Thursday, December 30, 2010

The GOLDFISH Mystery...Dun Dun Duuunnn...


First, a few of tips on how to undecorate your tree...
1)  Takedown in the EXACT reverse that you Decorated...For me, Icicles went on VERY LAST so they were first to come off... that way, the strings that hold the ornaments dont get tangled by taking down a Ball that  went on BEFORE the Icicle...string, Hangy thingys will tangle for sure!
2) Takedown all of one "Like" ornament at a time...All icicles FIRST...then start on your next "Like" ornament
3) Create groupings of all like ornaments and Pack them together in containers...This makes for EASY Decorating next year!
4) Store in room temp if possible...the heat of an attic will RUIN the silk Foliage of the Tree...and is NOT good for the ornamants...if you dont have the storage room in the house, a garage closet is better than the attic...

See how neat and organized!!!  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!

So we all know that my tree is UNdecorated and packed and put away, RIGHT? 
Well...Here was the ACTION takin place at my home while UNdecorating my tree...

Heller Everyone!!!!!!!!  Im Mr GOLDFISH and this is my HOUSE!

Such a pretty tree...And time to TAKEDOWN! 
HATE Takedown!
We ALL know this, No???

Off with the Icicles and Crystal first...
This in itself was Quite I CIRCLE the tree, Oh say, 800 times, bent over LOOKING for all the Crystal...
Circle, circle, if to be serching for a LOST CAT!
I couldve added AUDIO of   "Here kitty kitty kitty kitty"
THEN...I am digging BACK INTO the DEPTHS of the tree to search for ANYMORE crystal...I looked a bit like a Dog diggin for a bone...And I came out with FLOCKING ALL over me!
Whos BIG IDEA was it to decorate  DEEP into the tree anyway???  Oh, Oopsie!

And I will start grouping all these different ornaments into sections on the living room floor...
Ignore those 2 Icicles cuz there all off  before I start with Colored Ornaments...
This Pic was a "Blooper"

Oh!  Oops....Kids must of "Dropped" a goldfish over by the tree!
Ok... Go put it in the trash and Moving along...

Wait...What is that???   Hhhmmmmm...
Hello...did you get "Dropped" too???

Im just gonna lay him over here and put him in the trash later....

OK!  WAIT!!!
I dont think this GOLDFISH was "Dropped"....Hes Quite Cozy and Nestled in there...


Ill just put him over here with his BRUTHA!  (Brutha= Brother)

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrkkk!   STOP!
Im seeing a BIT of a Pattern here...
Me THINKS the GOLDFISH in the tree TWERNT an Accident...
Brain is WORKING...

Sumin FISHY is goin on!  Ya Think?
This lil GOLDFISH is LODGED in here with some EFFORT!
How did the GOLDFISH get LODGED in my POMEGRANATE?????

YEP!  My GOLDFISH findings are GROWING!!!

Heres ANOTHER that is Nestled back in there as if to be playing "Hide and Seek"...
I am NOW circling the Tree, searching for GOLDFISH as if they are an ORNAMENT!  What is goin ON???
I could NOW insert Audio of "Here fishy fishy...Here fishy fishy fishy"

Look at that!
 They have NOW earned their OWN grouping next to my CRYSTAL!!!
What is THAT???

YEP!  They are comin at me from ALL OVER THE TREE!
And whats worse...
is im still circling the tree LOOKIN for em!

The pile is growing and the sad part is that I am continuing to make a "Collection" of GOLDFISH , AS IF I am gonna Bubble wrap em and pack them away to put BACK on the tree NEXT YEAR!!!

LOOK! SEE?!  Totally LODGED!
I mean..some Precision and Care was put into gettin that lil GOLDFISH in there!
I couldnt get him OUT!

Looksie!  From THIS angle!
I NEVER REALIZED until NOW...How much my BEAUTIFUL, Glittery Pomegranate
LOOKS LIKE Mrs Pacman!
I will NEVER be able to look at these the same!!!  YEP!  Everytime I look at them ALL im gonna see is:
Uuuuggg!  RUINED!

OK!  All the Ornaments are OFF ....Including the GOLDFISH...
NOW!  My FAVORITE  part as you all know...
Make it STOP!

