Monday, January 17, 2011

Im ACHIN all Ova'!!!

I am ACHIN all OVA'!!!!
With the full week { week prior the this last week } of cleaning and organizing my Studio/Workspace...THEN this past week of doing my Grape Faux Fininsh....AND then ALL of my "Regular" mommy/ houswife duties of Cleaning, Laundry, Cooking....HEY!  SHUT UP!  I DO cook...sometimes...Hey, its on my "Goals" list for 2011...Anyhoo!  Picking up after the CHILDREN in my life...Yeah, all 5 of them...
Kolton {10}, Brogan {7} , Bobby {45}, Raider {8}, and Gizmo {10 months}.....YEP!  I INCLUDED the Hub in there!!!  Why cant MEN put things where they belong??? 
Dirty socks go in Hamper...Work clothes from the day, either Hang up or put them in the Drycleaners Basket...Loose change from their pockets in the "Loose Change Dish" I SPECIFICALLY bought and put in a nice spot to put your Loose change in...Dirty dishes in the DISHWASHER!  OH!  And my FAV...Leaving KLEENEX in pant Pockets that get washed in the Laundry and are then TRANSFERED into the Dryer aaaaaand then...YOU GOT IT!  Kleenex is ALL OVER EVERYTHING in the Dryer!  Uuuggg!  I can go on and on!!  Anyone... Anyone got the answers?  Anyone...Bueller...Bueller...Bueller...Bueller....
{ Ga!  I LOVE that movie!  Ferris Buellers Day Off!!! }  I NEVER had the GUTS to SKIP school and do something so CRRRRRAAAZY like that!  My sister was the "Wild Child" so I saw what happens when you Pull a "Ferris Bueller"...NO WAY was I skippin school, Eeeekkk! I dont like to be grounded!
I was a PERFECT ANGEL!  {Insert Harp music and vision a GLOWING Halo over my Head!  O:-)
Aaaahhh!  Did yall SEE THAT???!!!  I made a Face with a HALO!  Here it is AGAIN!   But Bigger!
O:-)    YEP!  Thats ME!  Smiling WITH MY Halo!!!   HeeHee!!!   Anyhoo....Back on track here!  After ALL my work and runnin 100 miles per hour...IM SORE!!!  Ive NEVER tried the "Grandmothers" cure for sore muscles...EPSOM SALT!   But I was sore enough to make the trip to Walgreens and get me some SALT!!!  Much to my DELIGHT!!!  I was OOOBER EXCITED to find that the Epsom salt came in LAVANDER SCENTED!!!   Yippie Skippie!  YeeHaw!  And Color me HAPPY!  Im OBSESSED with Lavander!  LOVE IT!  So...not ONLY was the salt offered in Lavander, BUT, It was also But one bag get one FREE!!!!   FeeeeeeeeRRRReeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEE!!!  Now im doin a Texas Line Dance Im so Excited!!!   The jar I came across was, uuuuuuu, Rather I knew i was going to need more than one bag to fill it...I KNOW your thinkin "Kara, WHY must the Jar be FULL"  and you PROBABLY already know my answer!  My OCD!  OCD! OCD!  A Half full Decorative Jar filled with LAVANDER Epsom Salt...Cant have THAT!   Besides...I have a feeling Im going to be using A TON of this stuff with all the "GOALS" on my 2011 To Do List!  I ALREADY have my NEXT Project to start this week! I got 4 bags for 8 bucks!
I am READY to Draw my SUPER HOT bath and sprinkle in like, 6 scoops full of the Epsom!!!
This was my process...
This Go-Jus clear glass container I found while cleaning my Workroom...Got it at Hobby Lobby for 12 $$$ was regular $24.00 but I bought it 1/2 off!  Doin my happy dance again!  And what a PERFECT JAR to have on hand...It has a Lid so the salt will stay freasher!

 Had this CUTE little Measuring scoop in my kitchen drawer...Since I dont cook THAT much, YET....I SAID, YET!  I knew I would NOT be needing it in the kitchen......YET!  O:-)

Even the BAG looks Pretty!  I hit a HOMERUN finding this in Lavander!  { Im smiling LARGE! }

 So I took all 4 bags and poured them into the Jar...

