Friday, January 14, 2011

Grape Faux Part 3... FINISHED!!!

Its FINISHED!!!  DUNZO!!!  Thank You GOD!  Whew!  I made it before the weekend!  So now I can Start my next Project...I mean REST...Yeah, RIGHT!
So This "Finale" is PACKED FULL of Pictures!!!  I wanted yall to see as much detail as possible...NOT to mention the problems Im having with my OOBER CRUMY camera!
My explainations of each pic will be BRIEF because I have an appointment in, ooh, about 45 minutes!  I will come back later this morning and give more of a "TUTE" on the process....
SO...Here it 3, FINISHED!

OK!  DONE with the meeting....I actually want to share with you, what my meeting was this morning...
So, if you DONT know, our house is on the market...has been for many months....Real Estate market has been down { Espicially in our price range...Eeek }...SO...Our PRECIOUS Realtor, Cheryl, has been a DEAR FRIEND to me and my HUB for 14 years!  She is an AMAZING woman...a woman of God!  Our listing is with Cheryl of Coldwell Banker Lubbock.  My Hub and I have been through a VERY tough time in the last 5 years,  VERY TOUGH!  Many different "Trials" God has allowed us to go through...BUT, I BELIEVE { FINEALLY } that when God allows you to experience a "Trial" or a "Test" it is for OUR Benefit!   Let me just say this...I have come a LOOOOOOOOOOONG way since the start of these "Tests"...I used to just be STRESSED, UPSET, WORRIED, had INSOMNIA, HEALTH name it, its been a VERY hard time we have been going through!  But I am FINEALLY "Getting IT!"  When God puts us through a TEST, if we take that "Test" and EMBRACE and LEARN FROM IT...WOW!  What a "TESTIMONY" we will have, RIGHT?   Back to this morning meeting...For many reasons, including a Business Partnership with someone we thought was a friend and trusted...WOW...this person emptied our Bank Account and we have been in a STRUGGLE to get back to where we were before that partnership gone BAD... we need and want { KINDA-its gonna be TOUGH for me } to sell our house...God BLESSED US with THE most AMAZING Realtor { and friend } and Real Estate Firm!  Cheryl and two AMAZING men { also Coldwell Banker Realtors } and awesome men of God...they all 3 took time out of their busy work schedule to come over and PRAY with us and about the sell of our home!  They Prayed over this home, our life, our children, our businesses!  You name it, they prayed for it!  WOW!  I do NOT know of another Real Estate Firm to EVER have done that!  None the I personally know of....And TRUST ME...We are SUPER DUPER experienced at this Remodel a home, move in, get settled, then put the home on the Market!  YEAH!  We have been married 14 years and we have MOVED 8 times!!!  YEP!  I said 8...EIGHT...times! point of this story is just about the AMAZING people God can put in your life and the AMAZING people from Coldwell Banker that HE blessed us with!  Im TRULY sorry if I have just given To Much Info!!!  But this WHOLE EXPERIENCE has been a TRUE GROWTH time for me in my Faith and TRUSTING God!
OK!   Sorry...BUT, I consider all of you who visit me here on my little blog to be friends and blessings from God, and just had it on my heart to share this story with you!  THANK YOU ALL for coming here and being a friend!
This is where are started at yesterday....

I have to go in and paint the mud the wall color...Which is a Kelly Moore called "Flaxseed"...LOVE IT!

When filling in with the Wall paint color...which is a couple of shades darker than the color I painted the leaves and the White grapes, I use the wall color to create "LowLights" help give the leaves and grapes dimension.  You can HOPEFULLY see the darker shades... I have added the Lowlights in the creases of the grapes to give dimension...

It makes the grapes REALLY 3-D,  before this step they looked really flat

Here it is a bit further can still see how the Lowlights make them almost "Come to Life"...The leaves as well

Now I have to do the same process in the portion of the Grape treatment up high...I will be HONEST...This is a pretty tedious phase...but to me it the FUN...artistic part...I LOVE watching the way a few strokes of the paintbrush can TOTALLY change the look....WooooHoooo!!

