Monday, December 13, 2010

My Mantel....

Good Morning Chickas!!!  I CANT believe we are 12, TWELVE days away from Christmas!!!   With that said, Im announcing the WINNER of the LAST Custom Floral GIVEAWAY on Wednesday!!!  I am ALSO going to HOST a LINKY PARTY here, On ELEMENTS INTERIORS on Wednesday!!!  YAAAAAAAAAY!!!  Im Super Excited...It will be called.....Drumroll Paaalease!....
Whassup Wednesday!!!  Is that not SOOOO FITTING of a name for MY linky Party!!??  Im a lil Craaaazy that way ya know!  So, Whassup ( Whats Up ) Wednesday is going to be another opportunity for YOU ALL to show ME YOUR Christmas Trees, Decor, DIY...ANYTHING CHRISTMAS!!!  You have ALL been so sweet to let me share my 14 Days of Christmas trees...I want to see ALL OF YOURS!!!

But for today...My Mantel!
Sooo NOT Christmas-fied YET!

Ive shown this before...Just wanted to show again the Crown of Thorns hanging up high on our Mantel...a daily reminder of who we are supposed to live our life for....
AND HE is the reason for the Season!!!

Garlands up ans running!   AFTER I HAD TO REPLACE STRANDS OF LIGHTS!!!

Bows are BEAUTIFUL...not perfect!  See how "Crinkled" my bows are...they are very freeform!  This helps give it a SOFTER  look!  So...NO STRESSIN on making a Perfect bow!

I let the ""trailers" free fall!  You dont need to make them Perfectly "Tucked!"

Again...Bows look FAB in a Freeform manner!

Heres more of those Twiggy Thingys!  LUUUUUUUUUURVE!  Add height or depth just where you need it!
BUT PLEEEEEASE!  Do NOT breathe on the screen...they might kill over!  No hot glue here!

I SPY......more TWIGGYS!

Sometimes the Twiggys are great draping Down...

I just LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Crinkle, Crunchy look of the ribbon!   Imperfection is PERFECT!

ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE those Twigs!  I stick em in everything and everywhere!!! 
YEP!   Stuck one in Brogans & Koltons ears this morning before they left for school!
HA!  J/K...I wouldnt do that to them!  Cuz I am gonna need those twiggy things for  my DECOR!

Heres ANUTHA one of those BILLIONS of shots to get a Good One!  I have decided to EMBRACE the FUZZY!
Im gonna pretend this was done on purpose for that "Special Effects"  Look!
Like a Photographer!
If you are in need of a FUZZY PIC...Im your GAL!  For a small fee :-O

WOW!  I have to say...Im kinda WAAAY Impressed with this pic!  Its TOTALLY in focus up close and the Background is FUZZY!  Just like the pros do....Hhhhmmmm.......

HELLOOOO!!!   Cheese!

That ribbon...Loosy Goosy is Righty Tighty...or Lefty Loosy...????
Thats not right!  Loosy Goosy is Oba Kaybe!  Thats better!

Its just ME!
X's 2

Just some close ups for Detail!


Trying to get those Twiggys to stay Put!
Like a DOG!   Stay!   STAAAAY!   Stay-eeeeeeeeeee! breathing on the screen!
Eeekk!  I have GOT to go to the nail salon!

Here we GO!
I layed UPSIDE DOWN, looking up at the ceiling to get this shot of how far out those TWIGGYS stick!
Whoooozee!  Dis makes me a Lil DIZZYYY!
See what lengths I go to for my Readers!!!  I MUST Luuuuuuuuvs yall!
Hello skylight!

Frommm the Side!

Hello AGAIN!  This one I was STRETCHIN UP as far as i could!
LOL!  Looks like im doin YOGA!

I love "Dripping Ornaments"!

It WOULDNT be Kara if I didnt have 80,000 angels, RIGHT!

This Ribbon ROCKS!  Its like an Irredescent, Copper turns Red-ish...

ALWAYS...Crinkle and Crunch that Ribbon!

Ive told yall this before...We Texas gals dont leave the house without Fluffin our Big Hair!
DONT leave that ribbon without Fluffin that Bow!

Peek-A-BOO!  I see you!  Or...ME!

