Monday, February 28, 2011

Some 'Bling Bling' Organiz-ing !

Hey-O everyone...Well...1 kid is back in school and the other is still home with me and of course...I have it now!!!
Its neverending!
So...I was going to do a NEW POST for today but I am having MAJOR PROBLEMS with my Blogger!!!
It will NOT let me add any PICTURES?!?!  What tha Hay???
Is ANYONE else having issues???  I mean, a post isnt a post without PICTURES!
Can ANYONE give me some insight???  Im SO FRUSTRATED!
I have several projects to post about and it wont let me do SQUAT!!!

I will CONTINUE to work on this but Im PULLING MY HAIR OUT!!! 


Hey Everyone...Just a quick FYI..we are ALL sick this week with Strep...Uugh!  Thats why Ive been MIA!  I will get back to posting as SOON as Im not feeling like POO...just wanted yall to know cause yall be my VIP's!
How clever...FYI, MIA, VIP{get it?}  I know...AhDerr...

To Enter:

2} Like Elements on FaceBook
3} Leave me a COMMENT letting me know you have done Both

You do NOT want to miss out on this one!  These products will leave your skin feeling like silk!!!

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

HELLO LADIES!!!   Im BACK!  And YEPPERS!  This is the GIVEAWAY to be ANNOUNCED next Monday!!!  Its AWESOME Camille Beckman Bath & Body Products and a Pretty Stencil in light of all the
painting I have been doing over a month or more!!!

OK...NOW...What ALL have I been up to this past week???  LOTS!  So here is ONE project out of ...
You Got IT!   800 projects!!!!

This is some Screen I had on hand...Thats WIERD you say???  Kara just had some SCREEN layin around!
Well...I have made this Project MANY TIMES...but NEVER one for ME!  So this one is for Moi!

Have SEVERAL of these Frames layin around too...I like to be PREPARED for ANY project that POPS into this Brain of mine!  SHUT UP!  That was mean...I DO have a Brain and NO, I am NOT
"Off to see the Wizard...The Wonderful Wizard of OZ"...for a Brain!  Thats just a Movie, paaaalease.....
and Im Scared of those FLYIN MONKEYS!!!!

Lay it FLAT on its Belly!  :0)

Then cut the Screen to fit.....CAUTION!  That screen is like NEDDLES!

Now take your Staple gun...and Staple your FINGER,   I  mean the screen

To the back of the frame....

SEE!  DONT staple your finger...and that SCREEN, Look OUTSIE, it will give you an OUCHIE!!!!

Screen...staple gunned on!

You can see, I have stretched it tight....

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
Kara has pulled out the Paint AGAIN!!!

SIMMER DOWN NOW....the paint is not going on the walls this time...its goin on the Frame,  WHEW!

Once the first coat of paint is dry, Flip that frame on its Belly and put a Frame Hanger on the top...
I like the "Zig-Zag" {very Technical Term} hangers becaude they give you a little room to get your fram to hang Perfectly Level.....

Whats that Saying???   Measure ONCE,  mount hanger on Frame 800 times???   WHAT????  I got it TWISTED???   DANG!  That wouldve saved me a LOT of time!!!   JK...Measure 800 times, mount hanger once!    There ya go!

I like to add a dab of Hot Glue to my finger,  I mean the Zig Zag hanger for extra "The frame hanger is on Secure" ....

OK!  DUNZO with the "Mechanical" part...NOW its ALL ABOUT adding your touch to the FRONT!

So, I had these Caaaaute lil "Princess Crown" coat hooks ON HAND!  Man....Im tellin ya, Ive got MORE stuff in my workroom!  Ive got Drawers FULL of goodies...I MEAN, goodies are PACKED in like PICKLES!!!  I could craft for WEEKS with JUST what I have in my Workroom!!!

You KNOW I Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve me some "Shimmer Paint"!  Cuz its like Bling-Bling!