PERFECT FIT!  Right up to the Tippie Top!  And HOW CUTE is the lil Silver Scoop??!!

Just POKED the scoop RIGHT on in there!  
WARNING:  This Project is VERY DIFFICULT!   So much so that I am giving a TUTE!   Really Kara...A TUTE on THIS....HEY!  Im giving myself a "Hall Pass" on TUTES....The last several have been HARD!
So....Just go on this WITH ME!!!   O:-)

NOW!  Put the LID on the JAR!   Leave me ALONE!  SOMEONE out there MIGHT NEED this TUTE!
Yeah...I know....NOT!

Then...Place the BEAUTIFUL Jar on the tub area....Or...if you do NOT have an area AT the would look JUST as pretty on your Vanity!

ANUTHA pic from this angel!!!   This is SUCH a SAD Post and TUTE that Im actually laughing out loud at , uuuuhhhh, how RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE it is!!!  I PROMISE...My NEXT Project is going to be NOT so simple!!!

And...There is the Jar in "Full scene"......{ Oh BROTHER! }

And this pic is a ZOOM OUT shot.... { Rolling my Eyeballs ay myself! }

And THIS id the side a lay my lil head back for a good, LOOOONG soak!  It TRULY is THE most comfy Tub Eva'!!!  Its a Kohler, aromatherapy bubbles, tub!  Its AWESOME!  it has jets too, but my FAVORITE part of this tub is that you can hit the "Aromatherapy" button, and it just makes tiny little bubbles that put the fragrance in the this case,  my bathroom smelles of Lavander!  LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURVE IT!
I have also used a Eucalyptus fragrance for bad sinuses...Its AWESOME!
AGAIN...Its a Kohler Soaking, Aromatherapy Tub!!!

So this is a Lavander Neckpillow!  It ROCKS!!!  Its actually Filled with Lavander...and you can do 2 things with it:
1} you can HEAT it in the Microwave for a minute and use it for Heat on a Sore neck/ Bad Headache  OR
2} you can put it in the Fridge or Freezer and get it Cold and use it for Cold on your sore neck/ headache!
Whichever way feels better to you!  Summer...Cool sometimes feels better and OBVIOUSLY, in the Winter the Heat is the Ticket!
I SELL these in my Stoe!  They also have Booties for you the same way...AND an EyePillow...
I LOVE this line!!!
A bit of TRIVIA!  Did you know Real Lavander , the Fragrance lasts for up to 8-10 years!  For Example: If you have a Lavander Sachet in your drawer and its losing its fragrance...Just use your fingers and Re-Crumble the Lavander and the fragrance is Back to FRESH!!!

One side of the pillow { and the Eyemask & Booties } is this BEAUTIFUL soft purple silk with the PREETIEST lil flowers on it....and the other side is a lighter purple Chanille...SUPER SOFT!  I LOVE this neck pillow!  One of my FAVORITE things!  I sleep with it EVERY NIGHT after putting on my Camille Beckman, Lavander Glycerine hand therapy and Body Butter!!!  And put it around my neck while soaking in the tub!!!  THAT is HEAVENLY!!!   Closest thing to a SPA that we can afford right now...LOVE IT!

There is the reverse side.... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Im READY to SOAK!!!

Just Simply BEAUTIFUL!  And after soaking in the Epsom Salt....I have to say....I THINK it really works!
That Is GREAT news with the To Do list I have to CONTINUE to Tackle!!!

This was REALLY so, CLEARLY,  super EASY and its something I will be using most nights of the week...
Im a Bath GUUUURL!   Showers are for in the morning...when im in a HURRY to get ready!

Hope some of yall will do this!  PAMPER YOURSELF!  That is something we Mommas tend to FORGET to do!  Take care of US!

Alrighty all my Decorating Divas!  DO THIS and Take care of YOU!

Include God in your life TODAY { and EVERY day } and you will be BLESSED!



Karen said...

Who knew you could by lavender scented epsom salts? I've been adding essential oils to scent my own. I'm all for making life easier...I'm going to see if I can find it in my area.

Traci said...

OK now I want to go home & take a bath!!!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I think it was a great tute!! Sometimes the little things are ones we can achieve! lol

Looks beautiful!

