Friday, November 26, 2010

Tree 14!!!!! My MAIN Tree....

Hey Everyone!  Just wanted to let you know I have been REALLY sick the last 2 days and just do NOT have the energy to put a post together for today...SOOOO SOOORY!  I also figured there may be several people who have been waiting on this "Tutioral" and may have been to busy over the Holiday weekend to view it.  I will have a NEW POST up tomorrow!  An AMAZING Lakehouse that is TO DIE FOR!!!  So Check back!
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By The Way:

YAAAAAY!  Tree is up!  Dont get it BUMMED its not my 10 foot tree, because I have 3 large containers full of Crystal along with other tree decor i cant use :(   Oh Well!  We have a Tree when there are others that dont even have a Home!  So...Im thankful!!  Are you ready cuz this is a LOOOOONG post!   My tree colors are Bronze, Copper, Pale Lime Green with my pop color being Bright Red!  I LOVE the combination!
How to make a handmade bow...NO BOWMAKER BOWS!!!!  Most Interior Designers DONT LIKE bowmaker bows..They are "Too Perfect"!  Take your ribbon, leaving a streamer of the ribbon and PINCH the ribbon, make a loop, TWIST at that point and hold in a pinch...

Now make another this point the second loop should be on the other side, like this...looks like a typical 2 loop bow...but REMEMBER, the odd number rule!  A Tree bow looks better with 3, 5, 7  "loop" bows...that way they dont have that "Manufactured", "Made in China" (NOTHING against China...They just Pump everything out  in MASS volumes...make sence?)

Cut yourself a fairly long (16 inches or so) piece of floral wire...Then use Plyers to twist the wire 3 times (if you twist more than 3 times the wire may break...then you have to start allover..EEKKK!)
The excess wire you will use to secure onto the tree, garland, get it :) 

There you have it ...a 3 loop bow.... the "Imperfection" makes it PERFECT!

There she is!  My daughters 7 & 1/2 foot tree!!!  With strands still OUT!
But isnt the Flocking GORGEOUS!!!!  Although Im beginning to think the flocking is part of the Problem with the lights, situation!!!   For the love of PETE...what am i going to do???  These trees WILL be replaced by next Christmas!!!
I think my alternative is an actual White Tree....A lil Skeeeerd as I have never had a Tree made of white silk foliage!

Which REMINDS ME!  WARNING!!!  Did you know that your Christmas Trees should be stored in a place that is Room Temp?  Most people dont...They store in attic or garage..
The HEAT RUINS the silk foliage...I have a Designated closet that is my Christmas Trees/christmas tree decor storage!

YEP!  Heres me with MORE STINKIN LIGHTS to sting on to the tree!   Wwwaaa....its neverending! 
Dont i look So Thrilled!!!  My Hubby thought it was quite expression!  Aaaa NOT!

This is how i felt!!!!  Im being strangled by lights!!!  HELP!

Aaaaand Again...THRILLED!

"Bobby!  Stop it ALREADY!".....................

My PRECIOUS Baby boy!  I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE him SOOOO MUCH!  And thats Raider hes Strangeling!  :)
Let me just tell you that Raider was thrown out of a car 6 1/2 tears ago, and we took him in and he is THE BEST LAB EVA'!

OK...Bobby made me do this.....Strike a pose!  :-O

Now this one was all me!!!  I have been on the verge of doing this all week!

And heres my daughter...With our Awesome pup, Gizmo!
Have you ever seen that movie "Gremlins"?  He look JUST LIKE that little fuzzy creature...  TOO CAAAAAAUTE!

NOW!  Start with youir tree skirt...TRUST ME!  You dont want to have to crawl up under the tree after its decorated!

This is my MOUND of Bows/ribbon i weave thru the tree...

Gotta Fluff em...

Weave the streamers back into the trunk of the Tree

Pinch the streamers at spots and secure in to place by bending a wire around them...

Notice how the ribbons DO NOT RUN horizontally but more downward without going STRAIGHT down...they almost flow back and forth...

