Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Design work!

These are pictures of my personal home.  This is a house we GUTTED, a 2 1/2 yr project, WOW!  This is very much my Personal taste, very Old World with Traditional, using warm earthtones throughout.  BUT, of course I had to play a bit in my kids rooms...FUN!  Brogan has a very whimsical room in tones of pale greens, purple and pinks, of course!  And I HAD to put in the crystal chandelier, what little girl wouldnt want that, right?  My son HAD to have the sports Goin ON!  I had fun with our "Mud Room", I put in Lockers and had my trim team frame in the Mailboxes, which I then painted our names on...(This was MAINLY done so as to get my husband to put his neverending "pile" INTO the mailbox, so I wouldnt have to look at it...didnt work)..but cool, neverless.  My Kitchen and Master Bath are my DREAM areas!!!  My bathroom is a getaway...An aromatherapy tub with my chandelier, a coffee/wine bar, a tv...Im SET!  Just wanted to give yall a little piece of me to get this Blog goin!  Hope you like and I will be sharing TONS with you in my new journey...Any design questions...just hit my guestlist and email me!  Hope to walk with ya on this new Journey!  xoxokpb


Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Your home is just gorgeous!! I knew you were from Texas before I even read that just by looking at your home!! See, I lived in Texas for about 10 years and there is a style to it! You have a lot of the same colors that I just love in your home! Beautiful and you have a new follower! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

Ashley said...

I love the color of your walls in the kitchen, do you happen to know the color?

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