Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Dont forget to enter this FABULOUS GIVEAWAY!  A Christmas  WoodWick candle, Bath Salts in Ginger Lime, a Bubblebath CUPCAKE in Ginger Lime and a Decorative Glass container that can be used as a reed diffuser....I would personally use it for Bubble Bath ...
 I visited Stacey from Design Addict Mom and she had the most touching post about how her Husband & Soulmate had returned from the war, to meet his new baby...YEP, I Cried!  Im am just VERY touched by any family that sacrifices their Life and Family for the sake of complete STRANGERS, simply for the Love of our Country!  They Provide the very FREEDOM that we all enjoy! 

Well, God DOES Bless!  On my giveaway, with my girl, Erika at Tiptoe Butterfly ~STACEY WON!!!  Promise...we used Random.org and #48 came up and sweet Stacey was #48!  A VERY deserved win!
So when we were emailing about getting her goodies to her, we chatted and decided to do ANOTHER Giveaway, in HOPES it will Bless someone else :-)

So, Good Luck everyone and the Winner is in for a "Pampering" TREAT!

1.  Be a follower of Elements Interiors
( google friend connect - to the left )
2.  Be a follower of Stacey of Design Addict Mom
( google friend connect - top right )
2.  Leave a comment on my post below
(let me know you follow both, very important)


Last day to enter GIVE-AWAY is Wednesday November 17th, 2010...
Random.org will randomly choose winner on Thurs, Nov 18th

Now...Tree # 6!!!!   I did NOT sleep well last night and I am CROSSEYED TIRED and will not make it through commenting on each Pic...Im so sorry!  I hope you can get some inspiration just from the pics!
Love you all, My friends!

SO SORRY!  I am just Crosseyed Tired from no sleep!  Hope you can take some inspiration away from viewing this tree!

Dont for get to ENTER Giveaway!


Greta: From Transparencies of Motherhood said...

Is it possible to love all of those things? I am SO excited to decorate for the holidays. My favorite of your design inspirations is the snowmen. I love snowmen. I also love the wreath and the Merry Christmas sign. Very cute! This just made me oh so excited for decorating this year.

Traci said...

Very cute!!! The big Merry Christmas' look so FUN!

Stacey said...

I can't wait for Christmas to get here! I hope you get some rest! XX

Peggy said...

I've always been a Christmas tree person and have them in every room each with a different theme and tree shape. Your trees are absolutely beautiful. I love them all; your clients must be thrilled with your work. I've signed on as a follower. Keep decorating and have a fabulous Christmas.


Sara Bentley @ Purses Pastries Etc... said...

This tree definitely says "cozy country Christmas" to me!! Love, love!!
Hope you're feeling more awake now :)

The Bigger the Bow the Better the Mama said...

You have my dream job! Love your work, thanks for the inspiration, your Christmas decorating is just gorgeous....

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