I am showing you...with this angle of the picture how the Decor is going deep into the tree...I will be showing this angle of picture throughout the tree...Tellin ya now so i dont repeat this same sentence over  and over  :)

OK Traci!!!!!  There it is!  YAY right???  The way ribbon should look on the tree :)

Store all your ornaments/decor in plastic containers...storing all LIKE ornaments together!  The reason is this:  Your ribbon should go on FIRST!
Then pull out all identical ornaments...count them and work your way all the way around the tree, so that you place them equally apart from each other...To prevent having 4 like ornaments gathered in one clump!

Aaaaaahhhhh!  Pure BLISS of organization!  it WILL Make your tree decorating WAAAAAAAYY easier!!!  By the way...I have 20 other containers JUST LIKE THIS!  Really, Kara???

I made these...It was a long Garland I clipped into 4-5 pieces and added the ribbon...saves $$$

On the tree...So PRETTY!  They just LAY on the branches...

Again...Showing the Depth INTO the tree...

I CAREFULLY place each lil ornament!!!  It take ME forever to decorate my trees!!!  OCD!



Its important to step back often and look at the tree...see where your "holes" are....

Uuuhhhh!  Im speechless!!!   DORK!

ANUTHA?????   Really?  Like once wasnt enough!!!

Im in the "Zone"!!!!

Depth!!!!!  ALWAYS!!!

Im NUTS about my RED!!!

A SMALL PORTION of all my Crystal ornaments!  Wwwwaaaa!  Couldnt fit them all on this small tree!

About done...

I have LITERALLY probably 300 Crystal Icicles!  The last finishing touch!  And I put EVERY SINGLE ONE on this tree...they are BREATHTAKING....You just CANT see in these crummy pics!

EVERYONE should have a Peace Dove on their tree promote and bring you Peace!

And my Crystal CROSS!!!  Lets remember the reason for the season!

This tree LITERALLY GLOWS in the dark!   SWOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at ALL those icicles!!!  LUUUUUUUUUUUUUURVE!

Tackeling this tree today as well as my staircase!

I will post more pics later!
Have a BLESSED weekend !!!


Enter the Custom Floral & 3 Winners Giveaway!!!


Denise said...

Love all the pictures :) Not sure if I can figure out quite how to replicate it though! So, I put ribbon on first? then fill in with baubles? I love the snowy look to your tree. I put mine up last night and half the lights are out too, so I have to try and fix them before I hang toys! I've never seen anyone sell replacement light bulbs for trees!!!

Mom said...

LOVE this! You're so funny! I like goofing around when I do- well- pretty much everything! My family thinks I'm a "Lucy" as in "I Love Lucy". ;)

You tree is absolutely stunning! You're an artist. My 2 year old granddaughter spent the night so she can help Mimi (that's me to the grandkids) set up our tree. This year I'm doing a wild and whimsical tree using lime green and hot pink decor! Hopefully, I bought enough of everything. Can you hop on a plane and help me wit my ribbon? I'll take you to Disneyland after we're done. ;)

Looking forward to your tutorial! Blessings little sister!


Melissa Miller said...

LOL! Kara you are too cute! Love your *earrings* and your gorgeous tree so far. Great pics! :)

DanielleisNesting said...

You are so adorable Kara! I love your trees. Thanks for all your tips. I'll be referring back to this post!

southerninspiration said...

Would you PuH-leeze come and put up my tree???


Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Oh Kara! I can't believe you have that many trees and ornaments!! Very pretty! We aren't having Thanksgiving until Sunday here so I have to wait until next week to decorate for Christmas. Have a great weekend!

Traci said...

UM OMG!! HOW SKINNY ARE YOU???? Really jealous over here. The tree looks great!! Love the flocking!! The whole tree turned out really pretty. What did you do for the topper?? Can't wait to see the rest!

Denise - they sell replacement bulbs at
Walmart, Hob Lob, Lowe's, any of those places.

Blondie's Journal said...

Funny, funny post!! You are a darling! And I love that tree!


Unknown said...

Hi Kara,
Fun post and great tutorial!!!
Your tree is so stunning!
Thanks for coming by my blog and I am a new follower too!

Tete said...

