Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas at My Home.....

Good Morning!!!  Whew!  This Christmas decorating is kicking my Be-Hind!  I woke up late yesterday AND today!!!  SOOOOOOORY!!!

Yesterday was ALL about the Staircase Tutorial ( which, by the way, i will now be refering to ALL TUTORIALS as "Tutes"....Got that one from my Super DARLIN friend, Carrie, over at Dittle Dattle!  TUTE!  CUTE!  And WAAAAAY easier to type, FO SHO!

Today im gonna show a few Highlights of the staircase TUTE from yesterday ( Im getting a lot more viewings of my blog, and want the newcomers to see and know they can go back to see the TUTE!)  I have a feeling im going to be OVERUSING that word, TUTE!  Too CUTE!  SO...For those of you that are catching me today, there is a very LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG   TUTE of decorating a staircase from CHECK IT OUT!

Im also going to throw in a bit of the TUTE (Thank you Carrie!  LOVE THAT!) of decorating my Living room tree...The one thats driving me NUUUUTS because its not my 10 footer (That would be the Tree with the WORST CASE of "Lights out Disease"!!!!!)  So I had to steal the 7.5 footer from my sons room....Sorry Bubba....Mommy LUUUUVS you SO MUCH!  

Then the Newest pics are from my Dining room tree...You remember...the one I find it NECESSARY to put up in the front windows for TOM!  Its VERY IMPORTANT to have that tree for TOM!  You know Tom...hes the one that likes to PEEP in our windows...and BOOOOOOOYEEEEE do i cater to him!  Tom can see it from the street!  I will show you that view again tomorrow!  YEPPERS!  I went OUTSIDE and into the STREET to make sure that TOMS TREE was Lookin Gooooooooood!

So...Heres Highligts of the Staircase TUTE!

That was the BEFORE!  NAKED!


These Sheer poinsettias....DIE!
Im BANANAS about them!

YO!  Whassup with dis pic?
It was in the Pic folder and i just had to THROW IT IN!
This is Gizmo...Our pup!  Is he the CUTEST  thing EVA?!
OOOOOOO!  Hes TINY!  He could be an ORNAMENT!  Maybe I will work him into the Mantel Thats coming up TOMORROW!

HA!  REMEMBER this DRAMA, DRRRama...DRAAAAAAAAAAma!!!  All 7.5 feet of it!

SOMEHOW, I thinks me might need to ask SANTA for a BETTA Camera!  Its soooo BEAUTIFUL at night...uuummm, not so much on camera....
so heres this....

VERY PRETTY........BUT SHORT and skinny!!!!
Kara...7.5 ft tree is Fine!  10 ft tree, NOT NECESSARY!
Ok!  When I begin talking to myself....Im in FULL OCD mode!
Breathe, Kara...Designer OCD is showing!

And remember this.....HIGHLY ANNOYED at this point of the DRAMA FILLED week of Christmas Tree Light ISSUES!
SERIOUSLY, about checked myself in to a WARD and demand MEDS!!!!

This GORGEOUS Chocolate velvet skirt...that are ALWAYS too SMALL...Bought 4 at HOBBY LOBBY and Buttoned one to the next till,Voila...a LARGE tree skirt!

These are regulas Pic frames I got 50% off at Hob Lob and Staple gunned ribbon to the back to hang on the tree...
I know they make Pic frame tree ornaments...But they are sooo tiny, you can BARELY see the pic!
These are 4x4 inch

These I just wove the ribbon in and out of the design of the frame!

A few close ups to see detail...

HAD to throw this one in there....It shows me at my Dorkiest.....
THATS ME...A Goofball!

And Wait for it...wait for it...wait for it.....
Better dress it before he sees it NAKED!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...we are dressed!

The colors of this tree are still in the Chocolates, Red, a little bit of Gold, Silver...
but some added Lime Green!

Tassels I got over in Fabric and Trims at HOB LOB!

You can see here how I have Buttoned one skirt to the next..I alternated colors for more whimsy..

LOOOOOOOOVE these silver "Stars of Bethlehem"...
AGAIN, the reason for the season!!!

These DANG cameras...They TOTALLY throw off the colors!  The tree is so much prettier than this!

NOW!  Tomorrows TUTE!
The Mantel and the Dining room 10 footer Runner Floral and Chandie!
My daughter wanted to know who Chandie is....You might too...My Chandelier, but im sure most of you knew that!

Sorry this post is LATE getting up!
Have a SUPER BLESSED day!!!


