Monday, January 3, 2011

Nightmare on "Karas" Street!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone!!!

I hope you all had a BLESSED Holiday and a Great New Year!  We played it VERY low key New Years Eve....Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh...I fell asleep at 10:15!!!  What a L-O-S-E-R!!!  Oh Well!  Popped the Champagne on New Years Day, and watched our Texas Tech Red Raiders play...

Back to business...
Welcome to my Elements Studio!

Here she is!  Such a "Getaway" for me own space at home to work, create...or uuummm,  just HIDE!


Lets Check it out since the TEXAS TORNADO...otherwise known as Christmas!!!

 Now, I know I told yall a week or so ago, i was going to work on it THAT DAY...Well...DID'NT!
So here it sits a week later...
Looks like the Tasmanian Devil paid a visit here!

Oooooooooooooooo Nooooooooooooo!!!

3 words to describe this...

Good Googly Moogly!!!

I MIGHT need a Venti, Vodka, Valium, Mocha Latte to tackle THIS!!!

YEPPERS!  This would be me JUST STARING at ALL the MESS...As if to be in a STARING contest with the mess in HOPES of WINNING and it will Magically GO AWAY!
Uuuhhh...I LOST!

Havent we all been in this position???
Walking into a MESS and just standing there because we have ZERO IDEA where to begin!!!

And it just gets WORSE and WORSE the longer I stand and stare...

STILL Staring....Under the DELUSION that a constant stare with the mess will help me FIGURE IT OUT!

Where is my FLOOR??????
Possibly UNDER all the Stems, Tags and GLITTER that WONT GO AWAY!
And I am a NEAT FREAK!!!  Bible!
Lets try a different angle...

Weeeeeell!  That didnt help!
I am in PHYSICAL PAIN at this point...
CALL 911....Do they have EMERGENCY CREWS to Clean this up???

TOTALLY Assessing the Sit-chi-ation

And all of this Christmas to seperate and store!
I FORGOT!  And I thought I was D-O-N-E with Christmas!

I have RE-Entered the House...aka, Clean throw a FULL ON TANTRUM!

OH!  Heller!
Pouting a bit too...Could I get that bottom lip out there a Lil Further?
Lets see if the Tantrum/Pout made that MESS Go AWAY!

Well, OK...That didnt work...
WHY o WHY, I ask, does the Pouting work with my kids?

Uuuggg!   H-E-L-P!

I have AGAIN, re-entered Clean Zone...
For a lil prayer!  Im callin the Big Man "Upstairs" in on this one...

And TOTALLY Ignore the Pumpkins in the background...from Thanksgiving...
YEP!  The ones my Hub had Thrown in the dumpster after Thanksgiving and I MADE him get them back OUT of the Dumpster cuz I was gonna do something AMAZING with them for Christmas!!!

And Skeeeeeerd!  Im expecting to come FACE to FACE with a BUG at some point!
Have I EVER told you all that I am TERRIFIED of bugs?
Eeeewww!  Gives me the Willies just typing that word Roa**...Cant type it again!
We get our house sprayed EVERY QUARTER...WITHOUT FAIL! 

Where to start???

I believe im gonna just Plop down right here!
Seperating Fall and Christmas since in the Texas Tornado of Thanksgiving/Christmas EVERYTHING gets mixed in together ...
Let me just MENTION that I moved my Retail Store a few months ago and a TON of stuff was THROWN in I am FIGHTING that mess too!
Look at that MOUND of growing Bubble Wrap!!! 
I have PLENTY of bubble wrap for those GOLDFISH, Ehh?

 That is the door into the backyard... and the backyard to the dumpster... and I SOMEHOW have to figure out a
 path to get to the OTHERSIDE of the door...
I need a MAP and a COMPASS!
Still...IGNORING Dumpster Retrieved their UN-Fabulosity!

Sorting, SORTing, SOOORTING!!!
This "Phase" went on for INFINITY and Beyond!

Ooooooooooooo!  Looksie!  My first FINISHED, Floral grouping!  YAAAY!
Now!  800 to go!
I am sorting pack away in Containers,
 and Year round florals into color groups...
Sheez Louise!
And, NO, I DO NOT know who Louise is either...
She is over there with Pete & Betsy!
Okay...NanaDiana...whose Louise??? 

Floral pile #2 !!!
Color me HAPPY!

