Thursday, December 30, 2010

The GOLDFISH Mystery...Dun Dun Duuunnn...


First, a few of tips on how to undecorate your tree...
1)  Takedown in the EXACT reverse that you Decorated...For me, Icicles went on VERY LAST so they were first to come off... that way, the strings that hold the ornaments dont get tangled by taking down a Ball that  went on BEFORE the Icicle...string, Hangy thingys will tangle for sure!
2) Takedown all of one "Like" ornament at a time...All icicles FIRST...then start on your next "Like" ornament
3) Create groupings of all like ornaments and Pack them together in containers...This makes for EASY Decorating next year!
4) Store in room temp if possible...the heat of an attic will RUIN the silk Foliage of the Tree...and is NOT good for the ornamants...if you dont have the storage room in the house, a garage closet is better than the attic...

See how neat and organized!!!  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!

So we all know that my tree is UNdecorated and packed and put away, RIGHT? 
Well...Here was the ACTION takin place at my home while UNdecorating my tree...

Heller Everyone!!!!!!!!  Im Mr GOLDFISH and this is my HOUSE!

Such a pretty tree...And time to TAKEDOWN! 
HATE Takedown!
We ALL know this, No???

Off with the Icicles and Crystal first...
This in itself was Quite I CIRCLE the tree, Oh say, 800 times, bent over LOOKING for all the Crystal...
Circle, circle, if to be serching for a LOST CAT!
I couldve added AUDIO of   "Here kitty kitty kitty kitty"
THEN...I am digging BACK INTO the DEPTHS of the tree to search for ANYMORE crystal...I looked a bit like a Dog diggin for a bone...And I came out with FLOCKING ALL over me!
Whos BIG IDEA was it to decorate  DEEP into the tree anyway???  Oh, Oopsie!

And I will start grouping all these different ornaments into sections on the living room floor...
Ignore those 2 Icicles cuz there all off  before I start with Colored Ornaments...
This Pic was a "Blooper"

Oh!  Oops....Kids must of "Dropped" a goldfish over by the tree!
Ok... Go put it in the trash and Moving along...

Wait...What is that???   Hhhmmmmm...
Hello...did you get "Dropped" too???

Im just gonna lay him over here and put him in the trash later....

OK!  WAIT!!!
I dont think this GOLDFISH was "Dropped"....Hes Quite Cozy and Nestled in there...


Ill just put him over here with his BRUTHA!  (Brutha= Brother)

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrkkk!   STOP!
Im seeing a BIT of a Pattern here...
Me THINKS the GOLDFISH in the tree TWERNT an Accident...
Brain is WORKING...

Sumin FISHY is goin on!  Ya Think?
This lil GOLDFISH is LODGED in here with some EFFORT!
How did the GOLDFISH get LODGED in my POMEGRANATE?????

YEP!  My GOLDFISH findings are GROWING!!!

Heres ANOTHER that is Nestled back in there as if to be playing "Hide and Seek"...
I am NOW circling the Tree, searching for GOLDFISH as if they are an ORNAMENT!  What is goin ON???
I could NOW insert Audio of "Here fishy fishy...Here fishy fishy fishy"

Look at that!
 They have NOW earned their OWN grouping next to my CRYSTAL!!!
What is THAT???

YEP!  They are comin at me from ALL OVER THE TREE!
And whats worse...
is im still circling the tree LOOKIN for em!

The pile is growing and the sad part is that I am continuing to make a "Collection" of GOLDFISH , AS IF I am gonna Bubble wrap em and pack them away to put BACK on the tree NEXT YEAR!!!

LOOK! SEE?!  Totally LODGED!
I mean..some Precision and Care was put into gettin that lil GOLDFISH in there!
I couldnt get him OUT!

Looksie!  From THIS angle!
I NEVER REALIZED until NOW...How much my BEAUTIFUL, Glittery Pomegranate
LOOKS LIKE Mrs Pacman!
I will NEVER be able to look at these the same!!!  YEP!  Everytime I look at them ALL im gonna see is:
Uuuuggg!  RUINED!

OK!  All the Ornaments are OFF ....Including the GOLDFISH...
NOW!  My FAVORITE  part as you all know...
Make it STOP!

Vision: Me pulling my hair OUT!

Dangit!  Another one!

Back to YANKING lights out!
NO...Like, seriously...I was YANKING lights OUT!
Just a NOTE to self....When YANKING lights out of a FLOCKED tree....
Flocking in Eyeball...

Im feeling the SAME WAY AGAIN!!!  Im fighting lights and THEY ARE WINNING!!!!!!

And remember this...
Im SOOOOOOOO Ready to do this!
FINEALLY!  DONE with the UNdecorating of the Tree!

For the Love of PETE!
 (We all know that I have NO IDEA who Pete is!)
 NanaDiana told me one time...
What is THAT?!  Its NOT....


It is!

Heavens ta Betsy...
( I got NO IDEA who Betsy is either...shes over there with PETE!)

He was Tucked DEEP into the tree!

Should I put ALL of those BACK in here????
 I wont make my kiddos eat Flocked GOLDFISH!

Me thinks so!!!! 

Yet they look so sweet and INNOCENT!
MAYBE it was the HUBBY?????

And THIS??????
I havent a clue...Just found this Fella in my pics while Uploading to my computer...
But something tells me I had better keep a closer eye on my Camera!

So there you have it!

