Friday, December 10, 2010

All About Dining Room AKA...Tom's Room ....

OH MYYYYY!!!!  I MUST get up EARLIER or get my post drafted the night before!  NAW!  I work better under pressure!  Why is that?????

So...If you missed the other posts from earlier this week...We have had 3 TUTEs!  (Tutorials...) AGAIN...Thanks Carrie from Dittle Dattle!  LUUUUUUUUUURVE my new WORD!  Tute, so CUTE!
And Sheila...Thank YOU for my OTHER new word...SWAGGIE thing!  LOVE THAT!
If you are NOT familiar with me by now Heres the deets on Kara!
*I use LOOOTS of Punctuation, like:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or ??????????????????? and .........................
*I type words and DONT use Dont instead of Don't.....But I will overuse them at ends of sentences...............go figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dont know WHY????????????????????
*I CAPITALIZE TOOOOONS of words for excitement levels...Sometimes i Capitalize the First letter of Words...i guess to get your Attention..(did THAT just work???????)
*Then i DONT capitalize words im supposed to like : i..........instead of I.........Too much EFFORT!
* I TOO OFTEN eloooooooooooooooooooooooooongate words, again for excitement levels!!!
*I sometimes make up my OWN spelling of word, like: Guuuuuuuuuuuuuurlz = girls, Fo Sho = For Sure, What tha What tha = I DONT GET IT! , LUUUUUURVE = love, Ooh Eem Gee = Oh My Gosh because i dont want to just do OMG...cuz (that = because) I dont want to take Gods name in vein (Das a BIG NONO for me),  BTW,  das= thats!!!  OH, and just incase your not SUUUUURE....BTW=By The Way...
and this list could go OOOOOOOOOOOOOON and OOOOOOOOOOOON!!!  So last 2 , Karas Codebook Languange or Need to Knows: 
*I take ENTIRELY TOO MANY PICTURES!!!  Dont want yall to miss any angle!!!  Ive even  been laying on the Ground shooting a pic UP...Now THATS LOOOOOVE for my PEEPS!  (Peeps = my Friends!)
*And fineally for now...IM ALWAYS LATE!!!  THAT, i am CONSISTANT with!  OOPSIE!

So.....Hers where we have been

A stairway Tute!
From THIS to...................

THIS!!!  Go back a few days :0)

My Living Room tree Tute!  Again, back to Last Week.  From THIS to..................

Ladies...if your NEW...You will need to refer back a couple of weeks for the STREEEEEEEEEEEEESS and Flat out CRAAAAAAAAAAAZY my Trees made me!   You know...PRELIT TREES with Strands of lights out EVERYWHERE!!!

Totally felt like THIS!!!!!!!!

Dining Room Tree...aka TOMS TREE!

To DIS!!!!!

FINEALLY...New for today...
The dining room table and Chandie....Christmas-fied!!!

Took ALL that STUFF off the table and started with a TREE SKIRT!  Who says a tree skirt has to be for a TREE?!
Not MEEEEEEE!  It looks great on the table!!!

This is the 10 foot Garland/ Floral
Hevenly Father...Would you PAAAAALEEEASE make the LIGHTS quit Messin with me!
I know yall think im kiddin...NOT...Found myself PRAAAAYING for it to STOP!  ( In the name of loove) I Likey that song!

Here begins the CLOSEUP SHOTs...ZOOMS in and ZOOOMS out and EVERY angle possible!
Just thought yall might wanna CLOSER LOOK!

BTW!  I have noticed, NOT ONLY in my Pics...But MANY of Yalls...When we take a PIC up close to a shiney ball....YOU CAN SEEEEE  UUUUUS!
So Ill be givin a Shout Out to ya when you can see me  :)
I have quite enjoyed taking notice to that DISCOVERY!!!
Now yall will all be lookin too!  HA!

Cant even BEGIN to tell yall HOW MANY hundreds of pictures have come out like dis!!!
Takes 10 pics to get one GOOD one!

OH! OH! OH!  SEE!  HELLO!!!!!
Thats ME with the Camera :)

And AGAIN!!!!
This ones a Duce! A Double Shot!

Added some Topiaries in for Height!
Making the Eye move up and Down is the GENERAL rule...Not always...
so your Eyes do thiiiis:
_    -  _  -  _   -  _  -  _  -  _  -  _  -
WHEW!  That took some effort!

LOVE these tall, Twiggy thingys...always good to stuff a few in there for height!

