Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nightmare...Part 2!

I am runnin LATE today!!!

Picture OVERLOAD!!!
When I tell yall that you are gonna "Go Through" these Projects with me, Im not Playin!
Before we hit the pics...just a few SHOUT OUTS to my Guuuuurlz!

A-heim (Clearing Throat)
Several of my BFs that offered to come help....
WITH the Venti, Vodka, Valium, Mocha, Latte concoction were...
 (And I have it in Writing!) Or Typing...or Comments....
Liz, Becca, Danielle, Shawna, Debbie and Pat...But Pat is actually bringing her own Concoction!

(Tapping foot, strumming fingers)
  Aaaaaa...WHERE YALL AT???
 Im PRETTY SURE I can convince Erika and Mel to GET OVER HERE!

Amy....Send the Hubby (since hes the Organizer!)
 And besides, you have ornament shopping to do!  Get It Girl!!

My girl over at Simply Sailing is Concerned about my Recovery from the Venti Concoction...
No Worries girlfriend...I didnt have one...

NanaDiana, Debbie, Sami (but ADD Toys!), Mishebe and Sharon..
.Its good to know that yall are suffering just like me...you know what they say: Misery LOVES company!  And I would LOVE my COMPANY to be YALL!  It might make it FUN!
 (Along with the Venti concoction!)

And Sharon said hers is Chaos!
  Which brings me to a lil something new I learned from Tete...Do yall know what CHAOS stands for?
 I didnt either!  Tete said:
LOVE THAT!  BUT...it DOES NOT APPLY to all you gals coming to HELP ME!

Ceekay and Tete suggested I USE THE GARBAGE CAN to help organize!
Except for a LOT of boxes going to Womens Protective Services....
REMEMBER..Our TRASH just might be THEIR Treasure :0)

AND FINEALLY!  You Guuuurlz that share in my TERROR of Roaches (uuug!)
Traci NO LIKE EM either...PLUS, she NO LIKEY Birds!  Long story!
Melissa...dont worry girlfriend, Ive run into a few things myself in the EVENT to
 GET AWAY from the Roaches!  Banged my head a few times too! 
 DONT ANYONE DARE suggest that is whats wrong with me!!!
Liz is Skeeeeerrd too!   And Sami says Eeeeekkk to the RRRRR***....That sounded a bit like a RAP!
Eeeeeek to the Rrrrrr,  Eeek to the ARRRRR!
  I know, dont quit my day job, right?  I am NO Snoop Dog!

OK!  Lots to show...so lets Gooo ( OH!  Another RAP!)

FIRST!   This was a gift from my Sweet friend Traci!  Thank you girlfriend!  I LOVE IT!
  Its still on my Lamp!

So, what do ya think Traci???
  Better than Black? Maybe the Black one would be more Fashionable and SLIMMING!
For yall that didnt know...I have JACKED UP MY THUMB tendon!  It was doing all 800 florals for the AMAZING Vacation home!  IT HUUUUURTS like CRAAAZY!  AND,  I never realized HOW MUCH we rely on our Thumb to do things!  I cant do SQUAT!
Bobby can you open this...Bobby can you close this...Bobby can you get that...Bobby can you grab this...Bobby can you turn that....Bobby can ya, ON and ON and ON...

HAD to SHARE THIS!  This is part of the reason Im running LATE!  Its a Bible study im doing first thing in the morning and I CANT put it down! 
This book is AMAZING!  We are ALL going thru our own struggles in everyday life...and LET ME TELL YOU...this Book is BEYOND awesome to help explain God and the Trials we go thru...and Gods Purpose!
Go to your nearest book store and GET THIS!  It is SOOO COMFORTING and Eye OPENING!

So here is where we left off...
I Kicked it into FULL SPEED AHEAD to get into the house after the ROACH Confrontation!
Remember...he was DEAD and STILL won!

Cheap trashcans from Lowes or Home Depot...maybe the Dolla...r store make for GREAT Organizing

Then I used Postar Board sheets and rolled them and taped em..

See...Little tubes

Then put them into the trashcans...

And you have this!  Perfect for Organizing Floral stems..
I HATE the way it looks...The OCD & Designer in me would WAAAAY rather have pretty baskets, but too much $$$

Then I group them in Color Families

These are my FAVORITE colors!
As you can tell by looking at my tab "Our Home"...

And these too!  Cant get ENOUGH "Spring" Greens!

This picture makes me SOOOO HAPPY!
Cancel that call to 911...I can BREATHE again!

Happy Happy Joy Joy,  Happy Happy Joy!!!!

I SPY a lil Munchkin.....
Its like "Wheres Waldo?"

So here I am!
Flowers vs Kara...
Kara Wins in a KO!
Woooo Hooooo!   Im feelin a dance comin on!

Its the BROOM Dance!

Oh....wait for it, Wait for it....Maybe even a SONG!

I am SINGIN....
into a BROOM....??????????