I just lightly brushed some on do it would look "Weathered"....Hhhhmmmm, Weathered In SHIMMER.....
Not sure thats POSSIBLE unless God is letting it Rain SPARKLE and SHIMMER....Anyhoo, it Rains shimmer at Karas house!  SO!  Moving along :0)

AGAIN...Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
Now shes pulled out the GLAZE!!!  For the LOVE of PETE!!!  Does this lil quart of glaze EVER get Empty???  Its like the Bottomless Pit!  Like the Black Hole....Which BOTH of those terms are FANTASTIC descriptions of MY PURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL!  THAT could be a POST in itself!
Hhhhhhmmmmm...Maybe I will DO THAT!  Im tellin yall...I was Checking out somewhere the other day and...{PAUSE!  Im taking a MOMENT to LAUGH!}   WHEW!   So, Im DIGGING in my purse for a PEN {I mean REALLY?  Yall KNOW I keep like 800 of those on hand...and one woud THINK I would have pulled a pen out first try!  Well, uuuuhhhh, NO!  This is Da Twoof!  I pulled out {And layed it RIGHT UP THERE, on the Checkout counter THESE ITEMS:
1} A 25 foot tapemeasure { Im not PLAYIN with those lil purse ones...I carry the CONSTRUCTION      Dudes kinda tapemeasure!
2} A bottle of water
3} A bottle of Excedrine
4} A hairbrush
5} A bottle of HAIRSPRAY!!!  HEY!  I DO live in TEXAS and yall know how we Texas gals are about our BIG Texas Haira!!!  OMGosh...LAUGHING!
6} A Calculator!!!  Yall ALSO KNOW i STINK at math!  Uuumm, what # comes after 6?  OH YEAH
8}  just Kiddin!
7} My tube of Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy!  (whoever wins this GIVEAWAY will be carrying theirs too!  LOVVVVEEE  IT!  Dont leave home without it!)  Isnt that a commercial?
8} My spiral notepad...with my TO DO list on it....Which looking at THIS, I need to ADD to the list, CLEAN OUT MY PURSE!
9} A "Purse Size" thing of Kleenex...HEY!  You never know when you might CRY...or have an
"Oogie Boogie", OH MY!
9} A TAMPON!!!!  
OMGosh!  I am Laughing SO HARD I have TEARS...Oooo!  Wheres my PURSE?  I have Kleenex in there!   LOL LOL LOL!!!

AND...I just was at the GROCERY STORE and this poor College Boy was doing my check out!  I THINK the TAMPON sent him OVER the EDGE!  SERIOUSLY LAUGHING!
I PULLED that Tampon...our eyes met and he LOOKED AWAY SOOOO FAST, I think he now has Whiplash!!!
OMG!  HOW did I get to this subject???  I gotta go back up and READ where I was at!
Gimme a Sec!  Still LAUGHING!  I have Scarred him for LIFE!  The LOOK on his FACE!
Ok!  I was talkin about the Can of Glaze that NEVER ENDS!

I have applied the Bottomless Pit Glaze to soften the paint a bit more...

And NOW the CROWN!

I mounted it to the top center...and added a little glaze...

Then touched up the screws...

And...Dere she is!

NOW!  Where to hang it.....

{Insert the music from Jaws}  I about to open my CURRENT "Jewely Container" that holds the jewelry I wear daily....The other jewelry is in a Jewelry box in my closet...Not this accessible...Here Goes....


E Gads!!!  What a Hot Mess!!!   How can I even find what I need????

Das just PLAIN BAD!   Cant find what Im looking for...things get Hung on each other...LITERALLY!
I put a necklace on one day and the "Full Length Mirror, Right Before You Leave the House" check revealed a PROBLEM...I looked at my Necklace and realized there was an EARRING hung on it!
GOOD GRIEF!  NEVER a dull moment with Kara!   PLUS...your jewelry can get scratched from rubbing against each other...

Like THIS RING!   Im going to have to get it polished!

PERFECT SPOT!   VERY accessible!

Now time to add all the BLING!

Fish hook earrings slip right through the screen!  SO SIMPLE!

You will need something to slip through the screen that you can then hang your jewelry on

Bend em like this and they work like a charm....

For Rings...


And the Princess Crown....PERFECT for all my Necklaces!!!

All DUNZO!!!  Aaaahhh...I can BREATHE easier now!

.YAAAAAAAAAY!!!  Perfect! 

Bling Bling Organizing!!!


There you have it!  1 project out of.....You know...800!!!

Ok my Decoratin Divas!  YOU can do this!   Really could Link YOURS up to my

Im SOOOOO Glad to be Back and Talking to yall again!  Its HARD for me to be QUIET for soo looong!


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