Vision: Me pulling my hair OUT!

Dangit!  Another one!

Back to YANKING lights out!
NO...Like, seriously...I was YANKING lights OUT!
Just a NOTE to self....When YANKING lights out of a FLOCKED tree....
Flocking in Eyeball...

Im feeling the SAME WAY AGAIN!!!  Im fighting lights and THEY ARE WINNING!!!!!!

And remember this...
Im SOOOOOOOO Ready to do this!
FINEALLY!  DONE with the UNdecorating of the Tree!

For the Love of PETE!
 (We all know that I have NO IDEA who Pete is!)
 NanaDiana told me one time...
What is THAT?!  Its NOT....


It is!

Heavens ta Betsy...
( I got NO IDEA who Betsy is either...shes over there with PETE!)

He was Tucked DEEP into the tree!

Should I put ALL of those BACK in here????
 I wont make my kiddos eat Flocked GOLDFISH!

Me thinks so!!!! 

Yet they look so sweet and INNOCENT!
MAYBE it was the HUBBY?????

And THIS??????
I havent a clue...Just found this Fella in my pics while Uploading to my computer...
But something tells me I had better keep a closer eye on my Camera!

So there you have it!

Uuuummm..NOT so much a Mystery!
MAYBE I can start a New Fad next year on Christmas trees...
NO MORE PRELIT TREES...or maybe, NO LIGHTS at all and Decorat my Tree in GOLDFISH!

We shall see!
Have a BLESSED day my sweet lil Decorators!



The White City Project said...

Very cute! I am all for the organized tear down of the tree...but I take it step further and photograph my ornaments that are in each box and then number the boxes. I load the photos on my computer and name the folders to correspond to the numbered boxes. Next year, I need only grab the boxes I plan to use, instead of digging through to find the ones I'm looking for :) to take my meds now...

The Tuscan Home said...

Oh my gosh....that was too funny, girl! I'm sure the "Goldfish Mystery" story will be told for years to come. The "culprits" are too cute. Glad to hear the tree is done and ornaments are packed away neatly. Whew!! I am *SO* doing a flocked tree next year, just beautiful, goldfish and all! lol! ;)

Have a great day! =) XOXO ~Liz

Tete said...

Love the goldfish in the tree! At least is wasn't pizza or hot dogs!

NanaDiana said...

I think next year you can tie little bowls all over the tree for your goldifish...AND they make them in COLORS too for your Holiday delight!

Ah...Betsy...I suppose you KNOW there was a punk rock (not that you are LOOKING like a Punk Rocker) band named Heavens to Betsy? I always thought it came from Betsy Ross myself..but then..what do I know? Hugs-Diana

Tatum @ Tatum's Take said...

Oh my gosh!!! That goldfish story had me cracking up. That was super cute. You're such a great story teller, you should really have your own stand up comedy show. We (my fiance and I) were just talking today about finding an organized way of tackling the tree and ornaments. I absolutely refuse to face a nightmare of lights in knots and mismatched ornaments next year lol.

And thanks for your comment on my blog! That was the longest comment I ever received and I was super excited to read it. Chris (fiance) was with me when I read it. Needless to say he too was amused. And you're not alone...I too need to hit the gym. I'm not nearly as disciplined as him. About the car and the spray paint...that would be a negative lol. The car watched the entire spray painting process and I am so fortunate that it came out unscathed.

Alright lady, I hope you have an absolutely fabulous New Years!

Jemsmom said...

That is HO-LARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! That is a story to last through the ages!!!

Gypsy Heart said...

This story and photos = definitely a keeper! It's prolly good enough to share with those special partners the culprits will bring home to meet the parents some day in the distant future. :-) There are some interesting ways to do paybacks don't cha think? LOL

Have a very Happy New Year my fellow Texan!

Ami Allison said...

OH MY GOODNESS that is tooooo funny!! :)

Vanessa said...

Hey girlie! Just coming back by to say thanks for linking up this hilarity to the party this week! I seriously feel like I am actually hearing your voice when I read your posts and I just know we would have a blast together! I hope you guys are having a fabulous New Year's weekend!

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