Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thats A WRAP!

Good Mornin!!!!!

WHEW!  Just givin Yall the HEADS UP that I had a lil 7 yr old, Blue eyed, Blonde haired "Helper" this morning...She LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED taking pictures...So there are A LOT on here...AND, made me run a little late...BUCKLE UP Baby and here we GO!!!!!
 Daddy....You KNOW I LOVE YOU "Bigger than the Galaxy", More than Infinity...
And mom...I LOVE YOU that much as well..............

Aaaahhh...Pretty Mantel, Pretty Tree....Makes Kara SMMMMILE :0)

Theres that Pretty Tree!!! 
Notice:  DANG SECTION OF LIGHTS OUT!  But remember....Im OVER IT!

OH!  Hello Lil Brogan!

AND Here It Is!!!!!!!!!!!
Christmas Wrapping paper I CANT STAND!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Daddy LUUUUUUURVES  Multi COLORED Lights,COLORED Ornaments (Not "Designer" colored...Jewel Toned Color)....and CHEESY Multi colored PAPER!!!
No offence PLEASE, for those of you who like this kind of wrapping paper...It just doesnt go well with MY Christmas Decor...And you all know my Designer OCD is kickin in, RIGHT????
This wrapping paper is PERFECT under the right tree!
Just NOT MINE....im just sayin....






MAKE IT GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!

OW!  Ouch!  OUCHIE!!!!


Could ya NOT?!?!?!

This one gets 1st place for U-G-L-Y!!!

So!  Here are some solutions and EASY remidies :0)

Cute lil Mittin from Big Lots.....

Boxed Fruit variety...BIG LOTS!  3 Dolla!!!

Evergreen Garland...I clipped off a sprig of it...

Poinsettia bush from Michaels

Red Wired Edged ribbon...Hob Lob...(1/2 off!!!)
Choose whatever color suits your decor of "Floats your Boat"...

You say WHAT???  Isnt that pink one girls Birthday paper??? 
YEP!  And it will MOST LIKELY Sit and gather dust till I need it again..
And arent those Grocery bags????

Few lil things you need...

Cut the grocery bag to the size you need...Using the Blank side (Duuhh!!)
OR, buy a HUGE roll of Butcher paper at anys Office supply store...THAT is what I do, its not to expensive.
But, making use of what you might already have at home :0)

Showin off my HOOCHIE NAIL!!!

Pull the handle off...Gonna use that in a minute...

I always fold the edge for a Finished look...
BUT...I suffer from OCD...so this step is NOT NECESSARY!!!

There she is..A Grocery bag Wrapped gift...With the handle, patiently awaiting is DEBUT....

Some VERY INEXPENSIVE Raffia in Green

Make a bundle and wrap around the package...

Pull it TIGHT

I even love it just like this...And cost, next to nothing because there is still PLENTY of the Raffia left!

SOOOOO MANY different ways to embelish the simple package!!!
The mitten on this one keeps it "Rustic" and would work with ANY Christmas Tree/Decor in your Traditional colors

Hello lil Brogan!

OR...Dress it up a bit with the "Earthy"Jewel toned Fruit...
Just a dab of hot glue...
Be sure to use a TINY dab of glue so you can use the same fruit next year :0)

Pull off a Poinsettia flower from the bush

Another option for the Embellishment
AGAIN...Tiny dab of hot glue, so you can reuse

Or change to a dressier Ribbon

Wrap it around

Then back around to the TOP of the package and pull tight

Make your first loop

OOPS!  Missed the second loop...
Then take the LONG Runner and make a SINGLE LOOP, pulling the runner all the way through so you now have 3 loops!
Its that Designer, "Odd Number" rule...

Stick in a sprig

Add the fruit..or WHATEVER embellishment you choose..
Make it YOU!

Theres that handle!

Place right ear on right shoulder...
NOW read :0)

The package Label....
CUTE, Right???


Use the BACKSIDE of the paper...

A WHITE package...This is SOOOOO More ME!

