Thursday, January 20, 2011


Good Morning Ladies!!!  Thank you to everyone who linked up at Whassup yesterday...The linky stays open through the weekend so PLEASE feel free to continue to link up if you havent already or link up MORE if you want to share more of your Blog posts from the remainder of the week :0) 
I gotta tell yall.....I think the last couple of weeks have caught up to me because I am SICK this week!!  Fever, chills, soar throat!  Uuggg!  I was BARELY able to get yesterdays post done and now THIS ONE!
So, im gonna just share some pics of my Picture Frame line I sell in my store....This August will be my 3 year Anniversary on my store...WooHoo....I am CURRENTLY working on getting an Online store going, so I will be sharing more of my store, pics, products etc....But for now, here are some of my Frames...these will be on my ETSY too...Sorry todays post is going to be a bit QUIET .....not much Banter comin out of me today..WOW!  You KNOW im sick when Im not YAPPIN!!!

Fit for a PRINCESS...with the Crown detail

LOVE this one!!!   Im Cocka Doodle Doo Over Roosters!!!!

I do TONS with crosses.....This one is GREAT for any Wedding pics...

These are HUGE sellers!  I customize with just about any "Saying" you can want.  
This one says "My hope is that one day my dad will be as proud of me as I am of him".  Uuh!  Tears! 

LOVE the Fluer de Lis!  And the Feathers!!!  Quick Seller too!


AGAIN!   TEARS!   "My Mom~My best friend...I hope I will always mean as much to my daughter as you have meant to me"

A TON with tassels....

Another Cross.....

And with some "Bling Bling"!  

And this...."Best friends only come along once in a lifetime"...

This is just a SMALL SAMPLING of what I have made and usually have on hand...but since Christmas...its SLIM PICKINS!  I need to get on the ball!   My last 2 projects have put me a bit behind, OOPS!

Ok all my PRECIOUS FRIENDS!  If I have NOT made it by to your Blog to check it out or to thank you for Linkin up...Im SOOO SORRY!   I am Hoping and PRAYING that I will be back to 100% by Monday!

Everyone have a SUPER BLESSED DAY!    Invite God to join ya in WHATEVER it is you have goin on and you WILL be blessed! 



Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

can't wait till ur online store opens - i need to buy more lavender stuff!!! ... i think i'm coming down with a cold/flu too *boooo* .. kinda' hopeing it'll pass - and get this MORE SNOW tomorrow and then Monday too! AUGHHH - i only like snow when i'm skiing/snowboarding - otherwise ICK!

flip flops and pearls said...

OH MY GOODNESS! We were separated at birth? LOL

I love those frames....not sure if I love the fluer de lis or cross ones better. They are all lovely.

Have a blessed day sweetie-

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Those are so cute! I like the rooster one best, but they are all so beautiful. Thanks for letting me know about the link. I had a post that I planned to link up but forgot to come back and do it yesterday. I'll link it up now! Have a great day!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

So sorry you are under the weather. I think we all overdid it a bit with the holidays and just need some rest. Check in when you feel better. Love all of your frames, they are stunning. Get well. Hugs, Marty

Kirby said...

Love these! Too stinkin cute! :)

Karen said...

Your store is really nice,how do you have time to do so many things? I'm fighting a cold now too...seems its hitting everyone all over the country.Please feel better soon.

Mary said...

Hi Kara! Thank you for joining my link party and becoming a follower. I will add your link party to my list and now I'm following you too! I hope you feel better soon, I'm also not feeling well myself (I work with kids) so it's an occupational hazard, but I love kids so, oh well! I LOVE you picture frames, they're gorgeous! Blessings, Mary :O)

Tete said...

Oh Kara, I'm so sorry you are sick- got the same thing going on here. I'm in day 6, so it should be about done.
Love your picture frames! They are so cute and I love the sayings.
Hugs- Tete

Gypsy Heart said...

Hey sweet girl, I'm so sorry you're feeling yucky! Wish I were closer...I'd bring you some chicken soup and make hot tea for you. The frames are beautiful! The 'bling' really speaks to me plus I love crosses. Let's talk later!

Take good care and please rest. That's the main thing this Dr recommends. :-)


Traci said...

Sorry you're not feeling good. I hope you get better soon. Love the frames. Of course my favorite is the fleur de lis!

Infatuated with Homes and Gardens said...

what a hame to be sick over the weekend ,hope you feel better soon ,can't wait for you to sell these online ,will you be shipping to Australia?

NanaDiana said...

I am so sorry that you aren't feeling well, Kara. I know when you are quiet you must be whooping and handstands and cartwheels..Seriously..You need to get better SOON! Hugs-Diana

Emelia DiCarlo said...

Hi Kara, Hope you are feeling better.I love all your posts and sense of style and inspirational writing that you take time to share. Everything you touch is just gorgeous. You are truely talented and gifted. I admire all your energy too. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us….especially since I don't blog I apperciate all the time and effort it must take to blog. Have a great day….Blessings, Emelia.

Dear Sweet Home said...

Hi Kara! Thanks SO much for the sweet words you left on my blog ~ made me smile 4 sure! I love, love the frames! I am so inspired by your passion for your home. I look forward to following your blog!!

Liz said...

Hi Kara,
Happy Monday! I hope you're feeling much better today. I *LOVE* your frames...WOW!! I adore every single one of them! Your store looks so NEAT....wish there was one in my neck of the woods. The frames that have tassels on them are so unique! =)

Sorry it took me so long to get over here to comment. My girl's had 2 half days last week and one snow day, so it's been kids, kids, kids...EVERYWHERE! lol! ;)

Hope you had a great weekend and were able to get some R&R!! Love ya! ~Liz

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