Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tree 7! Reminiscenent of Diamonds at Valentines...


This tree...All the SPARKLE of DIAMONDS in a Sea of RED...
This is a Great tree with its Simplicity of color and Sparkle to wow....
Cant get much easier than that, no?

I love the 'Poofy, Glittery, Pinwheel-like' red thaaang!  It was in Floral stems...
Dont know the technical name so that description above is the new technical name :-)

That topper...waaaay cool, huh?

Adding crystal pieces 'Ups' the sparkle factor!

I am CRAAAAAAZY about these Silver, 3 dimentional snowflakes!  Got these from market, and sorry to say, have never seen these at Hobby Lobby....TRUST ME, I have looked!

Bringin on the RED!

Lovely...preboxed....and inexpensive!

Like Floating, Diamond Christmas trees!!!

Its always GREAT if you can find and add ornaments that bring you tree colors together in one piece

THIS, my friends, was the tree topper....WALL DECOR!

A Red floral stem to lay in on the branches to add color where needed...
this would be one of the last things you add!

A shiney red 'spray'.....this is what I mean by 'Laying it in'...its just laying on the tree branch

Aaaahhhhhh!  A DIAMOND Christmas tree.....WANT a 10 foot one of those...
Is that TOO much for a girl to ask for?  I think not! 

OOP!  Theres 2 of those POOFY Red thingys....I Liiiiiiked them!
LOVE the Polka dot ball too
OOP!  A Poofy thing....

Those Silver FIREWORK looking DOODADS, were Sprays....I liked them a lot too!
OOP!!!  I spy ANOTHER Poofy Red thingy!!!!

The polka dot balls...arent they Awesome..add some Whimsy...
OOOP!  Another Red poofy thingy....
This is reminding me of that book I always did with my kiddos, "Wheres Waldo"?   Except Waldo was VEEERY DIFFICULT to find!!!   My Red poofy thingys...NOT hard to spot!

In floral stems!  If this had been in Black...I WOULD HAVE SCREAMED!  Looks like a GIANT spider to me...
she like em though....This one was ALL ABOUT HER!

AND....there it is, not quite as bad IN the tree...

LOOK at the sweet little Diamond ( OK!  Cubic Zirconia), Anywhoo...look at it delicately dangeling off the Noel ornament...LUUUUURVE!!!

Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  More crystal!
These things SPARKLE in the light...You just might need some Sunglasses at Night!
WAIT!  Im hearin a TUNE in my HEAD!   Wasnt that a song?! 

Ordered these from market...But you can go over to the frame section and make your own....

I LOOOOVE CRYSTAL!   No, you say?!  You had NO I-DEA, right?!

Simplistic...PLUS they have a crystal jewel hanging off the bottom...
I LIKEY crystals! 

Clever!   These would be a GREAT and easy DIY...Buy preboxed balls, go the the Jewelry section and buy some crystals, some 'Goop' glue ( its instant bond, fast drying) could glue them randomly....


These are Candle Rings, but I OFTEN use these in trees...just nestle into the branches...
A silver Spray....Again, a good filler to put in at the end!

So, here we are at the End of another tree!  Tree 7...we are Halfway through...Hope you are getting some ideas, some color and theme inspiration for YOUR Home!
You can ALWAYS ask Questions in comments...I try to get back to you within a day or so....

As ALWAYS...Have a Blessed day.... "I Dare You"...Bless someone else today...A kind word, a thoughtful gesture, a word of encouragement....You NEVER KNOW when you might brighten someones day!
Doing this to a COMPLETE STRANGER is the best...step out of your comfort zone...

I had a REALLY ROUGH day yesterday...just some things my family is going through...A "Storm" and I had a sweet girl say something to me and it just struck a GOOD cord within me and it warmed my Heart!  I NEEDED IT!

LOVE to all my lil decorators...xoxokara


Karena said...

Absolutely gorgeous Kara!!! Love the combination....


Art by Karena

Traci said...

LOVE IT!!! I have some of those red poufy things!!! I love them!! I want some of those polka dot balls!!! ADORABLE!! I was planning to start deocrating this weekend but my unfortunate diagnosis of tendonitis has delated it. Hope today was a better day. If you wanna talk you know my email!!

Kathysue said...

I do love Sparkle, I read a cute saying the other day. Sparkle is my favorite color!!! Too cute,Kathysue

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