Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Kitchen Ceiling is HEAVY METAL...

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Good Morning Ladies!!!  Hope you all had a BLESSED Monday!  I was PAINTING ALL DAY!  Sheesh...What is wrong with me???  So, I am sharing with you the Finished Kitchen Ceiling { I THINK } ...
I actually had it done yesterday BUT was trying to buy some time to get more of my MasterBath Ceiling dome DONE....Uuuuuhhhh...THAT did NOT happen! 
 I have been working on the Bath Dome since Saturday!  Started out with a "Vision" and it was going to be PERECTLY DONE { cuz of the OCD factor!}....UNTIL my best friend came to the house Saturday evening and made a STATEMENT about it!  OMGosh!  REALLY????  She SAID ...

Some people are thinking my friend DID NOT like my Dome...LOL!!!
Yall are all SO SWEEET and PROTECTIVE of me!  I LOVE THAT!
Just to clear it up...
She LOVED it...but made a Statement { and a WORD that Inspired my NEW vision }, anyway...
 that got me to thinking...
Thats All...Just a Word in her Comment that Inspired...

Yall are CRACKIN ME UP!  Wondering if yall are supposed to understand the Jibberish below!  LOL!
YALL!   Its like the Wheel of Fortune!!!  Heller!  LOL
OK...just wanted to clear up the friend comment...She was upset cuz she didnt want yall to think she said somethin MEAN!  Ooooo!   FUNNY!
Wheel Of Fortune

O-    my    ---h,     --a-     -s     --a----u-,     -t     -o--s    l--e    a    s---e-   ---!!!
  I-   -s    ---ge---!
I    -o---    l---e    -t    --on-,     -e--e    -t    --s-    l---    -t    is,   d---    -o    --o--e-    -h-n-!!!

Oh no she Diunt!  { insert 2 SNAPS up in a circle! With my HEAD rockin side to side! } 
Ummm Hmmm!   

WOW!  Can you BELIEVE that????   I KNOW!   SO!   Of course my creative mind sets into HIGH GEAR!  And, my vision changes!!!   And, LET ME JUST TELL YOU....the NEW VISION is LOOOOOOOOOONG and HARD!  Like if I was a Dr, and I asked you how bad your PAIN in yo Booty was on a scale of
1 to 10, {10 being the MOST pain} your answer would be 11  !!!!!  And TRUST me!   Cuz the Pain in my "METAL PLATED with SCREWS" neck is at a 5!!! { right now }   I will begin sharing THAT transformation TOMORROW....But DONT forget Whassup Wednesday!!!

All that being said...This dome IS AWESOME!!!  Its something Ive never done before!  It looks like a 
------  and I am ---------- all the ------  I am using to create something reminicent of a BEAUTIFUL ------ that starts at the ------ of the dome and ---------  fades into an -------   ------ by -------- each color into
a ------ and ------ and ------ color till at the top, it is a MAGICAL,  -----   --- with the MOST AMAZING -----!!!  So when the Chandie light is on, or even JUST the Cove lights are on the -----   ---
with ALL the -----, capture and ------- the -----!!!! 

SOUNDS  AMAZING, right???    I know!  Im  ANSEY in my PANTSEYS  to see this one DUNZO!
It BETTER knock my socks off or I WILL lay down on the floor and throw a BIG OLE,  Texas sized, GROWN guuuurl,  TEMPER TANTRUM!  { and THAT will NOT be pretty!  :0)  }
I mean...this dome better SHUT IT DOWN!!!

Just a lil Peek a Boo at my Master Bath Dome BEFORE....      
OH YEH!   Just wanted yall to see our CRUMMY WEATHER!   We have been BURIED in a Half  Inch of snow here!  :0)   MAKE IT STOOOOOOP!!!   This weather is NOT what I signed up for living in Lubbock Texas!   We almost NEVER get snow { and now we are COVERED in a Half Inch of it } and I am BEYOND READY for our NORMAL...Sunny and 80* and NO humidity!  I KNOW!  I hear what
you are thinkin,  "Shut up!  Enough with that lil PRINCESS TUDE!"  I cant help it...we TRULY are BLESSED with the PERFECT weather here in West Texas, espicially Lubbock!  Except for the west Texas WIND...itll knock you OVA' and when that dirt gets blowing, you can just stand outside and get an Exfoliating Facial Fo FREE, a Gift from God!
OK!  How did I get on this subject???   I was talkin about ceiling painting... HELLER Kara...
what tha what tha?  Moving along...

OH!  The SNOW....Here it is...

Would you LOOK at ALL THAT!

Wwwwaaaaaaaaaaa!  I need SUN!

Enough already!!!