Time to sweep with my Microphone...I MEAN, broom...
What is that?  Some old mail that ended up on the floor with all the other CHAOS goin on down there!

I DID NOT give Victorias Secret PERMISSION to use ME in their ad!!!
uuuuhhhhhhhhhh..Yeah, RIGHT!
Remember the ROACH from yesterday....that I DONT LIKE?
I dont like HER either!!!
Wwwwaaaaa...NOT FAIR!

I TOLD yall I had a Floor...Here it is!

MUST address this today...so I can Open my French doors that I LOOOOVE!

And address ALL THESE!
HEY!  None of my Gurlz showed up with my VENTI concoction, so a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!
JK!  NO!  I did NOT drinks all those!  BIBLE!
I get these from a FAB, "hole in the wall" resturant here called Manna Bread & Wine...
They give them to me...I use them in my store for Displays...
 QUIT lookin for a Wine glass with wine in it!  I KNOW YOU....

Uuuug!  And This is a HUGE Problem!
Even the Dowel Rods are Falling and they CANT GET UP!

And ive gotta fit ALL THIS on those Rods above!


Ive got all the Seasonal packed in containers and put away!

Aah!  Buh Bye!

Yippie Skippie!!!  A Wooo Hoooo!  And a Yeee Haaaw!


ALL the ribbons are Lookin like this, Unrolling...

Roll them all back up...

What is That???
NOT the SERIOUSLY Neglected Hoochie Nail!
Like, ONLY GNOMES can handle these...Really???

So, I use small safety pins...easier to work with...

And pin that Ribbon DOWN!

Now, I sort all my ribbon into color groups...

Just had to show yall the PRETTIEST RIBBON EVA'

Then I Graduate the colors onto the Dowel Rods...

Then on to the Next!

Houston, We have a Problem!!!

Am I gonna be able to fit ALL 800 rolls of ribbon on there???
FORGET 911...Like, I need NASA!


This SERIOUSLY took me MOST of the day!

  They are PACKED in there Like PICKLES!!!

So...here ive accomplished the Color Goupings of Floral stems...

And YES...I try to Graduate the color in my stem organization...
Leave me Alone!
It makes me feel better!!!

This is , what I call the "Berry Patch"
And these have to go in the closet cuz there is too many "Sticky Outy Thingys" that catch on me EVERY time I walk by...

SO!  Flowers, Check...Ribbons, Check...



And MOUNDS....

And...That GiNormous box is
Which will create another MOUND!

I SWEAR, I have at least 2 TONS of Bubble wrap!!!
Hhhmmm...Isnt Bubble wrap, like, just AIR???   And AIR doesnt REALLY weigh????
Heck!  I dunno...But i have ENOUGH bubble wrap to WEIGH 2 TONS! 

OH!  IDEA!  I could Take the matress OFF our bed and Lay out ALL THIS bubble wrap and ...
BAM!  I  have an Air Mattress!!!  HOLLA!!!
I need to go do MORE of THIS to get this FINISHED!
Im HOPING to finish this in Part 3!
God...Please help me to FINISH this room and to........on, and on, and on...

And I CANT WAIT to get back to this!
Ok all my Luuuuuvs!  Im BACK to the NIGHTMARE!!!

Have a BLESSED day lil Decorators!



Unknown said...

Ok I'm laughing at this end only because it's not me!
Mice are to Laura as r****es are to Kara! (rhyming? we should start a band)
I HATE those little things....their beady little eyes....they look right at you and scurry! UGH!!!

Kara, you should stop by my blog and sign up for my 1st give away....then you can use the gift certificate to buy some pretty little baskets or more ribbon....looks like you about to run out ;)

DanielleisNesting said...

I would live in your studio if I could. It looks fantastic. I love how you organized the flowers! You can't even see the tubes and trash can's once everything is in there! It looks like a Parisian flower shop! Sigh...heaven.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Are you quite sure you have enough ribbon. I wouldn't want you to run out! All that bubble wrap, now my kids could have helped with that...course, when they got done it would be all popped and flat...but you just said organized...not useful!!!
It is looking good. That floor, now that we can see it! is really quite nice!

The Tuscan Home said...

OMG, I was laughing my head off...you are a riot! I bet your darling hubby adores your sense of humor. You are going to keep him young for years to come! ;)

Wow, you have been a busy, busy girl. You've done an amazing job, Kara! And, my goodness, what a FABULOUS collection of florals. I was drooling over the spring/green ones.

Thanks for sharing, I am inspired to get organized. Also, that book looks wonderful too!

OK...now you NEED TO REST UP, girl!! =) XOXO ~Liz

Gypsy Heart said...

Great job girl! Even without the Venti's, Vodka, etc. Now, I would be the same way as far as organizing the colors. LOVE the ribbon! You have some amazing colors, styles there. Hope you get this finished soon ~ I can only imagine how tired you are. And....you must get those hoochie nails fixed! :-)

Thanks for the book recommendation.

Vanessa said...

