Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OOPS I Did It Again!!!

Good Morning ladies!  Hope you all had a blessed Weekend!  Just a Quick "FYI"...Im going to make a little change to my Blog soon....For the BETTER!  Im NOT changing the way I post or the way I am a Goofball when I write...just gonna be ADDING something that I HOPE will be a Blessing to us all!  But for now....
OOPS!  I did it again!!!   Remember how I told yall that I ALWAYS "Pick" at everything I do in my own home....WELL...I did it again!  The Tuscan Grape Faux that I said was DONE....WELL, I made some changes!  GOOD GRIEF!!!  This is what I did:

So...this is what the upper portion looked like last week....But somethin was TOTALLY BUGGIN!!!  The upper "Merlot" grapes were just JUMPIN OUT at me...but NOT in a good way...

 So, I changed them to the "Chardonnay" color.....

And, the grape stem coming out up high...it was BUGGIN too!  So, I clipped it right off!

And in its place I added a 3-d leaf....Aaaahhh...ALREADY, I feel better!

There it is...the DisMembered grape stem!

gonna use them somewhere else...

When I finished last week, TOTALLY  didnt think about the strip of wall that goes up to the ceiling...Uuugg!  Ive gotta finish that off SOMEHOW!   Cannot just leave it like THAT!   So I either add a trim of some sort {Which I DO NOT want to do- I think it would look funny....PLUS, NOT in the mood to go to Lowes or Home Depot to buy the trim!} OR, I can get creative on how to "finish " that spot!  
Uuuummm...Lowes/Home Depot OR get Creative....Yeah...Im gonna go with GET CREATIVE!!!

So I took a grape stem and bent and curled it around to make the "Break" from the Faux and the upper strip of wall....DONE!  HA!  Yeah RIGHT!

Back to UP HERE....its already lookin better to me!  Such a minor detail that NOONE but ME will probably EVER have noticed! 

YEP!  Its gonna look MUUUUCH BETTER!

Back over to HERE!   No quick fix here...Not for KARA!   Gotta go OUT OF MY WAY to make it MORE work!  SO.............

 I poured up MORE molds and am going to finish it up that way....I REALLY think it needed it....

YooHoo!  Back UP HERE!  { I was UP & DOWN that ladder .....You KNOW how many times?!  800 times!!!}  Did the Lowlights on the grapes and applied the glaze...LOVE IT!  Sooooo much better!  WHEW!


BACK down HERE...Time to apply the mud to blend the molds into the wall...

So, there it is!  MUD, DONE!

NOW...I HAVE TO let the mud dry....SO ANNOYING!   Always having to let SOMTHIN dry!  SO!  I took the opportunity to GO SHOWER and PUT MAKEUP ON, AND fix my hair...not in a ponytail!

 See!  I DO wear makeup {from Wlagreens, of course} and fix my HAIRA! 

So when my 7 year old daughter says, "Mommy, you should get PRETTY to show on your Blog..."  UH!  So, THATS BAD!!!   LOL!  So she wanted to show yall that I DO "Get Ready"...and she wanted to play photographer AGAIN!   So here you go Brogan :0)

AND!   I had a DATE with my Hub that night...WOW!  We havent had one of THOSE in FOREVER!!!  So the whole "Getting Ready" thing worked out pretty good!

OK Brogan !  LAST ONE!   And yeppers, I had a Glass of wine while waiting to finish and GO ON MY DATE!!!

Hhhhmmm....Trying to decide if I like that dark leaf......May be CHANGIN that soon!  GOOD GOOGLY MOOGLY!!!  Let it GO for Cryin out loud!  Sheesh!

Time to paint the mud the wall color...and NO, the mud wasnt TOTALLY dry...Close enough though!

 Then I added some of the dark Merlot color to the edges of the fabric leaves...{Crossing my eyeballs at myself RIGHT ABOUT NOW!}

All painted up and READY for Glaze!   YAY!  I see the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel!!!


 Finished off that corner perfectly!   I dont think there is anutha thaaang to do!!!  WoooHoooo!

Finished...didnt change anything here...I KNOW!  SHOCKER!

And up here...FINISHED!  Like it WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better!!!   Thank you God!