But STILL!  Im in a SEA of MESS!
Has ANYONE seen Freddie Kruger???  
 Just askin, cuz Im in a NIGHTMARE on "Karas" street!
Im LOOKIN Happy!

Aaawww!  I lil memory from High School!
When I got my 1st new Daddy had these Plates on it for me...

PROUD to be a Texan!
OK Kara...Back on task!  FOCUS!
Is ANYONE "GETTING" the TRUE SEVERITY of my Sitchiation???
May need MEDS...SOON!

Aaahhh!  And, BREATHE!
Sooooo ready to get back to some FUN Spring colors!

Working on the Purples...
CLEARLY, Kara...Duuhh!

Uuuuhhh...What is that?

Come get this thing!
SCREAM!  Now the Hibby Jibbies!

I KNEW IT!   A Face-off with the 'R' word....
"Hes DEAD Kara"  you say!
Does NOT matter!!  Its VISIBLE!

Peace OUT Suckas!
I fought the DEAD R***H and the DEAD R***H  WON!
Okay...Just got a Shivver down my spine...NOT KIDDING!
Uuuu...I HATE, Haaaaate, H-A-T-E  Roaches....BUGS in EVERY form!
Kara is LEAVING the Building...with Elvis...hes still Alive ya know?!?!  JK!
Bobby is in CHARGE of REMOVING the R***H!
Surely yall didnt think I was gonna make Kolton or Brogan do it....paaalease...
<They wouldnt do it for me...>
*BAD*  mommy!

Yep!  Im OUTTA HERE till tomorrow!!!

Will get more into the Organization of this TEXAS Tornado aftermath!

Ok lil Decorators...Have a Super BLESSED day!


DanielleisNesting said...

EEEEK! You poor thing! If I was closer I would help for free! Or at least bring you that Venti Valium mocha and commiserate with ya! Sending good vibes from California!

Anonymous said...

Girl!! YOU are so funny. I am the one that emailed you about the burlap... and you email just like you blog! :)

My hubs is an organization, clean, label and stack freak. If ya need ANY help.... just holla!!! ;)

Unknown said...

Yeah, I'd definitely bring you a drink to help out with the mess, but it would be one heck of a drive. My craft area is a disaster right now too, so I feel your pain. Get back in there and get 'er done. You'll be so proud of yourself once you can move around in there again. :-)

Tete said...

Genious at work always leaves chaos. And you know what chaos stands for- Can't have anyone over syndrome.
I have a front bedroom that is like that. It was supposed to be my playroom- but we keep adding things in there and now it looks like a bomb went off.
My favorite organizing tool is the garbage can. I have too much crap for one person or more like 10.
Best of luck on your clean up and finding a path to the dumpster.
Hugs- Tete
PS LOVE the tantrum! Awesome!

Debbie said...

HAHAHA! You always manage to put the best spin on anything. I love it here!

Venti Vodka Valium Moch Latte...
Now, that's just funny.

And of course, now I'm anxious for the to be continued.

The Decorative Dreamer said...

You are a riot! LOL! No-no, more like the tazmanian devil! I love it though! If it makes you feel any better my little craft room is still a mess from Christmas too! Good luck with the organization after you recover from your latte! :)))

Unknown said...

ur such a riot! - always come here to make myself laugh - THANKS!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

The Tuscan Home said...

Kara, Kara, crack me up to no ends! ;) You would be so fun to hang out with. =) Good for you tackling the studio holiday extravaganza. Love your studio...what a great space to get away and create!

Have a great day, sweetie! XOXO ~Liz

Sami said...

I am just as bad about bugs. One room in our house looks a lot like your studio...imagine a similar mess mixed with toys...a nightmare.


Lizabeth said...

You're a nut! LOL... My living room looks close to that... I'm sorting and organizing and making a chart so I can figure this stuff out easier next Christmas. I haven't found any bugs, but I've found stuff that I haven't seen in 10 years...and some of it's going out! Hope you get the energy to clean it up! I am sure you will! Liz

Emelia DiCarlo said...

Love your blog and all your beautiful photos of your magnificent home and studio. Thank you for sharing your talents for all of us to see and become inspired.God Bless you in the new year!. Emelia.

Melanie said...

I'm MISSING my KARA!!!!!! So good to hear from you sweet girl! Hope you had a FABULOUS new year and Christmas with your sweet family. Come see my NEW BLOG!!!!!! :) LOVE you!


