Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tree #9, Christmas Carnival...Home Decor...

LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Whimsy of this Tree!  A Christmas Carnival....
See...This is my weakness, FLOCKED TREES!   They are SOOOO  Beautiful!
We dont get much snow here in West Texas...Maybe the flocking makes me feel im in a cabin covered with snow...And I can imagine sipping Wassil in front of a crackeling fire!  Untiiiiiiiiiiiil, I look outside at the Sun!  Oh well...Great Dream :)

I Mean...HOW FUN is this!!!!

Notice the piled snow on the Mantel....LOOOOOVE this trick!
  Buy this Snow at most any craft store...it comes in bags...
TIP: I use this sometimes and LITERALLY toss it on the tree branches...its MESSY, but BEAUTIFUL!  Its a nice touch to soften a green tree :)

I am just CRAAAAAAZY about this tree topper!
  You can get the TopHat at a Party/ costume store...so FUN!

I just piled a bunch of these on the Mantel...

If you remember, these Packages were from tabletop decor and I put them on the tree...So, Put some on your mantel or tabletops in the room :)

These would be ADORABLE worked into the mantel

This Wall Decor is darlin on the tree...it would be cute to work it into some decor on the WALLS...WOW!  What a GREAT idea!!!

These little guys are TOO CUTE!  They made me think of a "Girl that Jumps out of a Cake"...but a Sowman that jumps out of a Hat!

These JUMBO Snowflakes were FABULOUS!  Very fun hanging on fishwire from the ceiling...

Again!  That Fluffy snow!  Its awesome to use just about anywhere!!!
It softens any vignette!

Looks like they jumped out and said "BOO"!!!

Another TopHat with a VERY SIMPLE arrangement...

Tree branches spraypainted White then sprayed with that Snow in a can...

These Ornamants are AWESOME!  So hard to see in the pic, but they have a lot of texture and shine!

This was a MOST FABULOUS mantel!!!!

LOOK at the SPARKLE on these trees!!!!

I LOOOOVE it you KNOW!!!

This is LITERALLY just a couple of bags of that Snow...Layed some ornaments on there and placed a few pine Sprays...

Its ALWAYS a great touch to have some pieces of things draped down of the mantel...keeps the eyes moving up and down and adds interest...

So there it is...A Christmas Carnival Home Decor...
Always walk through the isles of the craft store and think "Out of the Box"....If you do that, You can create anything!  I know you can!
GO take advantage of the 50% off sales !!!!   Think ahead for next year too!

Have a BLESSED Day!

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Unknown said...

this might be my fave so far :o)

Pamela said...

I have a snowman tree just crying out for a top hat! The tree is adorable and I like the wall art on it, too.

NanE said...

Love it! So fun and festive, truly JOYful! TFS, Nan

Custom Comforts said...

What fun decor. The snowmen look so happy and cheerful ~ just makes you smile. Such pretty colors too. I love it!

NanaDiana said...

I love flocked trees too...LOVE them...even though I don't have one! Those little snowmen are adorable. hugs- Diana

xinex said...

You have so much energy and it shows on your beautiful holiday decor....Christine

Becca said...

Girl, girl, girl ... I have always LOVED a flocked tree. And, I keep telling myself I'm going to do one "this" year, alas, haven't done one ... yet. Yours is beautiful !! And, your decorating tips are fabulous *taking notes* !! You need to publish a book with all of these amazing projects and ideas !! Hugs, Becca

Traci said...

UGGHHH!!! LOOOOVVVEEEE!! Everytime I'm in a store I look at all the non traditional colors & want to go crazy which is really funny because I'm soooo traditional. The only problem would be the health of my dear dear hubby. I think he would have heart failure if I told him I was starting over with new colors!!! Thanks for your sweet & FUNNY comments. There are a few birds in the tree. I had them before the whole bird issue started!!

Lizabeth said...

Those snowmen are too cute! Love the tree...you sure have fun with all this! Love it!

Mom said...

I used some of those elements on my tree this year! I love it! Come by and take a lookie!


The Tuscan Home said...

Hi Sweetie!
What a treat seeing all of these gorgeous trees and decor. Each tree you show is unique and gorgeous in its own way. This tree is whimsical and fun, I absolutely love it. The mantle looks AMAZING and your tips are wonderful. What I love most about this post is the SPARKLE. I *love* sparkle and bling....what a treat! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it all! XOXO ~Liz

P.S. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog the other day....luv ya, girl! =)

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