Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dittle Design # 2...

Whassup Wednesday will be back on track next week...PLEASE come back :0)

HEY-O Ladies!!!  Today is Dittle Designer # 2...ME!  Ironically, I realized that Carrie from Dittle Dattle, has my Design "Featured" on my BIRTHDAY!  OK...DONT get it TWISTED....I am NOT happy about being forty tw...Eeeerrkk!  Scratch that...being a year OLDER...Wwwaaaa, God, PLEASE make the birthdays STOP...or put em in REVERSE!  That means in a few years I will be my kids ages...FUN!  LOL!

Anyhoo...I need to clear up a BIG FLUB from yesterday...which I put FULL RESPONSIBILITY on my AGE {lol} but MAINLY, these STINKIN COMPUTERS and my LACK of skills!   Her Linkbacks didnt show up on my post yesterday, and I LITERALLY did not catch it till right before my Hub got home from work!  LOOOOOOOOOOONG story....ANYHOO, yesterday...well, this whole week she is "Guest Posting"...So PLEASE go check out her FABULOUS BLOG,Dittle can spend HOURS roamin around her blog, looking at ALL of her creative genius!!   She is a Rockstar!

Carrie has done a BEYOND amazing job of putting this "Event" together!  SHE has Computer SKILLS {HEY...I KNOW I dont...but I OWN that :0) } and has put a LOT of work into this BEAUTIFULLY done Design Challenge!

So...THANK YOU SO MUCH Carrie...and I SO APPRECIATE you inviting me to be involved!

FYI...I have pulled all my ** Furniture Pieces from Ashley Furniture, ** accessories from Kirklands and Bed, Bath & Beyond,  **Bedding & Draperies from BB & B, **Area rugs from Wal Mart...

Designer Notes:
It has been SO FUN working on your "Design Challenge"!  After I emailed with you and found out that you do not have any resources near you { ie, Havertys, Ashley, Potterybarn etc }, I just wanted to present you with some "Inspiration Pieces".  I also wanted to keep in mind, trying to incorporate some of the pieces you already have into the Design of your Space as a whole as we are a Nation "Keeping a Budget" in mind.  I graduated in 1992 { YIKES!  My age is showing } with my Interior Design Degree, and back then we did everything on paper, so I'm a bit "Old School" and have done my floor plan on paper, so please excuse :0)
From your photos, I felt I could come up with a plan incorporating your paint color with no problem.  I think your paint is a beautiful, "Earthy" Golden tone...that, I LOVE!  Earthy colors are "Timeless", so your Gold and Chocolate is PERFECT!  I need to keep this "Somewhat" brief due to space, so just a few Highlights...
My plan incorporates your current Headboard, the drawer dresser, the 2 door 'armoire', your Potterybarn Bench Knockoff {well done Girlfriend!}, and your rocker...all these just moved around a bit.  The "Reading Nook" was the Focus of the plan, so I have spent most of my "Thoughts" on that area, but still trying to marry that space to the overall room.  A little "Trick" I have used MANY TIMES...because its ALWAYS a HIT, is using an area rug hung on the wall as a "Tapestry" might be used { BUT WAY less expensive, YaaHoo! }.  You can find pretty awesome rugs at Lowes, Home Depot, Sam's, Bed Bath and Beyond, even Big Lots!  I would find one to COVER that Troublesome Door you do not use.  This will help make that door just DISAPPEAR!  I’ve shown a few different chair styles and colors that will work in easily, size and color...keeping those colors "Earthy".  You could go with either a smaller round table or, space willing, a longer "Console" type table.  The rest is pretty easily layed out....The Bedding is a great way to unite the reading nook to the bed area.  The window treatments should be a compliment  to the rest of the space, so those are Simple and Clean in design and color.  If you need to help pull a color together, decorative pillows and accessories are the Finishing touches.  You can see in the Space rendering, I have moved your 2 door armoire below the Plasma needs to be "anchored" with a piece below.  Girlfriend...I WISH I had UNLIMITED space, but I don't { Boo! }, but I HOPE you will find some "Inspiration" through the Plan and Pictures I have come up with.
OK you Decorating Diva...have FUN !!!
Elements Interiors 
Are you in total awe of the talent?!?!?
Please hop on over to Elements Interiors to tell Kara how much you love her design ideas! Thanks Kara for all your hard work.
   Come back again tomorrow for another blog designer of
     dittle design dilemma!

Thank you so much Carrie!!!  You are FAB!!!

Go see Carrie at Dittle Dattle!  xoxokara


The Tuscan Home said...

WOW, well done Kara!! Everything you choose is beyond beautiful. You have given Jessica a lot of wonderful ideas to work with, I just know she will be super pleased. Happy Birthday, too! I hope you have a fabulous day! XOXO ~Liz

Melanie said...

LOVE IT!!!!! What a great idea!!! and ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

love you!!!

At The Picket Fence said...

Hey girlie! Happy Bday! Mine was yesterday...go February babies! Your design is so wonderful and totally inspiring. This is seriously such a neat thing you gals are doing!

L said...

Happy Birthday, Kara! I hope you have a super fun day planned.

Your design is great. I love all the ideas. Those two chairs to the right look so comfy to curl up with a good book. The idea with the rug on the wall...clever. Love it.

have a happy day~ L

Allyson Pecilunas said...

AWESOME Job Kara!! You did such a wonderful job on her space. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :)

Karen said...

Nice job Kara,this is a fun series.

Theresa said...

your did an awesome job!!! your ideas are always so inspiring to me :) Happy Birthday too!

Emelia DiCarlo said...

Happy Birthday Kara, and many more!Love all your hard work and design project layouts. The bedding and green planters are gorgeous too. Hope you have nice weather to celebrate with dinner, Emelia.

Melissa Miller said...

Happy Birthday my sweet friend Kara! You look gorgeous and your design is stunning as well. Great job!

Warmly, ~Melissa

Becca said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !! Like I wrote on Carrie's blog ... you did an amazing job !! I LOVE all of the choices you gave Jessica! She must be thrilled with your ideas. Both you and Liz seriously !! HGTV may be calling !! Hope you're having a fabulous day, friend. Love, Becca

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