Lou Cinda

Katherine said...

I never knew there was any scented epsom salts? I wonder if there are other scents?

L said...

ooh, a lavender scent. I bet that smells nice.
I have that same candelabra, Kara. I picked it up at my favorite store, Hobby Lobby a few years ago!
Enjoy your lavender soak in the tub!

Theresa said...

I didn't know they had scented epsom salt either! I think it is a wonderful idea, just may have to add one to my bathtub area! A great BIG thank you for sharing!


Lisa Sall - Sall's Country Life said...

Oh you lucky girl...that bath looks heavenly! I love the idea of lavender Epsom salt, who knew? I like the sound of eucalyptus in the tub for a cold also! Enjoy!

Karen said...

Oh the crazy busy life of a mommy.......I am totally taking a bath tonight! I need to find myself one of those trays, and I miss my tub with jets. o:(. Kara, off the top of your busy head ~ do you know the paint color in Brogan's room? blessings.....

Unknown said...

Oh I wish I had a bathtub like that!! Mine's pretty decent, but that looks awesome!!!

NanaDiana said...

I have the Kohler tub too...we live about an hour form teh Kohler factory and it is awesome to visit-they have a museum on premises. Kohler (which is a suburb-kinda of Sheboygan)was the first real planned community in the US. It has strong German influence and is just a beautiful little town.

I did NOT know that Epsom salts came in lavender..which is my all time favorite fragrance (at least for now). Mrs.Myers makes a laundry deteregent in it and also a hand soap...LOVE it!

Sweet little blog again- Have a great Monday-Hugs-Diana

Unknown said...

funny - i buy the CVS brand of lavender epsom salt - it's super cheap and the smell lasts for HOURS on the body - i soak in it atleast once a week!!!! - which reminds me - i gotta go buy some more!

Becca said...

I LOVE lavendar epsom salt! Your tub looks so inviting and relaxing. I have a big ol' garden tub, howEVER, it doesn't have those awesome jets like yours. Lucky girl, you! Hope you're having a relaxing day! Hugs, xoBecca

Cathy said...

I did not know that there is lavendar epson salt out there. Thanks, good to know. I use a sea shell as a scoop in my decorative jar of epson salt.

Allyson Pecilunas said...

I haven't ever soaked in epsom salt but I think I am going to try it after reading your post. Im headed to Walgreen's :)


Tete said...

You might also need a massage from your hubber. Afterall, it was his laundry and change tossing that got you in that shape!
Just wondering on the epsom salt baths- won't it dry out your skin if you do it often? Post later when you figure this out. Did not know it came in lavender! That is good to know.
Hugs- tete

Gypsy Heart said...

Hey, the Lavender epsom salt is available at Wal-Mart too. I've purchased that one as well as the one for sinuses, colds,flu...can't think of the name right now. You got a great deal at Walgreen's with the 2-fers.

The tute is very well done! :-) You are so funny. LOVE that tub...and I have not heard of the aromotherapy ones. What a wonderful treat!

Hey, I'll come and cook for you if you'll decorate for me, alrighty oh sweetie??? I think that is a very good deal. Just lemme know...


Vanessa said...

Woo Hoo! Now this is MY kind of Tute! Blooming lamp? Beautiful but I'm probably too scared to attempt it. Soaking in a luxurious bath with lavender epsom salts? Right up my alley! I'm totally a bath girl too and when I saw our jacuzzi tub for the first time I almost passed out! I don't even have to take toys out of it before I get in...most of the time! :-)
Hope you are gettin' out those aches and pains my friend!

The Tuscan Home said...

Great post, Kara! Love your bath...gorgeous! XOXO~Liz

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

I never knew Epsom Salts were available in scents! I always have a few bags in the house but I need to run to the store to get me some Lavender! Thanks girl :D

g.suzie said...

I think they will be havin a run on Lavender
Epsom salts. . .
I'm on my way real soon!
You are so fun, and talented, just love your
'tutes'. BTW you should throw some easy ones
in there for some of us 'creatively challenged'

Unknown said...

I work with the Epsom Salt Council. We LOVE that you LOVE the lavender Epsom Salt! If you enjoy the soak, perhaps you would be interested in other ways to pamper yourself.

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