Friday, November 5, 2010

Tree Five! GOLDLEAF & GREEN...

GUESS WHAT?!?!  Another GIVEAWAY comming this next week!  Yippie Skippie!   Look for it on MONDAY!!!  The details to come....:-)

OOOOHHHH!!!  BESTILL my Heart!!!!   This tree actually TAKES MY BREATH AWAY!
Again, these picture DO NOT do it is LUXURY from top to bottom...It is hard to see the actual colors in these is a Gold, with the Palest Sage Green tone mixed with a little Champagne, Aaaaahhh....

For the top,  I used a greenery stem, almost Eucalyptus like,  mixed with some Gold sprays (Sprays in Interior Designer terms is the LARGER version of a Pick...Here I go with my "Picks" again!)

The mix....uuuhhh....I cant breathe, i love it so much!

Remember, even though a lot of the ornaments shown may have been ordered from Market...You CAN FIND near like ornaments at Hobby Lobby (or your local craft store)  at a fraction of the cost...

Humming birds...Arent they Caaaute!?

These were a Goldleaf cross with a Pale champagne detail...MUST have Crosses on the tree
Tis the be thankful for our Savior...

The Sweetest little bells...and paaaalease, LOOK at that RIBBON...I die!!!
I went had tiny little mirrors sew on...
How would you like to have THAT job?   Eeekkk!   Patience needed! 

Luuuurve angels too....This tree had PLENTY!

Gold and Champagne GERBER DAISEYs...How unexpected, no?

Snowflakes are always good to add to any tree

YAAAAY!  The ribbon, SEE????? 

This is soooo NOT the was a pale champagne...

This shows it a bit more true to color....

These beautiful crosses had a mirror detail that tied in with the MIRRORED RIBBON! 

These were NOT such a bright green...a  Pale Sage...Dern cameras!

The tree lights reflected off them Beautifully!

AH  HA!!!  See the pale sage green in these...THATS the color of all the rest of the green :-)

Loved these little pillows!  Adds softness to the tree (Soft Texture, Im sayin)
Again...In the giftwrapping section as Present decor...BARGAIN!

CUTE!  Right???

What I liked about this ornament was the Christmas tree detail...

The beading on these was soooo delicate...

Again, this shows the true Pale Sage Green color...
Just a floral stem...poke it in where needed :-)

I LOOOOVE Butterflies!!!  They represent "New Beginnings"...Perfect for the end of one year and the beginning of a new year...

Its good to mix textures...the other angels were finished in a gold glitter...these are a wooden ornament,
it gives the tree more dimension...

Preboxed!  6 to a box...then 1/2 off!  Heller!!!  And these are great filler ornaments.
Choose an INEXPENSIVE ornament as your "filler"....
Filler just means after you have ALL the other ornaments on, you simply fill in with the cheaper ones, that way if you need more, you wont have to break the bank to get more...

These were $1.99...Im NOT EVEN KIDDING...Then 1/2 off....
I took em ALL...YEP!  Every last one of em!
Client was EVER SO HAPPY with my purchase :-)


Loved adding the feathers in...softness is good

Heres another "pick"...its basically a "Pre-arranged" floral on a stem...SO EASY to work with!

These were a STRICKING gold....Gorgeous!

I know...3rd set of angels...but notice they are again a different Texture from the previous 2...
the first were glitter...
the second were wood....
then these were a gold painted resin...

So, this takes us through tree FIVE!
WHEW!  This tree decorating on the computer is almost as tiring as doing the actual tree...
This tree is a great example of mixing Color, but  MORE SO, Texture...
Its really important to mix the RIGHT colors but mixing the textures is impotant too!

OK, sorry to cut this one short...My Fingers are tired...Seriously!!!

Peace Out & as always...Have a BLESSED weekend...
xoxokara :-)


Unknown said...

happy weekend - another great tree!

Sara Lee Bentley said...

This tree is mesmerizing! And those ornaments... the hummingbirds, crosses, angels, florals... I'd love to decorate my tree with them! So inspiring :)

Traci said...

OK this one is my FAVORITE!! I'm all about luxury!!! I LOOOOVVVVEEEEE the hummingbirds & I have several of the exact same ornament! I bought mine at a local nursery in town that has a big Christmas section. If I remember correctly I bought them half off after Christmas one year.

Unknown said...

Hi Kara, great business name.....great minds;-)
Lovely Blog, thanks for popping into my blog. I am now a follower.
Have a great weekend.xK

designchic said...

Oh this one too - so elegant!!

Kellie Collis said...

What an amazingly gorgeous tree! I love every ornament you have put in it. Have a wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

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