Uuuummm..NOT so much a Mystery!
MAYBE I can start a New Fad next year on Christmas trees...
NO MORE PRELIT TREES...or maybe, NO LIGHTS at all and Decorat my Tree in GOLDFISH!

We shall see!
Have a BLESSED day my sweet lil Decorators!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Whassup, Whassup? GOLDFISH???

Whassup Wednesday Linky Party!

WHASSUP  WHASSUP  Girlfriends???
Well!  Let me tell Yall WHASSUP at MY house!
 Christmas is ALL down and packed and PUT AWAY!
 Yippie Skippie! 
 Na Na Na Na Na Naaa!!! 
 Its OKAY!  You can hate me ( Not REALLY Hate me) ...Issaww-ite!  ( Issaww-ite= Its all Right)  Yeppers!  I am DUNZO!  Finished!!!  Im SOOO Happy I could tinkle :-O
But seriously...It was SAD but it feels SOOO GOOOD!
 Got to dust everything and Clean!...YAY!
However there is gonna be Glitter for MONTHS!

So...GOLDFISH? say WHAT?  Its the GREAT GOLDFISH MYSTERY!!!  Doing that TOMORROW!  Pretty funny...come back tomorrow, Fo Sho!

I DO BELIEVE that these two had A LOT to do with the GREAT GOLDFISH MYSTERY!
Yep!  This one...

 And THIS one!!!

 And REMEMBER that A-MAZ-ING vacation home??? 
 Here it is, UnChristmasFied...Still GORGEOUS!

 But my POINT is its time to get back to LIFE as normal...and im looking forward to getting back in my Studio...AhHeim (Clearing Throat)...AFTER its CLEAN and ORGANIZED...and working on NEW florals, my picture frame line, my Tasselique line, and home decor!  Nope, havent gotten to cleaning that Texas Tornado yet!
  But REMEMBER..ALL my Christmas is put AWAY!  One Project at a time!  Studio IS Next...LIKE, TODAY!  Ick! 

Now...Whassup Wednesday???

Link up to just about anything...Maybe the transformation of your home from Christmas BACK to "Reality", or the DISASTER while going thru the CHANGE, or YOUR home decor back in its NORMAL state...Im pretty easy...I CANT STAND  "Linky Police"....
All I DO ASK is:
Pretty Pleeeease, with a cherry on top,
*Copy and Paste my "Whassup Wednesday" Button to your blog so we can have MORE entries...More entries=More fun!
*And, I would Super Duper Appreciate you Becoming a Friend/Follower...
I ALWAYS return the favor, PROMISE!  Just let me know in comments your a New Follower and I will head over to see your Spot and follow back!

Ok...Lets "Par-Tay"!!!

Have a BLESSED day!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to Home Decor...My Way...

So its time to get back to Home Decor my way.... Its a bit sad to see the Christmas Decor come down but im Ready for Fall to be O-V-E-R and Spring to BE HERE!
So here are a few of my FAVS!  Maybe it will help ANYONE else who may be going through "The CHANGE"...Not THAT "Change"...The Change of Christmas back to "Real Life"...
One can NEVER have Too many Apothecary Jars!
 I have them EVERYWHERE!  In my house and Clients!
They are SO ADAPTABLE to the different Seasons by Simply...And Inexpensively...Changing out whats Inside...

ANY Kind of Decorative Balls...I espicially like anything Green or Moss...Simply laid on top of a Metal Container is a GREAT Decorative!!!

ANYTHING Fresh fruit is SO IN & SO SIMPLE....

And Back to doing my Florals that I LOVE doing!!!
Berries, Artichokes, Olive branches....LOVE!!!!

Anything METAL and GREEN together....ROCKS!

Back to Fruit in any container is a Great and inexpensive way to Decorate!

And Little Eggs..............LOVE!
You can find these eggs in the Unpainted wood section of MOST Craft stores...Then just a little spraypaint! 

AGAIN!  Anything Green...LOVE!  These Boxwood Balls are fairly simple to make...
I forsee some TUTES on making these in our near future!

SOOOOO Ready to get back to my CLEAN and ORGANIZED Studio to making MORE Florals!!!!  Its my Escape!
And....I will be taking you ALL along for the ride!

BEAUTIFUL Wooden Finials...
Back out on the Once "Dripping with Glitter and Garland" Hearth!

 And now THIS!
My "Wet Bar" in my house...This is one of those Projects I have never gotten around to getting done!
So heres what im gonna be doing....

A Faux Finish to this area...
NOW...FIRST...Let me tell you...In keeping up to date on "Whats In or Whats OUT"  as of now, for the MOSTPART......
FAUX has got to GAUX!!!
Faux has been OVERDONE!  YEP!  All the fauxing was pushed OVERBOARD!
Wallpaper is BACK !  It is Large and IN CHARGE!!!
As MY Rule:  Faux is OK for One small make it "Special"...Like a Powder Bath or a Wet on, so on...NO MORE "All over EVERYTHING that doesnt move"!!!
Keep Faux to a MINIMUM!

I DO LOVE the Grape motif for the "Bar" i am going to do a faux finish for this area....

OOPSIE!  Still havent put away that Lit Garland on my Kitchen Island...
as you can see in the background...

L-O-V-E this Lightfixture!
So I am going to Go with this Motif with a Faux I have done before...Looks like this:

There it be!

Gonna put this PROJECT 1st on the list....AFTER Christmas is ALL PACKED and PUT AWAY!

Cant wait to bring yall along for the ride!
Come back as I have an EVER GROWING list of Projects!


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