Kara- I love your blog- LOL! I am so glad you got a tree up, even if it's smaller. It does GLOW! I had crystal ice sickles for years, but I am down to just a few now! I have not been able to find them since. Bought them at Elder Beerman so many years ago. i have them, snow flakes and cherubs in crystal. Love them so much!
I love these colors! My home is not red and green! I do not like the traditional colors and for years, I just made my own stuff so I could control the color scheme.
I store all of my Christmas stuff in a closet in a spare bedroom- no temp or humidity changes! Things last longer! Great tip for everyone.
I have seen a lot of flocked trees and was never impressed until now. I can see why you bought it. It is done very well.
Our huge tree is hand wrapped and is wonderful, but just too fat for our space now. I have only put half of it up years ago and wired it to the wall. You can't tell it's only half a tree. DH says I need to patent my ideas, because he saw 1/2 trees for sale now.
Well, got to get back to work!
Hugs- Tete

Dolores said...

Hi Kara.....
Wow, your tree is magnificent, I love the sparkles and and crystal ice cycles... so beautiful!!!

Your children are precious, and so are you! I'm a big animal lover..... I love your sweet dogs!!!

I'm so happy to have a new friend!

Kathy said...

So much fun your blog, I have been enjoying it now for an hour!! I have your *earings* and glad to know that red goes well with these brown/copper colors like my tree so I can change it up and still keep all my pretties

The Tuscan Home said...

Kara, you are too cute! I really enjoyed this post. First of all, your tree is GORGEOUS & so are you! I *so* want a flocked tree. I can't emphasize enough, how completely elegant your tree looks. I love that you took the time to show us how to build the tree. You are so talented.

I love how you did the bows throughout the tree, so pretty! And, girl, you sure know how to rock the ornament earrings...too cute! =)

Thanks a bunch for sharing! I can't wait to see more! =) XO ~Liz

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Yay, Kara!! You did it! Your light-perseverance paid off and you ended up with ANOTHER gorgeous tree!

You are the (completely gorgeous, if I may say so...) tree-queen!!


Angela said...

Your tree looks beautiful, Kara! Thanks for the ribbon making instruction. I always have a hard time making them. I can't wait to see more pics.

nannykim said...

thanks for visiting my spindlecottage blog. I love your tree. I love icicles too and always use lots of them! Love the white tree--I would like one some day, but then I would have to get new lights and everything....soooooo who knows. This year we hope to be downsizing to a condo in the middle of this month so I have not yet decided to put my tree up.....just can't decide! I will become a follower of your blog when I finish this comment. love your dogs! and kids!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

What a gorgeous tree. I adored all the pics of you. Like you I adore the copper. I put a pheasant tree in the dining room, and a traditional red and gold in the living area. Looking forward to more of your posts. I hope you took time out to eat a bite of turkey here and there...hugs ~lynne~

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love flocked trees and yours is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

'Lo, darling daughter! Your blog fans don't know that you used to have MANY trees in your home: the with the gifts under xmas morn', the not so large one in your front window, Kolton's Disney character tree, Brogan's flocked with soft pink and soft purple decorations...besides all the table top trees scattered throughout your home. You make me tired just watching you decorating your home/trees!!!! But love you anyway, little Kiguy.
Lovin' you as ever...your old Mom (Nana to my precious grandchildren!!!)
p.s. when are you coming here to decorate my tree???? lol

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Gorgeous tree! I love the flocking and the colors you used are so pretty together.


Melanie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Oh my goodness! You are too funny! MISS YOU! :) It's absolutely gorgeous and you are so much fun!


Jess said...

Your tree looks amazing! I wish I could get the energy to get my tree to look like that.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Rented Cottage!

Have fun with the other tree. I'll check back!

Vanessa said...

Seriously beyond GORGEOUS!! I mean, I am not kidding you when I say that I am going to be carefully studying these posts to get ideas and inspiration for my own home. You are one talented chica! :-)

Gracefully Vintage said...

LOVe the Trees, Your pics are too cute/funny.. I love Christmas, but not a great tree decorator, love the step by step.. Cant wait to see all of them.A follower too, thanks for your sweet comments

Anonymous said...

Love your flocked tree! Your pics/post are too funny! Don't we all feel that way when decorating for Christmas... lol!! ;-)
I also wanted to thank you for your visit and your super sweet comment! You have a beautiful home and a beautiful blog!! I'll be back to visit again soon!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
~ Jo :)

Debbiedoos said...