See!  Its a BLIZZARD out there!  Our Schools...we had 2 SNOW days!
{ Uuuuuu, NOT KIDDING! }

I can BARELY see our neighbors house across the street!!!

  I want....NEED my car washed and I CANT cuz all this DANG SNOW!  WHEW!
 Got that off my chest!
 Kitchen ceiling, kitchen ceiling, kitchen ceiling...FOCUS Kara...

So this is where I left you yesterday...The "Cheetos" coat now needs the Copper Metallic....


You can see in the Left side of Pic where the copper has been applied
 and it begins to blend the "Cheetos"...

Just the far end has been Coppered...

Now, out to the middle of the barrell...{ Neck is at a 5 at this point! }

Completely Coppered!   Neck is at an 8! {and climbing }

NOW... Im using a TAD of my wall color mixed with this Earth Opal
{ its Go-Jus! (thanks Becca) } SHIMMERY!!!  And mixed with a few drops of the wall color will blend the
Copper even more and make the Metallic NOT SO blindingly metallic...


                                                                                                   { I THINK }

Crummy Camera! 
 The color is SO MUCH BETTER in person!  Its just a SOFT glow of copper...

SO WISHING you all lived here!  We would all have a BA-LAST!!!   AND, yall could see everything in person!   Wont ANYONE MOVE HERE???!!!   Peeeeease???   We have the BEST WEATHER on EARTH!   Except for all this DERN snow that has SHUT this City DOWN!  HeeHeeHee!

And a last PEEP at the Before, everso BORING Barrell...It is NO MORE!
I told it "Buh-Bye"

AGAIN!!!  I am PUSHING to get the Master Dome FINISHED by today
 { though it will be Late NIGHT }
or tomorrow!

SO...Im off to the Dome and Ladder calling my name!
OH!  And my neck...its SURE to be at ....you KNOW the #...

Love all you Decoratin Divas!  I WILL get caught up with all of yall by the end of the week!
I just GOTTA get this DONE!

Let God walk with ya today...It will be a BLESSED day for sure!
TRUST ME!   Ive have been talkin to Him Tons while UP and DOWN the ladder 800 times!

see yall soon!  xoxokara


Traci said...

Really pretty Kara! I don't know how with all that neck pain you're still working on the bathroom. GO GIRL!!!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Whattttt? I am too old to learn another language!!! So your girlfriend didn't like what you were doing? huh???? but the copper is nice. I need to go take a hot bath...I feel a bit stressed!!

Denise said...

GIRL, your posts are CRAZY!!! I have no clue what your friend said - was I supposed to understand that part? Your ceiling is gorgeous, why didn't your friend like what you were doing? I'm assuming she meant she didn't like it.... I'm confuz ED now!!!

Gypsy Heart said...

I'm so sorry...I couldn't make out what your friend said. I don't believe it was complimentary was it???? Anyway, as I said yesterday, I have no clue how you're doing all this with your neck the way it is but you are doing an incredibly beautiful job. The colors are just go-jus! :-) Wish I had some of your vision and talent.

Hey, I lived in Amarillo 10 years and I so understand about the sunshine and NO humidity. I do remember those dust storms though. :-( We moved there in June and the following Feb it snowed 17 inches! I stayed up most of the night watching it as I'd never seen it like that. The city was almost shut down. We had a LOT of ice & snow here last week...no school 4 days and a lot of businesses were closed. A great welcome for all the Super Bowl fans, huh? Sun finally appeared Fri afternoon. I think God knew that I was about to turn into Freddie Krueger and could possibly do some real damage!


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

You are just too funny. I didn't understand a thing your friend said... that might be a good thing. lol... I'm sure the snow for your area is something unexpected. We just finished with a blizzard that dropped 12.5" of snow on us. Thankfully, the sun has shone for 2 days now.. NOW>>> we're in a deep freeze. We need warm and green up our way.. hugs ~lynne~

The Tuscan Home said...

Kara, I was waiting for this post, because I just knew it was going to be GOOOOOOD!! Oh my gosh, you crack me up!! This quote made me laugh so hard --"Texas WIND...it’ll knock you OVA' and when that dirt gets blowing, you can just stand outside and get an Exfoliating Facial Fo FREE, a Gift from God!" ......too, too funny!!! LOVEEE it! You are such a comedian. =)

Ok, now onto the ceiling, it looks FABULOUS with a capitol F!! You are a genius with paint and glazes. Now you’re teasing us with the bathroom ceiling...WOW!! You are on a roll. Thanks for sharing this with us, now I have PAINT on my mind. LOL!