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Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh it is just all wonderful Kara. I love the trees and you always do the best decor. Love the pics of you, especially the earrings. Great post and so much fun. Hugs, Marty

Melissa Miller said...

Wow! Everything is so gorgeous Kara! Lovely job on the stairs and your doggie is tooooo cute.

The Decorative Dreamer said...

I totally love your staircase. It is so lush and full! You are so funny, but your trees are seriously gorgeous! You are so talented, I just love everything!

Lamp Tramp said...

Hey Kara
Too funny, I actually found your blog about a week ago and read it backwards to the beginning. I devoured all your tips on decorating white flocked trees and became your undying obedient student. Ha~ :)
I am not happy with my flocked tree and am debating redoing it. If only! I am a bit sloppy, slow, and behind this year.
Your home is amazing, you are hilarious, and I wish I could be you. Except for all the long hours, hard work, and stress I imagine you must deal with daily!
I'll be entering your giveaway! Thanks for your sweet comments! Keep on inspiring me!

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Kara, I wish they could bottle your energy!! When I read your blog posts, I can feel your energy and excitement!! It makes me smile! Your tree and railing is beautiful!

Shelia said...

Oh, Most Beautiful, Talented, Funny little Kara! I love this! Your trees are so pretty and that swaggie down the stair case banister - to die for - well, faint for anyway! :)
You have a gorgeous home and can't wait to see more and get another tute! I love that word. My daddy is in heaven now, but he would have loved this. He was the big tall funny guy that would ask my kids to 'pull my finger'! :)
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Traci said...

So pretty!!!!

Vanessa said...

Girl, you are too hilarious! And your Christmas decor is absolutely beeeaaauuutiiful!! Where, oh where, did you find those sheer poinsettias? I want them! I covet them! :-) Once again just let me say that you are truly talented!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Everything is fabulous Karla and you are a crack up!

Jena @ Involving Color and Home said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's great to find another pickle ornament user! Your home is beautiful!

Anne said...

Hey Kara, thanks so much for stopping by my blog - you are so sweet! And ohmigosh, I LOVE Gizmo!! What a cutie!!

I really love that you put LOTS of lights on your trees - it really makes them sparkle!

I'm a new follower, so now I have got back through your archives and drool over all the beautiful pictures of your house! I moved into a new apartment in Sept and I'm still working on taking it from "big empty white box" to "home", so I need all the ideas I can get!

NanaDiana said...

Hey Krazy! I am loving it! Tom is overly excited I'm sure...because you KNOW he was peeking and you only had her half dressed!
Everything is looking can calm down now cuz it is all gonna be done soon.Or..shall I send some meds?

Thanks for giving me a smile today- Hugs-Diana

Tete said...

Your photos are fine. Love all the little touches you do on your trees and everything else!
You are one of my favorite places to visit each day!
Hugs- Tete

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely AHMAZING! Here I sit in a far away dessert country away from any sort of Christmas celebrations. And I am just ogling and drooling over your trees,yes I looked at each and every one of the 14 trees. (Excuse me while I collect my jaw off the ground) Absolutely incredible.. you are very talented. And the supplies that you have access too..makes me green with envy. I will now go off to dreamland and wonder how to cross the seven seas to get to the nearest Hob Lob. Merry Christmas to you. Angela from Q8

Debbie said...

Well this was just plain wonderful. You are so gifted! The interjections of TUTE throughout just made me grin. You got a full giggle when I got to the picture with the earrings. The look on your face is priceless.

You are TRULY a fun and talented Christmas elf!

Love it all.

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey Kara! Thanks for being my newest follower and your super sweet comment on my blog. :)
Your Christmas decor is simply lovely and so lush! You have me feeling guilty though..I usually put a tree in my front window for Tom too, but skipped it this I feel bad for him. :)
Hope you have a great day and a very Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

You know, Kara, I wasn't going to do the stairway this year. It will be the first year since we moved in that I haven't. However, I have everything I need to do something like yours and now you are tempting me to give this a try! It's gorgeous!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Love that lime green but lets face it: there's nothing a man loves more than naked.

Except naked with a few sheer poinsettias.


It all looks gorgeous.

Jemsmom said...

Girl... you have some SERIOUS talent!!!! I love the night shot and I just want to take Gizmo home with me! Gizmo is the perfect name!!!

Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

Censor that naked tree! It looks great now all dressed up. I love the sparkle and ribbon.

Delightful Order said...

It looks to me like we have similar stair railings & that table in your entry... looks just like mine too. Check out my staircase:

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