Im applying some of the Wall color paint to the fabric leaves to help them blend a bit more but still leaving some of the green and brandy colored edges to show...

Applying the Lowlights again....

This is what you end up with when you are finished adding the Lowlights...Its a bit "Defined" but when I add the Glaze it will blend it all together...

 Now...moving up to the upper right portion of the wall...SAME STEPS again...
AND...DANG!  This is where I have to Peace Out Girlscout!  I will come back after my appointment and finish with the TUTE! 
PLEASE come back in a bit and I will have added the rest of the Step explaination!!!!
SORRY,,,,Gotta RUN!  Be back in a while!!!

OK!  Im BACK!!!  Moving forward!!!!
Again, I had a lil Blue eyed, blonde haired cutie patutie that wanted to play photographer....But this is me in TRUE FORM!  No makeup, hair back in a ponytail, my grungy clothes....

YEP!  This is what I look like when im WORKIN!!!  And VERY FOCUSED...In my "Zone"!

Painting the mud with the wall are CLEARLY gonna want to use an Artist paint brush for this TEDIOUS phase!

Steppin back...Lookin....All the Mudded spots are painted with the wall color...ready to move forward with the Glaze!   I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this Glaze part!  SO MUCH FUN!

Look how BARE and PLAIN it is...Its ABOUT to TRANSFORM!!!

Start with just ANY little touch ups that need to be done...Double check everywhere you have mudded and painted to get those little touch ups!

OOPS!  Like DIS!  Got some of the wall paint on my "Merlot" grapes!   CANT have that!  It would be "IMPERFECT" know my OCD would get the best of me!

OK!  So you all know that saying..."Watching Paint Dry"....well, thats the part im at!  Have to let all that paint dry good before starting with the Glaze...The GLAZE phase is VERY TEMPERMENTAL!!!  So, let ALL the paint dry GOOD!
So, rather than me sit and WATCH PAINT DRY...I was entertained by my lil shadow...Yeah...the one that stayed home from school today cuz she didnt feel good.....Hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm...she looks FINE to me...PLAYIN dress up!   ME THINKS I was HOAXED!  Oh Well...whats 1 day?  Right?

More entertainment....dancin to mommys music that I HAVE TO HAVE BLARING when im in my "Zone"!!!   The music keeps me going!  And Ill take a lil break occasionally to do a lil JIG or sing into a BROOM or Paintbrush!!!   HEY!  It gives me ENERGY!  Someone told me the other day that I should do a Video TUTE...that it would be SURE to be ENTERTAINING!  Really?  Yall think?  Well, I dont know how to do a video to post....If ya know how to, give me the Deets on how to do it!

Paint drying.....killing time...Is this the MOST GORGEOUS granite EVA'!!!  LOVE IT!


Mmmmmmmmm...killing time....Heres my Dining room Floral.....tick tock tick tock tick tock....

MAN!  That granite is FABULOUS!   Im standing here trying to figure out HOW to REMOVE the Granite countertops and TAKE THEM WITH ME, if our house sells.......tick tock tick tock ......
{ Insert Audio of Jeopardy music now } do do dooo, do do doooo, do do do dooo....tick tock....

CAUGHT her DANCIN in the mirror!!!  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!    I got in TWUUUBUL too!

do do do doo, do do doo, do do do......WAITING!.......  LOVE this GRANITE!!!  DIE!

And HERES my dining room Floral...AGAIN!!!!   How LOOOOOOOOONG does it actually take paint to DRY....for the love of Pete!????

Soooo PRETTY!  tick tock tick do doo....COME ON!!!!!!  God needs to make a Paint that DRIES INSTANTLY to go with His GLUE!

YAAAAAAAAY!  Its all dry!   These are the things you will need...The glaze { Im using a Raw Umber }, a "Feathering" paint brush, some small artist brushes for those tight spots,  a few CLEAN rags....  LETS ROCK and ROLL!!!

this is a "Feathering" brush...MUST HAVE!  A regular paint brush wont work...its too stiff!  It will TOTALLY mess up your glaze application!!!  TRUST ME!

Dab the Feather brush into the glaze and apply it to the wall in "Funky patterns" like this...dont do it in a PRECISE pattern or it will dry that way!  You want the glaze to be Uneven!!!