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Good NEED it! I would just start throwing out. Not smart I know, but I would be overwhelmed. Sorry about the roach. Us girls who live in states with those awful things know how horrible it really is. We spray all the time too. Little bit at a time, and maybe it will be done before next Christmas!!!

Pams Party said...

I LOVE this post! You made me smile with your great commentary and pictures. I have been there. Often. Right now my craft room is unusable because of piles and mess. I am feeling so overwhelmed with putting Christmas away that I am considering leaving it up until next year. It will all eventually get done. Someday.

Becca said...

Happy New Year! I love your sense of humor! And, so envious that you have your own personal "create" space! I'm sure you'll have it neat and organized in no time flat! However, if I had that to tackle, I'd definitely need a FEW Venti, Vodka, Valium, Mocha Lattes to get it all done. LOL. Happy day! xoxo

Traci said...

Um yeh, totally with you on the R word. UGH! I'm just so happy to see that you do have a big mess on your hands! It makes me feel better about our "LSU room" that you can barely open the door in because of all the crap that's been thrown in there due to the holidays!

Sharon said...

You are hilarious Kara! I sooooo love your posts!!!!! I to am in the after Christmas Chaos!!!! The stuff is everywhere. I love the lights, glitter, glitz and glam of all the Christmas decorations. I just absolutely hate to take all this stuff down and pack it away. It is just not fun at all.
You are a phenomenal decorator please advise on decor for January. Ugh..ugh..ugh!!!!! I hate the month of January! Everything is dead outside and after the bright colors from previous seasons January is just a sensory desert of blah. No twinkles or sparkles. No bright colors! Even the weather is blah and gray. SOOOOOOOOOOOO depressing inside and outside. HEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gypsy Heart said...

Hey girl, I'm on my way...but I'm bringing Absolut, Tonic & Limes! We'll get 'er done that way fo sho. :-)

Ok, now imagine 4 rooms looking very similar to that...result of just moving and the holidays. That's real overwhelm for me! Come to think of it, maybe you should come here and we'll get all this in order and then go back to your house. Hmmmmm?

I cannot stand the R's either...or any bug for that matter. Yuk! Texans have to be super diligent about having the terminators come in don't we?

I'll look for you by tomorrow morning, ok?

Love the Decor! said...

My dining table looks a bit like that room as I dismantle the Christmas decor and displays in the house.
Thanks for keeping it real I can so relate : ))

Unknown said...

u r Hilarious! And the" R" would put me over....

NanaDiana said...

My whole house right now resembles your "space"...well, except for the bedrooms because we SLEEP there---or sometimes watch movies there---or let the grandkids hang out there and eat we NEVER eat popcorn in bed...(well, maybe Robert Redford would have been allowed to eat popcorn in my bed but we're not gonna talk about that here now are we?)

Anyway...What? Now I am your own personal encyclopedia of off-the-wall expressions? Well, I do know that Jeez- was a shortened form of Jesus (used by people that wanted to swear but didn't want to go full out blasphemy type swearing)..and that came about early 1900's...and the first time I ever heard Jeez Louise was on All In The Family- Archie (gotta love the idiot-God rest his dear soul) said it to Louise Jefferson...Jeez Louise. So..that's all I know 'bout that.

What I DO know-is that if I ever happened to get ticked off at you I could send a dead roach in a matchbox and you would have a to keep me on your good side. Happy New Year Honey! xxoo Diana

Melissa Miller said...

I had to leave and catch my breath after seeing the *roach*. U-G-H...I HATE them too. I have been known to run into a wall to get away from them. Ha!

Good luck on the clean up! ~Melissa :)

Designs on 47th Street said...

Kara, Boy can I ever relate to this post! I have never taken pictures of my silk studio in this condition. My pictures would look just like yours! I have been sick for a week so that door is CLOSED. I dread tackling all that mess! LOL...such a cute post.

Denise said...

I don't know how I missed this post?? But you KNOW I woulda been there with the vodka gal if I'd known ;-) I'm trying to put Christmas away, so that's probably why I missed it. Still doing that today, so I'm coming back later to fully read and look at all the lubbly jubbly pics in your lastest post :)

Jemsmom said...

O.k. deep breaths... after close up inspection... I don't think it is a roach. I am serious. I think it is just a bug. NOT A ROACH. I REPEAT... NOT A ROACH!!! I can't believe how organized you got your place! WHen you coming to Charleston????

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