Monday, October 11, 2010

Lets start your week off GREAT!

Lets just start off this fantasy Home of "Warm & Cozy" with this amazing Bed (that I might just NEVER get out of) It has a bit of an Eclectic feel as the Headboard has an Asian Flair, paired with the Seicel rug and Fur throw at foot of the bed...Its good to not be to "matchy matchy"...mixing styles and textures is soooo NOW & sooo IN...

I imagine these 3 (remember Odd numbers look better, an Interior Designer Rule!)  large Candle holders grouped on a Power dresser ( POWER =Large in designer lingo)  You could pour in some Warm colored Potpourri in the bottom just under the decorative iron, to make them more custom...

Remember: Every room needs a touch of green, it brings Nature and Life to each room...It doesnt have to be TONS, just a touch :-)  NOTE:  Just be picky on the greenery if going with silk...The bright, neon green has to GO!  Look for bushes that have a deeper green hue...those can pass as Real....

This Warm toned artwork would be perfect on the wall in our bedroom...Possibly above a comfy oversized chair with a floorlamp (you can find Great artwork at Consignment stores, they just might need a little TLC)...I know this because Ive SOOO DONE IT in my home! 

OK, I know this bathroom seems TOTALLY out of place BUT with the proper accessorizing, its perfect!  When you go with such warm tones in a bedroom (Paint on walls, Bedding, Draperies) its a Good thing to lighten up in the Bathroom...Just add some of the following:

This warm bronzed tone container would be AMAZING with some Warm toned Bath towels rolled up and placed inside and a Handtowel draping over the side...

AGAIN with the Touch of green ( possibly on the vanity) ...

A warm textural, photo frame place on the vanity, if large enough, or hang a warm toned wall shelf and place there, paired with a grouping of candles....

This is one of the Photo Frames out of my collection...Showing the detail...

LOOOOOVE this Banquette style dining table ( VERY IN),  again we are carrying the warm tones throughout the ALWAYS need to stick to a color way to give your home Continuity....You dont want your home to feel chopped needs to flow...

PERFECT dining room floral arrangement...This one is a Custom Floral I did for a client....LUVS!

AAAHHH!   Love the different textures, tones, use of different woods.....Its always a nice touch to add some different colored Cabinet paint or stain....Here, I personally would have gone Black on the island... 

Love this Chandelier for SOMEWHERE in this house,  maybe above the island, or possibly even in the Master Bathroom...would help warm it up...

Some great accessory pieces for the kitchen...

YAY!  I love glass with colorful lentils (not so much for the things you would normally put in canisters, flour, sugar, you know)  These are for Pretties!  Go to the Grocery store and buy some bags of different colored lentils (they usually run about $1.50 a bag) pour em in (you can pour them in a layered pattern too, very pretty) Voila~ kitchen decor!

Add that touch of nature, a touch of green.....
images MINE, Horchow, Southern Living, Pierre Deux

So are you feeling all warm and cozy?  I am!  And all this so reminiscent of fall setting in...I LOVE fall...maybe it inspired my post for today.  Some of the Pretties in these pics are a bit Pricey$$$, just remember that there are ALWAYS budget friendly options!  Go check Target, Walmart, consignment stores, your local Crafts store and ...even your Home Improvement stores ( Home Depot, Lowes Sutherlands)  You might be surprised!  Inspiration+ Garage sales + Thrift stores +Spray paint =A DIY beautiful Home!  Dont be afraid to try! Have a Blessed day!  xoxokpb


Bethany Dirksen said...

Hello Kara, I just stumbled upon your blog for the first time and thought I would say hello. I am from the interior design world as well and saw your comment on COCOCOZY. I like your idea of picking all those photos and making your own scrap book style room. Good tips and tidbits as well :)

I write a blog about the art world, but my professional history is in interior design. Love to hear what other people are thinking and doing. Hope to see you around the blogging community in the future.


Robert said...

Awww, sweet Kara. You know your Roberto never misses a post. Love the dining room table. Mom needs chairs for her "new" table. I'm gonna show her this idea. It's something that I think she will love.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

You and I have similar taste. I love that Banquette. Horchow is a favorite of mine. I looked at your house and it is beautiful. Beautiful doors and your dining room is fabulous!
It looks like you have a similar Travertine in a Versaille pattern. Your house is gorgeous with all of the Tuscan influence. Bravo! Linda

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