Friday, October 8, 2010

TGIF! Lets Have Some Fun with Pumpkins...

Its Friday!  YAY!!!  Its the perfect time to carve pumpkins!  Its fun to freehand but Martha, Martha, Martha -Stewart has some AMAZING templates!(Sorry, thought I was Jan Brady there for a moment).  Check those out!  You can order them online or get them at Kmart...FUN STUFF!

If you have visited my site before, I LOVE to share a little bit of Me and My life with you, my friends!  These are my BABIES ( do we moms EVER QUIT calling them our babies???)  This is Last Halloween,  Not sure what we are this year...sounds like I need to make a trip to WalMart for their INEXPENSIVE Costumes!

YIKES!  To be Quit honest...Im NOT at all sure what THIS costume is...he picked it, I paid for it, Hhhmmm...

Actually...not sure what to call this costume either!  Lets just call it "Her dance recital costume that mommy FORGOT the day of her recital and we TOTALLY missed the recital, so Im not gonna let this expensive costume go to waste...Costume!)  I felt HORRIBLE!  I cried ALL DAY!!!  I was WAAAY more upset than she was!

Since I talk about our Dogs, I wanted to introduce them to yall!  This is our Black Lab, Raider!  The BEST Dog EVER!   He was named Raider because we live in a College city, (Lubbock, Texas) Home to Texas Tech University, the  Red Raiders!!!  We Bleed Red and Black out here! 

And this PRECIOUS little guy Is our Japanese Chin, Gizmo!  Have you seen the movie " Gremlins"???  He looks JUST like that little furry creature...But WAAAY cuter!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!  What an EASY Halloween Decoration!  Go to Hobby Lobby (or whatever craft store you have)  and buy some Black Frames, go online and look up creepy portraits, hit Print and BOOM, a great decoration...

Every house needs a witch at Halloween ( and HEY, im not talkin about myself). This one manages to be a pretty witch...
image Horchow

These are AMAZING!!!!  I will be doin these myself!!!  Go to your local craft store and buy some foam pumpkins and some black beads ( I personally think going to a fabric store and getting some Black headed Pins)  would be easier...I would use a Pencil to draw out your pattern first...Again, so simple!
image Horchow

This ROCKS!!!  I think if you go to your local craft store, they will most likely have something like this (and probably this near Halloween, 50%-75% off!)  if not, go look at some of their Unpainted wood products and look for something like this, or even birdhouses and go get some craft paint and glitter and have fun with a do it yourself project (if you have kids, that would be a great thing to all do together!)
image Horchow

Arent these Caaaaute?!  Check your Craft store....
image Horchow

How EASY is this???!!!  Small to medium pumpkins, curley willow (in the dried section at a craft store) spraypaint some black and I would leave some in their natural twig color, some spanish moss...DONE!  You could Do little groupings like this around the house and have Halloween decor throughout!  Simple!  Then after Halloween, you have alot of Pumpkins for Decor through Thanksgiving!  AND Christmas, just add a Christmas bow to the top of your Pumpkins!
image Southern Living

AGAIN...Its the weekend...Have fun with your Kids, your Family or even in Quiet time for yourself, carving Pumpkins!!!

So.....on this Friday, I wanted to leave you with some FUN projects! Halloween Decorations can easily have a very "cheap, cheesy look ", so just search out the nicer looking items...or buy a "cheapy" that has potential and make it something beautiful!  Theres a HUGE amount of accomplishment in seeing an image, getting Inspiration and doing it yourself!  (Unless your not into doing crafts...then you just go but it ) and thats ok too!  And let your imagination work...add to the craft or just roam the craft isles and get Inspired!  But, I hope I have started your wheels spinning!  Have FUN and have Blessed Day (and weekend)!!!!  xoxokpb!


Anonymous said...

Followed you over from Dirksen Dabbles. Love your upbeat spirit!

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