Sunday, January 16, 2011

Valentines "Love Birds"...

So Howdy Ladies!  Since Valentines is creepin up on us, I wanted to share an Idea I had to give to the Hub!
As many...our money is tight this year so for me its gonna take some creativity!!!  My Hub is so hard to buy for ALREADY...he would much rather get something from my heart!  So I came up with these
"Valentines 'Love Birds' on a Book".....

I started out with some hot tea to do some tea staining!

Rub the teabag {Squeeze out most of the moisture so you dont make the pages curl} rub it over the books LIGHTLY...

Be sure to get the edges of the books too...

These were Hard Back books and I DEMOLISHED...well,  not REALLY...I did pull all the covers off...

I was going for that "Antiqued look" and I just happen to have this Brown grograin ribbon with Brown was perfect!

Then I grabbed my TWINE that I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to use!!!

Tied it on with the ribbon....

Got some of my Brown "Sheet moss"...
Uuuuummm...Just realized this Pic is Out of place...SORRY...OOPSIE!

Put a dab of hot glue to the ribbon to hold it in place...

So now the ribbon wont move around or slide off

Got this nest at Hobby was $1.99...then 1/2 it for a BUCK!

Hot glue the nest to the top of the books....

OK, NOW...{ insert the misplace pic from above, HERE } glue the brown sheet moss onto the birdnest...make it a lil more Comfy for our birds!

Press the brown sheet moss into place....

So at this point it should look a lil somthin like this...{ with your OWN FLAIR, of course :0) }

Now the "TWEET"  lil Lovebirds are 4 to a sheet for just a $1.99...aaaand, YOU GOT IT!  I bought them at 1/2 off = 4 birds for a DOLLAR!  WooHoo!!!  That means .25 cents for each bird!


Now...I had a couple of Rose, color choices....LOVE this Brown and Golden colored one BUT.....

Nothing says "I Love You" better than a Red Rose!   And the way the Red just POPS out on the "Antiqued" books was GO-JUS!!!  

So this is where it goes from CUTE to CaaaaaUte!!!

Arent they sooooo TWEET???   AND, "Cheap, Cheap"   OK...I KNOW, SHUT UP Kara!!!  They do look so COZY and settled in their lil nest!   They look like they are CUDDELING!

Snug as a Bug in a Rug!!!   OR...Snug as 2 Lovebirds in their Nest!!!!

Now you  are going to need to hot glue the Rose stem onto the book

Then, I took some more of my Brown Sheet moss and covered up the stem  with the hot glue

So...this is where it is now....I just LOVE the way the Red Rose shows up against the Brown "Aged" books

and the birds are SOOOOO ADORABLE!  And REMEMBER what I said a week or 2 ago...ANYTHING Birds...Birds, Nests, Birdhouses...Is STILL VERY IN for this year!   YAAAY! LOVE EM!

Now...I had these shipping tags on hand but you can get them from any Office Supply....OR, Just use a sheet of Paper....I would just make sure the "Tag" looks aged a bit too...

I used the same tea bag to "Age" the tag as well...

And heres the "Personel" part!  Write your Valentine a sweet lil note!  You could say just ANYTHING thats personal between the two of you!  Maybe an IOU for a Candlelit dinner cooked by you just for Him....OK...For MY HUB, that would be a TREAT { Or REALLY SCARY }, considering I am NO COOK!  HEY!  Its one of my Goals for the new year...Learn to cook more...Learn to cook something that DOESNT require a CROCKPOT!  Get CREATIVE with your Love Note!  A Massage, Candel lit dinner, a Day with ALL the Football he cares to watch...No complaints! 

See....I did NOT offer a Candle lit dinner!!!  I MIGHT have to change that and go out on a limb!  If ANYONE notices the SMELL of BURNT FOOD...It will be ME!  So call 911 for me , K?

So here are SEVERAL different pics of the completed "Tweet" and "CHEAP, CHEAP" Valentines "Lovebirds" book!  This is something that my husband would put in a bookcase at his Office...Its NOT TOO Frilly!   So!  Its done and it is a GREAT way to say I love you for UNDER $5.00!!!  LITERALLY...this cost me $1.oo for the Nest
             $  .25 cent per bird = .50 cents
             $3.oo for the Rose
              And, everything else I had on hand!
Super QUICK, EASY and FUN! 
ANYONE can do this!  PROMISE!!!

More pics...


What are your Valentine IDEAS? 
Would LOVE to see them!

Have a BLESSED day!



The Decorative Dreamer said...

Kara, this is so cute and super creative! I love the picture tutorial! This post sure was quiet though. LOL! I guess it's time for me to get on the ball with the Valentines decor now too, I'm so over winter now!

Tete said...

Morning, Kara- this is just so cute! I need to check and see if I can buy from your store on here. You have the best craft supplies and ideas around. Wish I lived in Texas at least one day a week!
Hugs- Tete

The Tuscan Home said...

Hi Kara...Happy Sunday!

What a sweet gift and I love what you wrote on the tag! Your hubby will love it. The tutorial and pics were wonderful, and the nest and birds are toooooo cute!! XOXO Liz

NanaDiana said...

Kara- Well..that is did a fabulous job on it..and is "pretty" without being too feminine. However, did you say LOVEBIRDS? Here I was thinking there was at least one Cu(K)oo bird in the house! Love ya, kiddo- Hugs- Diana

Karen said...

That is very sweet,I know your husband will be touched.

Becca said...

Such a sweet, thoughtful, creative and inexpensive idea! Love the sweet birds, too. Have a great day, xoxo

DanielleisNesting said...

Kara! This looks stunning!!!!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

such a great idea Kara. I love it.. Hope you have a great new week!

Melanie said...

LOVE IT!!!! :) You are SO talented, my goodness!!!

BTW, THANK YOU for the 'bloggy award'. Totally made my day, but I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off and I didn't get to post or email you... HUGS! MISS YOU!!!

Have a great day!

Allyson Pecilunas said...

Kara I love this!! You have so many awesome ideas. I envy you!! :) Have a good day!!

Jami said...

This is so sweet! Hope you'll share it over at the Pretty Packages Party!

Jami said...

ps. I'm a new follower, too!!

Brandi said...

Beautiful idea! such a sweet gift!

Shirley said...

Looooove it, very creative! I will definitely have to try it. Great post!

Gypsy Heart said...

It is adorable! Well, prolly shouldn't say that for a guy's gift but it really is. :-) You are so creative...blows my mind! Now ~ ~ ~ are you going to wait to give it to him? LOL

Thanks for sharing all the details. It's such a neat idea...could be used for others with an appropriate tag for them.

Stop by when you can ~ my giveaway is posted!


Unknown said...

toooooooooo freakin' cute - ur so talented love!!!!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Mary said...

This is an awesome post, I would really love it if you linked this up to Masterpiece Monday at Boogieboard Cottage as well! Have a nice Week! Mary :O)

Jami said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful post at the Pretty Packages Party! I featured you today in the "highlights" post. Feel free to grab a Featured Button if you like.

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