Take your rag and dab it around on the glaze thats on the wall

Glaze Drys OOOBER FAST!  so do small sections at a time...but not in perfect squares...Am I being confusing???  I REALLY needed a VIDEO on this one!

See how I ended the glaze app in a uneven line....THATS what im trying to say!!!   UUG!

Applying the glaze on the Embellishments....Dabbing with the have to dab IMMEDATELY after you apply the glaze!!!!

That looks SO WRONG, but it is how you want to apply the glaze...uneven and "FUNKY"!

Its starting to look Go-Jus!!!  Go-Jus!  Got that cute lil word from my GUUURL Becca!!!   Thanks girlfriend!

See how the Glaze catches and Gathers in the crevices....  SO PRETTY!

This is how you want the glaze to look on the wall after dabbing with the rag...Very UNEVEN!
Uneven = AWESOME!!!

Moving on up to the upper portion of the wall..... LOOK how BLAH this looks compared to the previous pics...its amazing, the difference!!!

I apply the Glaze to the fabric leaves as well.... to "Antique" them...Age em!

Leaf BEFORE the glaze...

NOW!  with the glaze!  WooHoo!!! 

LOVE the DETAIL of how the glaze collects in the "Pits"....

I even "Aged" the twigs!

REMEMBER!  Dont go on too heavy with the can do another coat if you want it CANT remove the glaze thats already on...UNLESS you start back with your Base color...YEP!  That means REPAINT!   NO FUN on the 2nd and 3rd round!  AGAIN...TRUST ME...I speak from EXPERIENCE!  Mucho No ElFuno!!!

I am CRAAAAAZY about this section!!!  It turned out better than the ones I have done before!  I guess you get better with each time!


Mirror back up!  Its better than I imagened!!!!

BANANAS over this!!!


SO LOOKIN like a Vineyard!  Well...CLOSE!  :0)

ALL DONE!!!!  Im THRILLED!!!  Time to put all the MESS AWAY and cook dinner!!!   LOOONG day!

Oh No I Di-unt!  I STILL missed that touch up!!!   CRAPOLA!!!   Uuuuggg!

NOW!   Im thinking I need a NEW "Blooming" Lamp....But more of a "Fruitful" Lamp!!!  Now I know one of my projects for this weekend....ON TOP of all the other things I want to get done!!!

It would be a GREAT finishing touch to the Space, RIGHT???

OK!  LOTS to getr done today before Schools OUT!  Thanks for stickin around!

 Have a BLESSED weekend!!!



Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

What an awesome job you did on that faux painting and the grapes! It looks like a masterpiece!!!

Blondie's Journal said...

Wow! This looks like it took a ton of work but it was well worth it. It is gorgeous! Your really know how to paint, of your many talents. Bravo!


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

It looks fabulous. So much work. Love the finish and your painting technique is gorgeous. So pretty. Hugs, Marty

Greta said...

That looks great! It's beautiful and I really like how it's a part of the way, yet, part of the piece as well.

Denise said...

WOW, what can I did an awesome job girl, it looks amazing. Hard work, but worth it.
Have a great weekend.

Allyson Pecilunas said...

Kara! I love it!! I love your grape lamp you did too you did a fabulous job! Have a great weekend


The White City Project said...

I love it! What a fabulous idea!

Traci said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! It really turned out gorgeous!! There's a little painting in my future & I'm not really looking forward to it.

NanaDiana said...

Kara-It is awesome...totally awesome. I am going to email you later this weekend about the FIRST part of your post here today...private up and personal~ You hang in there girl...Love ya- Diana

Melissa Miller said...

WOWEEEE!!! Kara that is stunning! :)

L said...

Wow, wow, Kara! That looks awesome. I love the grape theme. Beautiful. Thank you for the detailed photos and directions.

Shelia said...

Wowzies! Oh, you're the most talent creative one! I love how your grapes turned out and your wall. Just beautiful!
Thank you for sharing your story! God is so good and I do believe He put you with the right team to sell your lovely home.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Karen said...