I need to go get my Fingernail put back on!
Theyve been off like THREE WEEKS!  I NEVER go without my nails!!!  For THIS very reason!
I have tiny squaty fingers!
Look out Nail Salon!!!!!  Here I COME!!!!


Copper!   LUUUV this!

And OF COURSE...RED!  Cant have Christmas without a touch of RED!

Hope im DRESSED!
LOL!  I am!
Uh Oh!  Now there are THREE of me!   Get Skeeeeeeeeeeeerd! ( that = scared!)

Twiggys for Height!

See!  They will  UNdoubtedly  fall over...
So DONT BREATHE on the computer screen, Paaaalease!
It took me FaEva ( Forever)  to get them to stay!

Ooh Eem Gee!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Its me AGAIN!!!
For the LOVE of  PETE!  How many more times am i gonna do that?!!!
BTW.....I have ZERO  idea who PETE is! 
DoNo ( Dont Know)

Table is DRESSED!!!

NOW for Chandie!
Remember her BEFORE???
Well...AaaDuuhh!  You JUST saw this pic above, RIGHT?!

I did Chandie a bit different this year....
She usually has Ornaments DRIPPING from her...And I LOVE THAT!  But, im seeing that done more and more...STILL LUVIN IT! 
But I try to change things when they catch on....It makes me work that BRAIN God gave me...
WHAT?????   Did I hear someone say "Kara has a BRAIN"?????
How Wooooooed!  ( Rude...LOL!)  Your thinkin about the Tin Man.....?????  :-O

Getting Dresseed!   This was a bit Difficult!  I ALMOST BIT IT a few times!!

Just added a few tips of pine greenery...
And im actually LOVIN IT!

Sooo Pretty!  But SOMETHIN is BUGGIN!!!!
My Shades are NOT Purple!
Bible!  They are BLACK!!!

Well POO!   Ive LOST the topiaries!!!
Musta Gotten the pics out of order!  Everyone...Time to Look for the Topiaries!!!
Kinda like "Wheres Waldo?"

Not HERE........

OOOR Here!  But Look how pretty Chandie is....
And , HER SHADES ARE BLACK!!!!  NOT PooPurle (Purple)  :0 )

But STILL no Topiaries!!!

YAAAAAY!!!!  No need to call 911!   THERE they Aaaaaaaaaaare!

Wwwooooooooooooooo   Hhhooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
See!  The shades ARE BLACK!!!!
Dern Camera!

REALLY Kara...How many angles are NECESSARY????????
Good Lawdy!

Just Delicately hung....

LOL!  That is NOT one of my kids in the Background!!!   Its an Apron on a "Bust"...LOL!
I had to do a double take...I thought..Man, What is Brogan doing???
HA!  Then realized wasnt her....

See ALL of TOMS windows!!!!

This is the Front Porch....
Im out there Checkin TOMS VIEW!  VERY important!!!

Here Comes AAALLLLL of Toms angles!!!
ChChCh  Ch Check em out!
( that was me Rappin)

TOMS TREE!   I LOOVE the way a tree looks in a window!
Anybody else????

BeStill My HEART!

Hes Gettin brave!!!!  Oh so CLOSE!

WOWZERS!  I have NO IDEA how the next pic got soooooooooo BIG!!!

And AGAIN!!!   Below!  So BIG!!

Weeeeell!!!  This has been a LOOOOONG post and im SO SORRY it took me till this LATE to get it UP!
But it will be up all weekend :0)

So!   Does ANYBODY else Find it NECESSARY to Decorate a Tree for Passers By??
aka  Peeping Toms....

Everyone,  have a SUPER Blessed Weekend!



Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

I just love the view from outside. Tom gets a spectacular shot when he "peeps" in your window!! I am having a giveaway if you would like to enter!

NanaDiana said...

Okay- You and me together???? NOT GOOD!!! We would be laughing WAY too much to get anything done. Do you like to sit and make fun of people? C'mon...I know you do! Yeah? See what I mean? WE'd get nada (nothing) done!...and I say OMGosh! Shorther then EN EMM (laughing out loud)...hahaha...Love ya, KK (KrazyKara)..Your WI (Wisconsin) friend~ Diana!!!!!!!!!!

Traci said...

GORGEOUS!!! Of course that's stating the obvious but I'm high on sinus meds & can't think straight. Been meaning to tell you I love the idea of the multiple tree skirts. I paid a fortune for mine & you can't see it once the gifts are under the tree. OK so ttyl, I'm off to buy boots.

Denise said...

Girl you are CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY !!!!!!!!!!! LOL,
love your decor, come and do mine please ;-)

Tete said...

