Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dittle Design #3, Becca...

HEY-O Ladies!!!  Today  Carrie from Dittle Dattle, has "Featured" Becca, from Adventures in Decorating!  Becca is an AWESOME friend with a FABULOUS Blog!   And Carrie is another AWAESOME friend with an AMAZING Blog!   This whole week, Carrie is "Guest Posting"...So PLEASE go check out her FABULOUS BLOG,Dittle can spend HOURS roamin around her blog, looking at ALL of her creative genius!!   She is a Rockstar!

Carrie has done a BEYOND amazing job of putting this "Event" together!  Carrie has put a LOT of work into this BEAUTIFULLY done Design Challenge!

So...THANK YOU SO MUCH Carrie...and I SO APPRECIATE you inviting me to be involved and for all your hard work :0)

Jessica’s Nook
In designing a reading nook for Jessica, I selected pieces that would help create a cozy spot to read, reflect or regroup. A wall color by Sherwin Williams (Restrained Gold, #6129) would serve as a calming, yet softly colorful, backdrop. I would also suggest painting her entire bedroom suite this color, in order to unite the two spaces. For the floor, I chose a neutral, small sisal rug (from Pottery Barn) to rest on top of her gorgeous hardwood floors, anchoring this space. As Jessica mentioned that they don’t *use* the door, I would suggest her handy husband mount an inexpensive piece of birch wood (cut to fit and also painted Restrained Gold) to the lower (solid metal) portion of the door. This will make it appear as though it is part of the wall, while leaving the upper half to appear as a window. A potted plant in front of the door would be a nice addition, as well. I would then replace the dark brown panels currently framing the door with lighter, floral panels (from Pottery Barn). The colors in these panels would also coordinate nicely with the lovely bed quilt in the adjoining bedroom. In order to cut costs, I would order only one 54” wide panel and cut it up the middle, thus making two panels (for the price of one)! I would then mount the panels 1” from the ceiling in order to emphasize the height of the walls. As for seating, I chose a super comfy white Jennylund chair (from IKEA) to be placed to the right of the door, angled out from the corner. And, rather than choosing the large matching ottoman, which might overpower this space, I chose a smaller, whimsical French footstool (from Home Decorators). A tray filled with stacked books would fit nicely on it, or Jessica can rest her feet while reading her favorite decorating magazine! On the wall behind the chair, I would place the framed “Keep Calm and Carry On” print (from to serve as a daily inspirational reminder. I chose a floor lamp (from CSN stores) to sit to the right of the chair to provide ambient lighting. This dual purpose lamp would be great for this space because of its built-in table, which could provide the perfect place for Jessica to rest her favorite beverage. I also chose a small 3-light vintage chandelier (from Quality Discount Lighting) to serve as soft overhead lighting, as well. On the long wall perpendicular to the door, I would anchor a Billy bookcase (from IKEA), to hold Jessica’s favorite books, family pictures and accessories. Lastly, I would place three floating shelves (not pictured) on the angled wall to the left of the long wall. These shelves would serve as the perfect place for more family pictures and simple accessories!
Thank you so much for letting me play in Jessica’s future reading nook! I’m truly flattered to have been part of such a fun feature!
Flat Out Fabulous!
Please visit Becca’s blog for more wonderful decorating ideas!  Thank you, Becca, for sharing your wonderful ideas!
Click here to see a photo of Jessica’s Nook


Thank you again Carrie, for all you time and effort on this Event!
 Carrie's Blog, Dittle Dattle!



At The Picket Fence said...

You guys rock! Every idea is wonderful and clever and no matter which design she chooses I know she will be thrilled with the results! :-)

The Tuscan Home said...

You and Becca ROCK!! Both of your designs were so innovative, I absolutely love both of them.

How was your B-DAY!! I hope you enjoyed your special day! XOXO ~Liz

Karen said...

They are all so good,it'll be a tough choice.

L said...

You ladies have all outdone yourselves. Love each one of them.
I hope your birthday was wonderful, Kara.

have a happy day~ L

Becca said...

Hey, hey! Wasn't that fun? Carrie is amazing for having put that together! Thanks for your sweet note ... I appreciate it! I hope you had a fabulous birthday! xoxo, friend! Becca

Tatum @ Tatum's Take said...

Hey there,

How are you? I too think that each idea is quite lovely.

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Hey sweet Kara! Don't you just love Becca's ideas! You all rocked this project =D It was fun working with each of you.

Guess what I received today in the mail???? Yep, a package of wonderful scented bath and body goodies! Yay. Thank you. I'll be lavishing myself and will have rave reviews for the 28th!

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