Anyone who has been through what you've been through and kept your hope and positive outlook is my kinda gal. You did a fantastic job on your wall...I think I woulda pulled what little menopausal hair that I have left out trying to do that (Teehee)I'm pleased to become a new follower.

Shirley said...

I just want to know, how in the world did you even think of such a creative thing to do? lol. I just love it, I think of myself as being somewhat creative, but never would I have come up with that. lol. You should write a book.
Thank you for sharing your heart, I will be praying for direction for your family.
Be Blessed, Shirley

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Kara, this is stunning! Looks absolutely gorgeous! You have such a gift!

I will keep you in my prayers too, and for the sale of your home...

Lou Cinda

Anonymous said...

Uhh.. Hello!?? You're wanting to sell your house? I just may have to do some sweet talkin to my hubs and tell him we need to move to TX. -- a house with a fab new vineyard inside!

Looks ah-maze-ing!!

Gypsy Heart said...

Hey Sunshine, this is totally, absolutely amazing! HOW in the world did you even think it up much less carry it out with such perfection? It is so unusual, different textures, the glaze ~ all of it is just grand. Now.....can you please come here and help me? It will take awhile so bring extra jeans, ok? I will buy a bottle of vino for you as well as try to create that Venti thing you like. :-)

So sorry I haven't been around...had that ding dang migraine for 3 days!! Felt so good this morning and then today the rebound headache began. I think it's due to this frigid weather & gray skies ~ LOL

I'll be posting a giveaway in the next couple of days so if you're on a break from your creativity, stop by!


The Tuscan Home said...

Kara, when you set your mind on a project there is no stopping you. I can't believe how much you got accomplished in just a few short days. I have to tell you, it looks A M A Z I N G!! I love the Tuscan Old World look and style, so I am drooling over your project. Umm, and will you stop giving me so many great ideas, missy! ;) Now I want to copy your grape blooming lamp, what a cute idea. It goes so well with the bar theme, love it!

I hope you are finding some time to rest this weekend. You've been on a roll lately. Thanks for sharing...I really enjoyed the process, pictures, and end product! XOXO ~Liz

P.S. Thank you for your sweet comment on my Rooster post! *smile*

Becca said...

What a unique and awesome project! It turned out beautifully and is perfect for your wall. I'd be scared to attempt a project like ... my vineyard would turn out looking like weeds. :( You've got an eye and such talent. Gorgeous granite and baby girl, too. And, sorry to hear of your "tests" ... with your positive and witty attitude, though, I'm sure you'll conquer any little speed bump that comes your way. However, I'm sending your positive thoughts and prayers, friend. xoxo, Becca

Vanessa said...

Ummm...ok....ummm...loss for words....Kara that is so beyond beautiful!!!! I mean I could never, ever in a million years pull something like that off, especially since I am just now getting used to using my little ol' glue gun! LOL! You are beyond talented my friend and it is exquisite. I so appreciate you also sharing with us the trials that are going on in your life right now. I just so firmly believe that we are to use these blogs as a means to live out our lives authentically and not just show all of the happy, happy decorating and craft stuff. But to show the REAL STUFF of life and how to go through it with grace and FAITH. The times I have been closest to God have always been during the greatest tests and that closeness is what sustained me and kept me moving forward in trusting Him. Our lives are not immune to pain and suffering and it is our responsibility to point to the One who cares for us the most when we are struggling. You are doing just that my friend and you will be richly blessed for it! :-)
Praying for you!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Gorgeous Kara! That is just amazing~ I love it!!!! You are just the sweetest and it sounds like you have been having a rough time- I'll say a prayer for you and yours- Hugs to you! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday this week! :)

The Tuscan Home said...

Hi Kara...I came back for another peak. The other day when I came to post, I didn't see the part about you having the house on the market. Anyway, I just want you to know that I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. What a wonderful realtor and friend. Keep the faith, God often opens the doors when we least expect it. It may not be as fast and as quickly as we would like, but if it's in his will, your house will sell. =)

Thanks for sharing with us. ((Hugs)) and Love, Liz

Susan @ Oh My! Creative said...

Wow, this is an amazing project. It it just beautiful and so original! Great job!

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