Take it easy. Neck pain is no fun. I have a bad neck too, and that darn pain can last weeks...OUCH!! XOXO ~Liz

Allyson Pecilunas said...

Kara you are hilarious! I enjoy every single one of your posts. The ceiling looks GORGEOUS!!! Great job girl!!


Karena said...

Kara I am amazed! I love what you have created and cannot wait too see the reat!! You go girl!!

That copper is stunning!

Art by Karena

Katherine said...


Theresa said...

WOW! that ceiling is BEAUTIFUL!!! :)


Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Oh how your neck must be in pain!!!! but it was so worth it! Fantastic..... you kill me with the way you just mix a little of this with some of that and you get amazing results! You are one of kind my friend (and won't want it any other way)

NanaDiana said...

Kara, Kara, Kara! Now that is some ceiling. I love the look of copper. I have a copper sink in my bar area and I love it. I have a recessed dome in my master too that I need to do something with. I am actually thinking sky and clouds in that one though...the copper would be a little overwhelming hanging over my head at night. I'm sure yours looks even better than the pictures show it too- colors and all.

Did you tell your girl"friend" to take a long hike in the woods, by herself, at night, when animals are on the prowl? Just asking...that's all. I think there are people that should keep their opinions to themselves, don't you? Does she read your blog? Can I tell her for you? Please...please....please....

You need to take care of that neck though and not overdo it. I know..I know..you like to get things done but, girl, you are doing it at the price of your good health...(this is your Mother talking-TAKE IT EASY)

Post soon- I miss you when you are gone! Hugs-Diana

Emelia DiCarlo said...

Hi Kara, Love and look forward to see what your up too. You have terrific energy and stamina. I am enjoying all your photos and descriptions. I don't blog but am a SAHM( former RN) and have 3 children nd home! I am originally from Charleston SC and live in South Jersey suburbs. Thank you for your beautiful blog and letting us nonbloggers comment.I have lots of pieces handed down and always look for new ideas what to do with my furniture and linens. Hope your family is all better and thanks for a great home blog!

Becca said...

You just don't stop, do you ?! I know you are a die hard decorator to be painting while you're in sheer pain! The ceiling looks gorgeous! Love it ... now, go rest! Hugs, Becca

Dara Lynn said...

I am so grateful I found your fanny last month! I always enjoy your crazy spirit and designing diva ways! Being your neighbor from Oklahoma...batten down the hatches girl... it's coming your way tomorrow!!!!! Your ceiling is turning out absolutely gorgeous! I am still swooooooning over the "prayer" bathroom!!

At The Picket Fence said...

Sister friend you are a riot! Crazy in all of the best ways! I absolutely love your dome ceiling and can't believe you are already on to the next project. I just felt accomplished getting the the grocery store this week! :-) I know the next reveal will be fabulous too and I have to tell you that I have had cheetos on the brain for the last 2 days. Thanks a lot!

L said...

Kara, you make me chuckle every time I read your blog! I love your energy and spirit.
Being from west Tx, too, I can relate to the wind. I now live in the state next to you and we get some crazy winds in the spring time. They can knock you OVA' (said in my best Kara voice)! *smile*
The ceiling is really very pretty. I can't believe how quickly you work. I look forward to seeing the bathroom. I must say you have some gorgeous ceilings in your home. Love it!
have a happy day~

Karen said...

The ceiling looks awesome,however I could not decipher the friend coded language. I'm glad you splained that she didn't make a mean comment or I would have thought she totally cursed you out!

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

Well, I hope you're gonna' do the Vanna and reveal what your friend said, cuz I got no idea! ;) Love the ceiling, wish I could see it better. Can't wait for the next....

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

Oh, and somewhere I missed the whole moving thing until yesterday's post about the realtors magazine. So, you got some "splaining to do, Lucy." What's up? Moving out of town? Across the street? Out to GA to keep me entertained? :)

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

Just noticed I've called you Vanna and Lucy today- I promise, I know you are Kara- ha! I'll stop now....

Chrissy said...

I just love how your ceiling turned out. I used this same technique in our old house and it is just amazing how is changes the room :) I just found your blog and am your newest follower.

9405018--Pat said...

Great post today! I'm sorry I couldn't make out what your girl friend said! Love your gorgeous ceiling...thanks for sharing and stay warm...Pat H

nomo wino daph said...

AWESOME!!!! I need you for just 1 week....I'd love to see what we could accomplish!!

Have a beautiful day!
♥, D

DIYbyDesign said...

Wow does that look beautiful. I would love for you to come and link this project to my party that I'm hosting today. This is too good to keep to yourself.:) www.diybydesign.blogspot.com

Tammy @ Type A said...

i love this, you should link to my party today.



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