I felt like I was standing next to you...what a great post, and an awesome tree, I love the bows of gold...just bought that stuff too, I ought to be messing it up real bad real soon:) Wish you were here to help me.

The Decorative Dreamer said...

LOL! You are a hoot! I will be sure and check out the rest of your trees soon when I have more time. I loved this post! I have felt like that many a time. I always make my own bows too, it's so easy once you have learned why would anyone not? I cannot decide if i want to add bows to the mantle or not, what do you think, too much? Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog and the invite to your giveaway. You seem like my cup of tea (make that glass of!) too!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I am feeling your pain, girl! I am a floral designer so not only do I do my own tree and home I do others as well!!!!!!!!!!!! LOTS of work but I love it. YOur flocked tree is probably the prettiest flocked tree I ahve seen! Gorgeous! I love the copper/red combo too! I will post my tree too, so please stop over. It is the only thing I don't have finished yet....and I do ALOT of decorating!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!! XO, Pinky

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Kara, What a gorgeous flocked tree. I would put up with all the lighting problems for that beauty!

I so love the colors you chose for your tree. The bronze, browns and geens look fabulous against the white!
You have a delightful and stylish blog. I am a new follower!
I'm excited to see what you do next!

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

So glad that you found me so I could find you;)! I adore your beautiful site! I look forward to many more visits! I have been on a little break from blogging but have plans to return soon! Thanks for the sweet visit!


NanaDiana said...

OMG! NOT ANOTHER BLOG I LOVE!!! Okay- you are slightly crazy-whcih appeals to me...and your are just so dadgummed cute that I am suckered in. I have been into home decor for years..although that is not what my blog is about. Your family is darling and I love, love, love flocked trees...I used to have a white tree and everyone thought I was nuts. (well, I am but that is beside the point). Glad you found me first..and I am signing up as your newest follower. Hugs and blessings- Diana

Jemsmom said...

Hi Kara! I am your newest follower! I came over from Debbiedoos! You are gorgeous, your kids are gorgeous, your home is gorgeous and you are a hoot! I love your style and your wit! So nice to "meet" you!

xinex said...

Oh Kara, your tree is gorgeous and you are so entertaining and so funny!...Christine

Pamela said...

Oh how I love the flocked tree! The decorations are beyond beautiful. And the pictorial story a bonus!

DanielleisNesting said...

I hope you're not buried under an avalanche of Christmas lights! Looking forward to your next post!

Between You and Me said...

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog b/c it gave me a chance to come over and meet you!

Love your blog!

I have several friends from TX, and as they always say..."everything is bigger in Texas!!!"

Your Christmas decorations are over the top and beautiful!!!

You are just about the cutest thing I've ever seen....tee-tiny!

Loved all the pics...can't wait to browse around in your archives!

Love the Decor! said...

Just popping in to say hope you are feeling better!!

santamaker said...

HI! Thanks for the visit and the kind words on my Father Christmases! Your home is beautiful and I wish I had the energy to put up all of those gorgeous christmas trees like you have! Just got an order to do a "Texasfied" santa for a lady in Texas. I'll be sure to post a picture before I ship him out!

Lizabeth said...

OK, I found it! Great job of course! It's nice that you gave some good tips on steps to take, and the how to do's. I searched for a tuturial on how to make ribbons last year, but nobody said anything about odd numbers, and after I made one with even numbers I quickly realized I needed more! You sure have a talent for what you are doing here!

Becca said...

Besides oozing with creativity,! Thanks for another fabulous tutorial (which, yes, I've taken more notes). It's amazing how you can make a tree look like a piece of art. You go, you decorating diva, you! Hugs, Becca

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Bummer I didn't see this before I put my tree up this year...oh well next year...and I have organizing to do come New Years! Thanks!

PS I'm a new follower...I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous tree Kara! I enjoyed seeing all the different steps.

The year our home was on tour, 2006, we put up 18 trees. We did that for years before, also. A year or two after the tour, we decided it was time scale back. It's taken 4 years to get back to 2 trees, but the temptation to do more is very strong!;-)

cindy said...

Ok, I'm totally getting some ornament earrings. You rocked it. LOVE that flocked tree! Love me some white Christmas :)

So glad you could Mi4M!

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