camille Beckman Sugar Cane Body Polish in fragrance Lime Leaves...This is an Exfoliant with the   Healing ingredient Glycerine in it, so it leaves your skin like SILK!  I PROMISE!!!

2} Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy in fragrance Lime Leaves...ROCKS!

3} A Pretty Stencil with Stencil Paint Brushes....SO EASY!  And FUN!

ALL you have to do to be IN for the WIN is:

1}  Become a Follower of Elements Interiors

2} Leave me a Comment telling me you are
     Now Following


L said...

Beautiful! I'm sorry you couldn't get that perfect photo shot that you wanted to capture but I think it looks great. Cool idea to use the blingy bling jewels for the stars. LOVE!
have a happy day~

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

As usual, you manage to pull off the impossible. Good job! :)

Dara Lynn said...

My arms would have just plum gave out! Gorgeous as always....am a follower ...is a follower..will be a follower;)

Sharon said...

As usual you have done it again. WOW!!!! It is just beautiful. I'm looking forward to your next project when you finally get circulation back into your arms and your neck out of traction. Cuz this project was a killer.

Allyson Pecilunas said...

I love it Kara!! You are so creative. Love it. Ofcourse I'm following

Debilou ~ Mississippi Mama said...

Hi, Kara,, your dome looks beautiful! I'm a follower.

Abby said...

I'm a follower!!

The Tuscan Home said...

Kara, I bet you are exhausted. WOW, what a job, and a job WELL DONE! It turned out beautifully. Ok, now for the big question, have you soaked in a bubble bath and looked up to admire all that hard work?

We need a shot of the entire space. Your bathroom looks AMAZING!!! Love it! XOXO ~Liz

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Could you be any more fabulous?!?!? I'm marveling at your skillz girlfriend. Now go take that well deserved soak in the tub!

Unknown said...

ur too cute - the dome is AWESOME - i would of gave up half way through - GO YOU!

Emelia DiCarlo said...

You are so talented....a master painter and I am sure tired. I am a follower of course.Beautiful.

Karen said...


Traci said...

It's sooo pretty!!! I would've never even thought to do something like this & if by some chance I had, I would've given up half way through & painted it a solid color!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

What a creative project! And yes, I'm a follower!

At The Picket Fence said...

Unbelievable! Well, actually, with you it is totally believable because you rock my friend! This is just gorgeous!
P.S. Oh, and I'm a followin' fool of course! :-)

NanaDiana said...

Well, here in WISCONSIN we say Holy Cow a lot (cuz we're the dairy state, ya know)...Holy Cow, Kara -that has a nice ring to it doesn't it? Cow..Kara...both with the hard K sound. Anyway, you did a phenomenal job with that sunset dome. Truly wonderful! I know how much work it is to blend something to try and get it right...and just when you think you HAVE IT ...you notice a big old blaring area that looks like -excuse the expression- crap.

Your job is exceptional and I'll bet it is gorgeous at night. Now, you and the Mr. can throw your blanket on the floor and pretend you are making out (does anyone still use that term?) under the night sky...hmmmm...

Thanks for all the pictures- my neck got sore just looking at you looking up..(last post) so I can only imagine how sore your neck is now! Hugs-Diana

Becca said...

Girl, you blinged your ceiling! A girl after my own heart, as I love to bling anything I can get my hands on! I *never* thought about doing it to my walls! Love it ... only *you* can get away with something so fun and creative as this, my dear. Hugs and love, Becca

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Following...thank you for the chance to win!

9405018--Pat said...

Wow, this was awesome...love your blog! I'm a follower...thanks for sharing...Pat H

Christine said...

Guess what....first blog I am following! WOOHOO :)

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! The jewels complete it! I love the details you put into your projects!
Of course I am a new follower!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

That was a lot of hard neck breaking work and it is gorgeous!! Love it with the cove lighting.

Life, Crafts and Whatever said...

Oh my goodness! LOVE IT! Yay for us Texas girls, I'm over here in Rockwall. Do you have a pic of your whole bathroom, I imagine it's so relaxing!

Liz said...

The cove looks soooo awesome!! Your hard work paid off.
p.s. I am now a follower!! ;)

Katie @ OhhBaby said...

Im a new follower!

Gypsy Heart said...

Wow! This is truly amazing ~ in every sense of the word. Thank God that Pete, Louise, Betsy and whoever else helped out! I would NEVER have had the patience to start all over and do what you did...well, in all truth, I would never have even thought of it!

I totally understand re: the pics but you did a great job. I get so frustrated with my camera & my lack of photography skills and my computer and yes, all of the above. I absolutely think you did a superb job on this! And...I cannot even begin to thank you for blinging it up ~ love it...love it!! Now, I'm going to be doing walk-throughs to see what I can glitter around here. :-) Bling makes me so happy!

You are amazing...yes, I'll say it again and again.

Jemsmom said...

Wow... that is about all I can say is WOW!!!! You are beyond awesome!

Jodie said...

Kara, this transformation is amazing! Love the stars, they add such a majestic feel to the space! I've been a follower for awhile now. Your work is always stunning! Thank you so much for the sweet comment and becoming my follower, it means so much to me! Your work completely inspires me! I'm always glued to your blog (smiles)!

Warm Weekend Wishes,

Sue said...

Oh my stars! That is one awesome ceiling treatment, girl. I don't know how you survived the ladder or the neck strain! LOL My eyes would be crossed, too. :-)
So fun to see all your ideas come to fruition, Kara. Boy, would I love to see this in person.
~ Sue

Rita said...

Kara, you have some great followers with such great compliments! I'm so proud of my talented daughter!! I love you so much!
To all the followers: how to pronouce Kara's name (don't feel bad...her own grandmother pronounced it wrong for years!). I'll spell it as it is pronounced: Kay ra (long a then short a on the end. Since my MIL had such a hard time getting it pronounced correctly, my husband and I almost changed the spelling...until I realized I preferred the shorter spelling.

foreverdecorating said...

Oh but I am a follower and I LOVE your ceiling. Sooooo cool!

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