 I LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURVE this spot and how much Dimension it has!  {Me SMILING-BIG!}

 Look how much BETTER that upper portion looks!  I bet most of you are like "WHATS DIFFERENT?"
Just humor me and TOTALLY act like you see EXACTLY what im talking about!  PRETEND YOU are OCD, like ME!


 L.O.V.E.  IT!  I am THRILLED aaaaannnd...Im DUNZO!  FOR SURE!  I think, oops   AND....I SPY a....

NOW!   These were my "Poses"!  Thumbs up for the FINISH of the Faux FINISH!!!

Couldnt CONTAIN my EXCITMENT!!!!   Doin the HAPPY DANCE!!!  Woop!  Woop!  Woop!
Ready for my DATE!  YeeeHaaaw!

AND, YEP!  Did you catch the "I Spy"??????    This was it!   A Grapeful Lamp!  Show you THAT next time!!!  OK all you Decoratin Divas!  TOMORROW is Whassup Wednesday!!!   YAY!  Im READY to see what YALL have been up to!  SO Paaaaaalease link up tomorrow!   I LOVE looking at all yall have been doing! 

Have a SUPER BLESSED Day!  Allow God to be in your day...it will for sure be blessed :0)



Traci said...

It turned out great! Love the lamp too!

DanielleisNesting said...

Hi my favorite lovely! It looks fantastic. You have such an amazing talent! You're so gorgeous! Love the photos of you!!

Tete said...

You are so silly...if spring doesn't come soon, you are going to have those grapes all the way up to your bedroom and bathroom.
Glad you got a date night in! Good for you!
Hugs- Tete

Melanie said...

You look GORGEOUS!!! Hope you and Mr. Man had a great date! ;)

WHAT are you GOING to do?!??!?!?! TELL!!! TELL!!! :)

HUGS! Miss you!

Allyson Pecilunas said...

Love it Kara it looks gorgeous!! I love how you tied it in down at the bottom. Cute pics of you!! :) Have a good day


The Decorative Dreamer said...

Kara I swear you remind me a girlfriend I have around here. You look alot like her and you talk just like her too! haha! Do you have any sisters in SC? I am glad you aren't changing how you blog. I would miss the banter. You really should think about getting into sculpting if you haven't already. I think you have the talent for it! This looks really great, it looked good before, but even better now!

Blondie's Journal said...

Kara~~~it looks gorgeous. Please don't change another thing! I love it!


Becca said...

You look beautiful dah-link! And, the way you finished off the wall looks fab! I'm totally loving the wine lamp, too. I truly might have to try that as I have the wine/grape theme going on in my kitchen, too! Huge hugs, beautiful. xo, Becca

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Kara, you are simply amazing! I love the depth and excitement that you have added to your walls! Fabulous.

NanaDiana said...

Kara- Sorry to pop your balloon but I CAN see the difference...and it doesnt look better. lol Nothing like one OCDer critiquing another...lol Although I must say you take the OCD award if there is one given...mucho worse than me! And, you look beautiful all dolled up..Ooooppps forgot to check- Got your floozie nails on? LOL

Anything new on the sale of your house? I think we are going to get serious about selling this Spring. I have lived in and rehabbed 13 houses (for ourselves) and a couple of others just to sell. We were flipping long before it became the thing to do. I feel sorry for people trying to do it now because the market doesn't support it anymore....We will take a hit on this house, for sure. Hugs- Diana

L said...

Kara, I love it. I'm lovin' the grapeful lamp, too! I must say, you look beautiful, make-up and no make-up. I would surely scare everyone if I didn't have my make-up face on! ha-ha
have a great day~

Debra@Dejarenew.blogspot.com said...

Love it! Who woulda thunk grapes would so freakin sweet! But with your imagination you rocked it out sista. Love the dimension, love the look...and your perty as can be. And I am only a tad jealous of that gorg tan us Michiganders can only dream of in the winter ;) haha...

Unknown said...

Very Creative ,I really like the effect , I have just linked upt Wassup Wednesday and I am also your newest follower !

Planned to a T Events said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Planned to a T Events said...

I keep coming back to this post and just know that this is what I need to add to my bar area! but I'm such a novice. Don't you just want to come to San Diego to do it for me? Or maybe I could just move your house here?

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