Bestill my eva lovin Heart!

These are TRULY the prettiest TWIGS EVA!  They have Copper-ish colored Crystals!

Again...Imperfect is PERFECT!

Added some topiaries for height!

And the Mantel is DUNZO!!!!
Wooo HOOO!

Tomorrow...Im gonna show you more on the STOCKINGS and Why the need for the Floral I made for the Hearth...
See YALL TOMORROW!  Kaaayyy??!!

Dont forget the WHASSUP WEDNESDAY Linky Party!
Its Anything Christmas!

AND...The Winner of the LAST Custom Christmas Floral GIVEAWAY!

ENTER Custom Floral GIVEAWAY!!!


Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Love me some twiggy things and some crunched bows!!


Lou Cinda :)

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Good morning Kara!! The mantle looks amazing!

The Tuscan Home said...

Kara, what a *beautiful* mantle! I love the ribbon, twigs, stockings, and dripping ornaments. I'm going to try that next year, what a great idea!

I can't wait for your Whassup Wednesday!!! I'll have to get a post ready just for the special day!

Thanks for sharing! Keep warm and have a great day! XOXO ~Liz

Melissa Miller said...

Very pretty Kara! I love it and all of your funny posts. I'll link up! Thanks for hosting a fun new party.

Blessings, ~Melissa :)

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Beautiful! I love all the bows- just as they are! Your mantle looks gorgeous~Looking forward to your linky party. :)

Andrea said...

Beautiful mantel. Love the colours and the twiggy things =) My version of twiggies this year is pheasant feathers. Looks like I plucked a few birds in my house! Love all the pics-it must take you decades to upload them all! Have a fun day!

Denise said...

Hey girl, love the mantel, perhaps I can try a bit of that next year ;)
We had a fun time Friday with champagne cocktails, where were you! ha ha wish you could have joined us.
Have a super Monday, I'm wrapping gifts and doing housework. What you up to?

Kendra said...

Very nice, I love the ornaments in the garland!

Dolores said...

Good morning.... well, it's actually afternoon now..... I love your beautiful decorations on your mantle. It's amazing how the twiggy things and each and everything you add, just makes it better and better!
You're so cute...... you gave me some chuckles!

Traci said...

It's good to know that the professionals still refer to stick thingy's & crunchy bows. I don't feel so bad about using those terms now!! I'm also very happy about not having to worry about making a perfect bow because in my house there's no such thing!!!

Melissa Miller said...

Thank you for the gorgeous floral arrangement Kara!!!! I received it today. I'll post on it soon. Thanks again and for the kind note too.

Warmly, ~Melissa :)

Tete said...

Kara, Kara, Kara- get up off of the floor! You can stand up and turn the camera upside down and stick in here and stick it under there and see what happens!
Love your mantle and the twiggy things. But I like stuff like that.
Hugs- Tete

Vanessa said...

Ahhhh...imperfect bows....a girl after my own heart! I'm so glad you showed how much more fun and relaxed it can feel and yet still look so rich and elegant. And I LOVE that you used really wide ribbon to dangle those ornaments from! I'm doin' that next year for sure! You are a hoot my friend and talented to I a poet and don't know it? :-)

NanaDiana said...

Heyyyy..KK...I can't think of a more perfect name for YOUR linky party than Whazzzaup Wed ...or however you spelled it!

Your mantle is looking very Christmas-fied...and it just wouldn't have been the same without you laying on the floor to get that upshot. The way you are going with these pictures I'm thinking that pretty soon you are gonna have a remote control camera affixed to the top of your do wear shoes don't ya? You must because you Texas gals have to watch out for those Texas Scorpions. I got stung by one of those suckers one time..and like to died..literally...okay..not literally but it hurt like the devil.

Love all your floppy, elegant bows...and I love all your florals and I love all your creativity...and I'll just bet that you (like I used to) stay up half the night to get things done and then mentally beat yourself up cuz you didn't get it ALL done before you went to are that kinda gal!

Okay- I got tired just reading about all you did today..and all I got accomplished was fighting snowbanks to get to the store. Later, my sweet lil' ole Texas KK- Diana

Blondie's Journal said...

What a beautiful mantel, Kara! I love what you do with ribbon!!


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