Oh my goodness Kara! You are hysterical!!! I love this post and the last one too...bless your little OCD heart! I think the trash can idea for your silk flowers is genius and I those ribbons were TDF! It is all looking so awesome but I'm thinking my 3 year old could have it lookin' like a tornado again in 5 minutes flat! :-)

Jemsmom said...

Holy smoke!! I have to go back and read about the roach! I missed a post! Girl... I HATE/DESPISE/LOATHE roaches. I mean it. I am serious. And of course I move to a place where they name a giant roach that flies after our state. Beautiful... let's just say that my main man (other than the hubs) is Clay. Clay works for Orkin and I have his cell. I text pictures of roaches in my house to make sure they are the lovely "palmetto" roach and not living in my house. They are beyond disgusting and you can't stop them. They are everywhere here! Uggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!

Tete said...

That is some major progress! I am so proud of you! What you need for your florals is pvc pipe and a wood box to set them all in so they don't fall over...I have also liked the looks of drainage tiles-the round ones!
Love your work area, messy or clean. Bugs have never scared me which is a good thing because all my guys scream like girls when they see one. Snakes are my fear...big time.
Do you all have free cycle there? We have it online here and you can list things you want or need or what you have to give away. If you have something that's too nice to hit the landfill, but can't find someone to take it- you list and set it on the curb. Nothing is for sale- it's all free.
It's a green thing they someone started to keep perfectly good things out of the landfills so they don't fill up so fast!
Also- the animal shelters can always use old blankets, rugs etc for bedding!
I am so looking forward to Part 3.
You and your broom make a good couple!
Oh and your poor thumb! I did something like that to mine this fall and still having some problems! I think I did it trying to make paper roses, having to wind them super tight and small. I have ct in both wrists and one elbow still needs done. I let them do one elbow about 10 years ago and I was supposed to go back and do the other one and both wrists.
They haven't caught me yet! I'm not doing it until I can't pick my nose by myself. It was not fun and will never be the same again!
Ok the book is finished and I'm outa here!

Denise said...

You have a store? What exactly do you do? And why do you have a TON of flowers and ribbons, do you make floral arrangements for the clients who's houses you decorate? Me's a bit confused... explain :-p
Love your post though, you crack me up!

Sami said...

Okay so I think if you can get that much done so quickly I can manage to tackle my craft and toy mess...I hope goodwill's bins are empty...cuz they wont be when I am done with them ;).

Traci said...

OK well, now I'm really jealous. My LSU room is still a big ole mess. Like barely able to open the door. Speaking of r's, you know what I really hate? MICE!!! UGH!!! Hate them worse than the birds. So glad you like the fleur de lis. I love all of mine! I never thought to put one on a lamp but that's a great idea!! I'm telling you to wear that brace faithfully & keep asking hubs to do everything. That's what I did & mine is well. Make sure to sleep in it too! My P/T told me that was very important! So speaking of birds, have you seen all over the news about dead birds falling out of the sky?? UMM can you say FREAKED OUT??? I SO am! I can see it now I'm out getting my mail or in a parking lot & dead birds start falling from the sky around me. It if happens you'll be able to hear me screaming!!

Karen said...

You are comic relief! I am totally stealing your drink concoction ~ sounds a little bit classier than always saying "man, I need a shot" (I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 17 year old ~ enough said!) Your studio looks fabulous. Little, by little one goes far! I was checking out that book on my Kindle and accidentally downloaded it. My divine appointment for today ~ thanks so much! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Gosh so sorry about the thumb boo boo! I am loving your work area bugs or no bugs! Wish I had one like that- having all that ribbon and pretty floral stems wouldn't be half bad either!!

I will have to try and find this study. I see the forward is by Greg Laurie and I think he is very solid- Had the opportunity to see him several times when they did Harvest Crusades - I don't think He does those anymore at least haven't heard of them in a long time.

bee blessed

Unknown said...

LOL! You crack me up! :)

Happy New Year. This room is a great way to start!
I love the sorting idea... I will have to use that for my rolls of wrapping paper! (thx for that girly)

I am going to have to check out the BS... I love Greg Laurie! And I love James McDonald! So it has to be good. Right now I am reading through the Chronological Bible. I'm digging it! :)

Enjoy the week!

Ami Allison said...

OH EM GEE! SO FUNNY!!!! AND one of the many perks of moving out to AZ from TX...NO GIANT GROSS DISGUSTING FLYING ROACHES!!

Unknown said...

U make me laugh, love your personality. Too bad there was not more people in this world like u.. And why do i have to meet those OTHER people..( oh sorry talking to myself) I will just carry on.....

The Splendiferous Life said...

I LOVE this post...I just found your blog through a blog hop..and so happy I did...I wish I lived closer I would come visit...looks like a fun place to hang..then I would ask if I could borrow some ribbon..oh I had a roach yesterday in my garage...I am still trying to track him down..uugghh...I HATE those things..



Sarah said...

I just came upon your blog and I LOVE IT! I love how hilarious you are and I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing your beautiful creations! Thank you for sharing!

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