Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Homes Fall Makeover...

My Home...Naked!

Stone columns...The light fixture is BEGGING for company...

Concrete Urns....They are feeling a bit , EMPTY!

My front doors...I LOVE my green berry wreaths! 


Just some tools you will need...
NOTE:  my glue guns look SHOT, but i have has these forever, they are like a limb on my body (Prob time to get new ones)...I always have 2 on so there is always one ready!  The Green "toothpick" looking things, those are floral picks, you use these to poke into the foan pumpkins(hot glue in) then hot glue the other end into the wreath (or floral arrangment) they are a must!  On the isle with the glue guns and glue sticks...

The flower and Ribbons to add the color desired...Sage green and an Eggplant color are GREAT additions of color...it looks best when you add color to all the Orange, Brick red etc, the EXPECTED colors of Autumn..

The Wreath I have done that needs added color!  Go check your Dollar Stores as they have some wreaths ready to go, you might just need to add touches of color..
Note: buy a vine wreath, a ready made fall garland and simply wire it to the front of the vine wreath :-)

Making the bow for my wreaths...Handmade bows are much prettier than the premade, or ones made on a bow maker...
Im going to show you soon a step by step on how to make a bow!  Stay tuned in to my BLOG!

So, NOTICE, I have left my green berry wreaths and just Layered the Autumn wreath on top..YaaHoo!  get to keep my berry wreaths up AND they add some needed color to the autumn ones...And NOTICE how much better the wreath looks with that rich eggplant color...

Aaaahhhh!   Luuuuurve em!  But entry still looks Naked!

Added these AMAZING corn husks in containers!!!  Im in LOVE with them too!

K!  This was a ready to go wreath (dollar general)...simply layed it on top of the Urn...

Add a LARGE pumpkin (i have shoved some boxes into the urns to lift the pumpkins...VOILA!  Urns, DONE! 

Remember my Lonely Light fixtures...here is its friend...Its actually a Candle Ring im using as a wreath...they are about 1/2 the price of a wreath..

they needed some Sage and Eggplant color too!

FORGOT I had these cute lil lanterns...Wired them right onto the Corn Husks for some needed volume down at the bottom of the Foofy Top of the husks!

SO...NOTICE that the containers I am using are different sizes...Thats TOTALLY fine...we just need to balance the weight Visually...with some placing of pumpkins...
2 pumpkins on the left side with one on the right...thatll do it!

The pumpkin is a GIRL and she wanted a BOW on her head!  She looks better with a bow for some color...her Boyfriend right next to her will NOT be wearing a bow....

OH, and her friend on the other side of the doors, she needed a bow too...needed color!
And, HELLER....we are Done with our Front entry Fall-izing!!!

See how they all visually marry....

Aaahhh...the Ribbon and added color in the wreath...BEAUTIFUL...add and UNEXPECTED color!

I know thats the first thought that popped into your head, huh?
I am all HOT and Yucky after all that work.....this is my Shower and I am getting IN IT!
Hope you enjoyed making over my Entry of my Home with me....Thanks for checkin it out!
DO ME A FAVOR and please leave a comment...ask any questions...

Its Gorgeous at night too!

we had a downpouring of rain yesterday...Then God gave us a RAINBOW!  isnt it pretty...And this does NOT do it justice...there were actually 2, this one and the 2nd Bigger...I couldnt get it in the shot...
I HOPE you have enjoyed my entry MAKEOVER!  Let me know if you like and ask my if you have questions!  Love you ALL! xoxokpb

Have a BLESSED day!


Unknown said...

holy love - you have an AMAZING home! - my house is a shack compaired to yours - no really it is - it's a small cape cod .. one day i'll have a large beautiful home like yoU! :o)

Karena said...

Kara how elegant! I am a new follower, could not find the link for your giveaway, I would love to be included!

I am also having a great Giveaway from Metis Linens, do come and enter!

Art by Karena

Longuette said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is not a house, this is a VILLA!!!! that place is huge! I love all decorations and stuff. I like so much the...what it's call? wreatch?? the circle stuff I mean....with all flowers...Love it!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Kara, thanks for stopping by & introducing yourself. What a beautiful and elegant home you have. Wow! Great job with making it Fallish.

I don't do the Follow thing, so that seems to be a stipulation in a lot of giveaways, so if that disqualifies me, sorry, that's just the way it is. But, it's nice to meet you, hope to see you around more.

Unknown said...

How gorgeous + festive, what a stunning home you have! It's so lovely to meet you! xo

Unknown said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! HOW cute is your house!??! I love the fact that you made it look like an instant transformation!! :D

Barbara Jean said...

That all turned out sooo pretty!


barbara jean

Lori @ Projects Plenty said...

What a stunning exterior. I also have iron and glass front doors... LOVE yours. I really like what you did with your entryway, especially the corn husks with the lanterns. Well Done!

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