Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Winners!!! A Lakehouse to Die For.....

BECOME A GOOGLE FOLLOWER TODAY to be entered for the
Showing the Goodies tomorrow
  My plan...If you remember, was to Do WEEKLY GIVEAWAYS through the Christmas Season in HOPES to Lift a spirit in need at this time of year...leaving the Choice up to God!

SOOOOO, heres the deal!  I HATE that random .org...for a number of reasons and issues that I have encountered , I just PERSONALLY dont choose to use it....Im NOT trying to tell anyone else not to!  So what could be better than the "Good Ole Fashioned Way" of drawing!????  2 DAAAAAAAAARLING little kids...Anyone know who these two belong to...They SURE are CUTE!  And getting along SO WELL so early in the morning....I dont KNOOOOWWW, but I just have this feeling that these two are normally nit pickin at each other at this hour!!!   IM JUST SAYIN'.....  Anywhoooo!
*We first drew for the Custom Floral and the winner IS.....
Melissa from Melissas Heart and Home!!!!   YOU GO GIRL!!!!  I HOPE the Red, White and Silver will work for your home!
*The next two we drew for were the Cookbooks, WoodWick Candle and Rooster Salt and Pepper Shakers and the winners are.......
Traci from The Traci Chronicles!!!!  YAY!!!  SO SWEAR this was not rigged!  I have to admit I got super excited for her due to the mere fact that pooooor Traci NEVER WINS! (and i would NOT be telling you this if I rigged it!)  LOL!  So Thank you Lord for her win!
And the other winner was......
Marty from A Stroll Through Life!!!  YAY Marty!   So glad you got these ROOSTERS!   God Blessed each Winner for a particular Reason....not to our knowing...Lets ALL just be SOOOO HAPPY for Gods Choices!
Ladies...I will need to get all of your shipping info so give me a HOLLA!!! :) or just send me and email at kara@elements-interiors.net



This adorable little girl was NOT happy that we let the little boy pull out this winner!  I LOVE the Look she is SHOOTIN him!  Like "Could ya NOT!?"   And look how proud HE LOOKS!  LOL!

And hes like, "Uhh, HERE"....While she is peering into the Vase at ALL the other Papers...CERTAINLY thinking...."Look...he shoudve picked THAT one!"    By the way!!!  This process takes A LOT   LOOOOOOONGER  than Random.org!   BUT!  This is much more endearing and the computer wont "screw up"!

So on to todays post!!!
This is a clients Lakehouse (A vacation home...a place for them to get away!)  You should see their HOME they live in....Uuuuuuuhhhh, can I move in IT?  Anywhoo...this is their GORGEOUS vaca home:

LOOK!  Its Rudolph!  Hes Skeeeeerd we are gonna see his Nose that GLOWS and we were gonna Laugh and call him Names!  And that we wouldnt let him play in any reindeer games!

Hes like "Hey, Dasher!  Get Prancer!!!  Ive been MADE!   Tell the BIG GUY we gotta call this potty break short!  HURRY!!!  Theyre on to me!   LEEEEETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

OKAY!  First off....I look like POOP, or Reindeer TURD! lol...I was SICK this day but HAD to get the install DONE....they have a HUGE event this week!!! 
AND...Second....I KNOW IM WEARING THE SAAAAAME SHIRT as my post from Friday!  THERE IS a REASON!   It has Glitter ALL OVER IT!  I didnt want to BEDAZZLE another shirt!  That Glitter WILL NOT come OUT!
Who needs a Bedazzler?????????????????? Just go to Hobby Lobby and SHAKE IT with some of the Glitter ornaments...WoooHoooo!

Oooohhhh!  An ACTION shot!  Good job hubbie!  See the SWING of the earrings!

This is their Island/serveover bar and I made a Custom Floral that was 12 Foot Long!  Whew !  That was a HUGE SUCKER!  It turned out GORG!!!!!

We have incorporate Antlers into Most all her Christmas decor to go with the Rustic Feel of the home

Oops!  Pardon the Glass of wine :)  I just had ONE!

I SOOOOO WISH you guys could see all the Elements of this piece!  It is Coppers, Chocolates, Ice Blues...

Would you LOOK at this GRAND ROOM!  Its A-MAZ-ING!!!!  Beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Antler Chandelier....The 15 foot tree......

The Master Bath just needed a Little touch....I made this piece to hang and wrap around that corner...

This was 3 Feet long...The room is just SOOO MASSIVE its hard to see!!

To get that PERFECT FROSTED PINE look...
TIP:  Use white spraypaint, lightly, then while its still tackey, use the Spray Frost in a can (most people use it on their windows...NOT ME!  Use it on Florals, Nests, even ornaments (just seal those!)

I Bought this Tabletop Tree and secured it into this Vase, then added the Garland, balls and ribbon...

OOPS!  My Photographer/Hubbie took a pic of the wall piece in the middle of the Countertop arrangement....Will have to Dock his PAY!!!!  :) 

This fireplace is MASSIVE!!!  I felt like i was standing in front of the Opening of Carlsbad Caverns!  LOL!  All I was lacking was a MAP and a Goofy lookin "tourist" outfit with a FANNYPACK!  :)

SEE!!  The opening is taller than me!!!!!!  HELLER!!!

OH MYYYYY!  Nice shot! 
 I look like im SCALING a Mountain Side!  Lets see if I REPEL in a minute!!!

This Piece is right in front of you as you walk in the Front Doors!  Its Beautiful ...Its Chuncky and its HUGE!  Almost as tall as me!!!

SEE!   Ohhh Eeemmm Geee!!!  I can rest my chin on it I swear!!!

Look at that VIEW!!!!!

AND Again!!!!  Geougeous!!!

This is the Custom centerpiece I did for the FOOTBALL FIELD sized table!  It has Peacock Feathers along with the Antlers......CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY about this Floral!

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL HOME!!!  Im So BLESSED to have had the pleasure to work with them!  They are some of my FAVORITE clients!

Front Doors!  DIE!

Here again...The doors are MASSIVE so .....The arrangements are MASSIVE!!! 
These measure 3 & 1/2 feet!

I have wired in Antlers, Branches, Large Pinecones....still keeping with our colors of Copper, Chocolate, Ice Blue.....
BESTILL my heart!!!

This is their Powder Bath....When near finishing up the construction of the house she wanted to do something EXTRA SPECIAL in there, but we didnt want to do a "Faux Finish"so I found some Leather to put up on the walls!  It turned out GORGEOUS!!!  Its an Imprinted leather and I finished off the edges of the walls with a Twine-Like Rope...The lower half was laid with stone river rock....Beautiful!
It ROCKS!!!!
:)  That was fuuuuuny!
Rocks=Rocks....get it?  Uuuuuuhhhh...Im SUCH a DORK!

The sink is an Actual Barrell!!!  BRILLIANT!   LUUUUUUUURVE!!!!

Here you can see the Embossed Leather and the Rope Element....I had SPLINTERS for a week from that ROPE!  Only a TRUE TEXAS GAL could handle THAT!  COWBOY UP! 
We werent PLAYIN about that rope!  This Aint our First RODEO!!! 
{/ :)  Uuuuhhh, I was TRYIN to give my Smiley face a COWBOY Hat!   Did it work?   Not so much!

WHEW!  This post took me FOREVER!!!  I have LITERALLY been workin on it since 6:30 am
WHOOP!   There it is.....

Have a BLESSED Day all my lil decorators!!!

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