Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas Decor! Today, CLASSIC RED & GREEN...

I LOOOOOOOVE Christmas!!!  So let me just begin this Post by saying that I ALWAYS over do for Christmas...NOT Over spend, I just Decorate EVERYTHING that doesnt move!  Actually, thats not true!  I decorate things that move too...I will wire small wreaths to the front grille of our cars...YEP!  My Husband is a Saint and lets me put a WREATH ON THE FRONT OF HIS CAR!!!  He looks at me with that look of "Are you SERIOUSLY gonna make me drive around for 6 weeks with a wreath on the front of my car???"  I also decorate our Dogs...Im NOT even Playin...However, I hold off on poor Gizmo and Raider till a bit closer to Christmas day...otherwise their Christmas Bandanas are all torn up in the back yard...They, too, look at me like "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???"   They even get to wear a Jingle Bells...VERY cute until they get up and shake several times during the middle of the night...guess we should take them off at night, huh?  Anywhoo...So over the next few weeks I am going to be Presenting Christmas Decor and Ideas...Some things out of my PORTFOLIO and Presenting them in a "Theme" and "Color Combonations" manner...
I generally do 5 to 10 Trees a Year for clients and usually a couple of those want to change Tree Theme/Color....I have pulled some from those...
2 Things:
1 ...please excuse the quality of some of my pictures...had to lower the Pixels or it LITERALLY takes forever to upload the pics to my post...
2...If you remember (if you were with me from the beginning of my BLOG)...I LOST my Handy Dandy Camera case almost a year ago...And ALL my memory cards that were in it...they were NOT saved to my computer! OUCH!  Literally years worth of birthdays, Christmases, kids activities, Decor...Uuuuggg!  I cant even talk about it without TEARING UP!  All those pictures, GONE!
All Design pics, GONE!
I had however printed a bunch of my Design Work and have it in a Portfolio...but no memory card.  So I am Literally taking Pictures of Pictures from Market magz, raz, market & Pics from Pics i have done....SO NOT IDEAL!!! 


A classic red and green...nothing speaks to a Long tradition more than the Classics!  Red and green is also can use these decorations: tree ornaments, garlands, mantel decor and stockings, till they fall apart if you choose...classic red and green, uuuuuhhhhh, its not EVER gonna go out!

A Tree Topper does NOT need to be an actual "Tree Topper",  I RARELY use a topper in the array of decor I do for all my clients.  A Topper, to me, is like the Cherry on top of a chocolate sundae...its a finishing touch...the "OW" in "POW"!  Find a piece that really speaks to you and build around that....carry a bit of that theme through the entire tree.  I have used a Stuffed teddy bear for a tree top before...mixing ribbon, floral stems and those Christmas "Picks" I am always referring to!!!  I MIGHT just be the "Pick" Queen...I keep Hobby Lobby and other craft stores in Business just on "Picks" alone!  Pick your Pick of the Picks!!!  Then take some Pics!  I know...Step off it already Kara!

THAT BIG  Red  Christmas looking thingamagiggy....Its a Wall Decor piece...YEP!  You can nestle a few of these type things back inside the tree!!!  Make sure to apply the Odd # RULE!  3 or 5 (or 7, for those of you with GI-normous Trees).  Anywhoo...use things that are not actually "ornaments" on your tree...its Unexpected, and FUN! 
A TIP!  Dont just hang ornaments on the outer perimeter of the tree...
Your lights AND your ornaments need to be fed back into the tree...all the way in to the INNERMOST center of the makes the tree become more three dimensional...not to mention GORGEOUS!
When you do this with your ornaments, it gives them the chance to Catch the light, it makes the tree GLOW from the inside to out!

I just LOVED these balls with the swirly glitter and a wire ribbon on top...Caaaaute!
One of my pretties trees done for a client....

Luuuurve these "Present" ornaments...and EASY, DIY ornament to make too....Get as many little, but varying size, boxes...simply wrap them in shiney gift paper, using double sided tape so the tape doesnt show,  and tie it up with some pretty ribbon!  E-A-S-Y!
I will be demonstrating how to make a BOW...Stay tuned!!!