Oh!   HELLO Cute little feet!

Those lil feet are attached to my "Photographer" for the morning....HENCE...The LATE ARRIVAL of this post!

Useless Birthday paper....NOT so Useless...

LOVE the addition of the Greenery

Or, the fruit...

Im CRAAAAAAAAAZY about Silver and Copper FOILED Paper...
Mix and match soooo many different ways!!!
This look for a more Elegant Package...

Or Raffia and the more Rustic Embellishment for a "Dressy" yet still Traditional look..

This is a roll of Wallpaper ive had from a Design job!!!
AND...NOW, its not trash...but its Useful!

Or....Make it more rustic!

There are SOOO MANY different ways to embellish a Package...
Let your imagination RUN WILD!
Use things you already have!

Gotta be BRIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!




Becca said...

Sooooo, you're a big ol' wrapping paper snob, are ya'?! Teasing. I love your paper covered gifts and the raffia! And, the raffia wig is my fave on that precious model of yours. I'm a big ol' fan of gift bags. LOL. Actually, I do the cute snowman wrapping paper for Jax since he's four. I LOVE your home all dressed for Christmas ... can't get enough of it. Your trees are spectacular, as are your other decorations! Thanks so much for sharing, girlfreen'. Have a fabulous day, Becca

Gypsy Heart said...

LOVE your gift wrap tutorial! Glad you could include those hoochie nails too. :-) Seriously, I'm loving all the different styles you shared but not so much re: Dad's choice of gift wrap. I'm sure he appreciates us saying this doesn't he? :)

Everything looks beautiful! Hope everything in your world is bright, sparkly and happy.

Melissa Miller said...

Very preeeeeeettttty! Kara you really make lovely looking gifts. I just learned so much from this post. Now let me go and hide my paper. He! He! :)

Tete said...

I'll have to remember turning the paper wrong side out- I have a couple of ugly rolls here myself.
My OCD has toned down over the years, thank goodness. I have a certain amount left, but then not the energy to enforce it. LOL
You should have seen what my mom could do with plain ribbon and a mini stapler in her day. Whew! We had the prettiest packages ever!
Hugs- Tete

Lori said...

OK you always make me laugh...but this had me rolling!!! I am so with you about the paper. The only gifts that go under my tree are the ones I wrap. I am very picky about my paper...it has to be color coordinated and good quality. Those big bins of cheap snowman and Santa paper at Walmart literally make me cringe!!! If I get any wrapped gifts from someone else that I have to keep at my house...they go in the back or under something. HAHAHHA!!!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh how fun, I love your helper. Looks like you've had a wonderful day. Can't get any better than that. Your packages look wonderful. Thanks for the tips. Have a super Merry and Blessed Christmas. Hugs Marty

Jennifer Juniper said...

You're right, these wrap jobs are much better :)

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Hey KK~You are too much!! OCD...You? Nevah! You don't have OCD...You have ADD with a bit (bit?) of hyperactivity thrown in (I say this in the KINDEST tones) because you are MY KINDA GAL! And I think you have a smidgen of ESP thrown in.(cuz you seem to know your audience here)...just don't be taking any of those other things that have letters in them..you know like X-LAX..

I like my packages all color cordinated too..which is why I love to DONATE all the leftover oddball paper that I have left for charity purposes. Have you ever used wallpaper? (Now I am NOT talking about the kind with the GLUE on the back)..After all- I don't think anyone is putting wallpaper up at this stage so it is a good alternative to throwing it out..Hey! Just think how nice those shiny vinyl wallpapers would look under your tree- and if you like FRUIT (which obviously you DO) I have seen some lovely wallpaper with oranges and grapes on it at my next door neighbor's house. Say the word and a spare roll will be on its way..if I can pry it out of her cold,dead hand.

Okay- I am outta here for the night-back to work for me tomorrow. xxoo Love ya-KK Diana

Tammy@InStitches said...

I'm loving your presents ! Bows just make the package, don't they ? So happy to have found your lovely blog, I'm following now ! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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