Kara-this is the perfect post for everyone from my blog to come and see! I plugged you on my blog late last night and told everyone they had to come and see you and your home.
Take your photos at night with the flash off, you may want to get a tripod, because you do not get the auto focus without the flash on. Also for inside shots- my flash was way too bright. I taped a small piece of white card stock over it. Try that. It knocks it down pretty good. For close ups and up to 3 feet away. You get your auto focus and not blinding light that fades the colors out.
I have a very good photo editor too, that helps more than you would think.
Play, Play, will happen with that camera.
Hugs- Tete

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Oh my goodness!!! This is unbelieveable. The richness of the colors and materials. It drips with style. When are you available to up a little north and help me? I love it!


Jenni said...

WOW! You went all out! Absolutely stunning!!!!

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

Hi Kara. Thanks for visiting me and for following my blog! I'm following you back.

I just love your trees and staircase! Hope you can come by next Thursday for my Christmas Recipe party!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh Kara, I just love to read your posts, you have me laughing most of the time. So cute. Your tree, the table centerpiece and the chandy are all just fabulous. I don't really think Tom deserves such pretty things. lol Thanks for the "tute" also.

My package arrived today. I love it all. The cookbook is wonderful, I know I will cook a ton of things in it, and the candle is fabulous. It smells so good. Love of course the roosters, now they are just perfect. Your sweet card was a blessing. I love it all and can't thank you enough. Hugs, Marty

Melissa said...

Hi Kara - thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a new follower. I love your design style and your home is absolutely beautiful! I love that you include a lot of pictures and I look forward to following your blog and seeing more of your work. Merry Christmas!

The Charm of Home said...

This is absolutely beautiful! Love what you did with that stairway and the dining room table. Just gorgeous! Such a good idea starting with a tree skirt on the table.
Thanks for your sweet comments!

Pamela said...

Oh my!! Gorgeous is just not enough justice!! I love it all and love your floors!

Sandra said...

I wasn't only checking out the holiday decorations, but your home and the decor are beautiful, breathtaking!

Linn said...

Great decorations...
I love that christmas is just around the corner as well:)

Have a great day from Norway.


I am in AWE of your ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM!!! I wish we lived nearby one another!! We'd be a force to be reckoned with!! BEAUTIFUL Christmas decor!!

:D Lynda

designchic said...

Wow...Kara, your decorations are stunninga!! Can't wait to try what you did on your dining room table - we'll see...thanks for sharing!!

Becca said...

Beautiful !! Your dining room is ready for a big ol' fancy Christmas dinner party. And, love the idea of using a tree skirt on the table. I will definintely be doing that !! Becca

Ali Rockwell said...

Your house is beautiful! You are so festive, I LOVE it!!! :) I love when people go all out and decorate the way you do, it makes me so happy!!!

The view from outside is great, I would probably drive by your house about 20 times a day if I lived by you :)

Leasa said...

Thanks for following my blog and I am following you back. I love your trees and the view from the outside is amazing!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I have had so much FUN going through your blog!! The Christmas trees are the most amazing I have ever seen!! We aren't doing a big tree this year and now I feel sad after drooling over these beautiful tree. Thanks alot! (just kidding) :) You have given me lots of wonderful ideas to use next year!

Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

Beautiful! I would so peep your house. I looove to drive around and see all of the decorations!

Jemsmom said...

This is post is crazy great! I totally do a tree in the front window strictly for Toms who may drive by and heaven forbid they think I don't have a tree!!!

{oc cottage} said...

WOW! PHE-nomenal!!!!!

m ^..^

Unknown said...

Such gorgeous ideas! LOVE the idea of using the tree skirt on the table.

Jessa said...

Holy moley! You have amazing talent and and amazing home. Seriously wonderful post, and I say keep working under pressure, the results are so amazing!!!! Love your humor :)

Karen said...

Hi Kara!

You are too funny! Your home is beautiful! Love it! So much eye candy here... wow! I can't wait to explore more. The tree skirt idea is great! And yes... Tom's view IS very important, lol.

A Whole Lotta Magic said...

Beautiful job; love it all!


Michaela said...

Okay, girl, your home is STUNNING! I love how grand the decorations are. The staircase is my favorite!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Love it all! This whole month has been like a party on your blog! TOM'S tree is stunning! Love the chandy and the banister is GORGEOUS!

Merry Christmas!

Lou Cinda

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hey there Kara~ love the recap of your beautiful house and trees! Everything is just incredible- you are one talented girl!! Glad to have met you out here in blogland this year- hope your dad is doing okay. Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday- Happy New Year!

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