Simple, INEXPENSIVE, prepackaged in boxes of 6...2 a your local Craft store or Big Lots and Dollar stores...Just be picky at the Dollar stores as they carry some that look like a million bucks but then they also carry some that look like a Dollar....Eeeeeewwwww!

These were on the purchase one by one isles....$3.99 each...then 1/2 OFF!!!!
These are from market but...
A TIP!  I find the EXACT SAME ORNAMENTS (near Exact) at Market as I find at Hobby Lobby, at a FRACTION of the cost....YEP!
For the LOVE OF PETE!  I cant order ornaments wholesale and then put my markup on them to sell in my Retail store for less than I can get them at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores at 1/2 off! CRAZY!
NOTE: I refer to Hobby Lobby a I tend to call it Hob Lob, just so you will know :-)

And AGAIN..from market but, you can find these on the individually sold isle, at 1/2 off...and mix in the preboxed ornamants to "Fill In".
Uuuuuuhhhhh, I may be shootin myself in the hip with all this insider info, hhhmmmm...BUT, Its da Truuff!

$4.99....Then 1/2 off....
from mkt, sold these at my store...
then see near match , ugh!

And Again... can find a BARGAIN!

These TEXAS STARS...Well, thats what we Texas peeps like to think :-)  Anywhoo...Beautifully nesteled into the branches....These stars are SO GREAT to nestle into the branches because of the straight edges....

Keeping the Classic Red & Green, even with the Swirly flair.....WooooHooooo!

They hang Beautifully!
wishing I had my mem cards for camera...
i had waaaay better shots!

And the RIBBON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 My FAVORITE part!  Once you have decided on the "Color and Theme" you want for your tree....HIT the ribbon isle FIRST!
So why did I put the ribbon picture LAST?  I have NO IDEA!
Chalk it up to Brain exhaustion...I was at my daughters cheer expidetion ALL DAY YESTERDAY!  WOW!
Hope you have taken some ideas with you....this a source of ideas for me too!Luv them! 
But SERIOUSLY..Pick your colors and theme first, then go hit the ribbon and I suggest you use 3 different ribbons...Some into bows, some we will be weaving deep into the tree...Again, I will be demonstrating how to do that soon...You have to come back!  See, Im smart!  Give you an appetizer and offer the main course later...and THEN, maybe you'll consider the Dessert!

SO! WHEW!  I have been typing through 2 ENTIRE MOVIES!  Wowzeers!  My husband is like..."Are you doing all 14 Trees today?"
I said "NOPE, this is just Tree 1 of 14....YEP! I said 14.......
SO EXCITED to show you more of my Portfolio...
I have Lime Greens, Chocolates, Coppers, Golds, Silvers, Whites, Super Brights.....
14 Trees worth!!!

Ok all my lovelies....My fingers are tired and Im about to REWIND the Tivo and make my poor husband REwatch a couple of movies...poor Fella!



Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

WOW 14 tree's!!!!! - insane lady!

Traci said...

I can't wait to see the rest!!! Christmas is my fave time of year!!! It's killing me not to pull everything out now & start decorating! said...

Hey can pull it all out as of November 1st! Its SOOOOO allowed:-)

Traci said...

OK I'm a follower. I thought I already was!! Maybe I'll win!! I guess I need to put up the Halloween stuff & then I can pull out the Christmas!!

Cheryl said...

I am liking you blog more and more with each passing post! Love love love the Christmas tree info! OMG I adore you:) Thanks so much for posting your work and ideas. It helps the rest of us who want to have a gorgeous tree but don't know where to start. I miss Hobby Lobby ever since we moved from Illinois back to Delaware. I so wish they would build one hear. We have ACMoore and Michaels and JoAnne Fabrics but Hobby Lobby was the bomb! I sure hope you wouldn't mind if I post about your blog soon. I am literally just starting an all year Christmas blog called All Year Cheer

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