Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Its the little things...

Just a little smile for you today from me!  And, YES, this is me with Blond you get to know me you will realize I change my haircolor with the west Texas wind!  Change is good...sometimes! NOTE to self and others:  if you want to go blond from brown, DONT do it at home, Im just sayin!  You will end up at the salon for corrective color, EEEKKK!

Just a simple empty Urn (from Hobby Lobby, 1/2 price) makes a Beautiful, elegant way to keep all your bath needs at your tub but tucked away in a pretty disguise!  Very Simple!

Found a tray (probably, again, at Hobby Lobby (1/2 price, heehee) makes a lovely touch to your tub, and again, is useful for you Tub Soakers out there, holds a Book, or Magazine (in my case) , candles and your beverage of choice!  Again, dresses up your bathroom with a Simple touch...OF COURSE, since I am an Interior Designer, the towels are for looks, oops!

A wrought iron wall piece with rolled up towels and washcloths (ALSO for looks only-at my house) softens an otherwise hard surface...simple soft touches!  By the way, just incase you are wondering, the towels and washcloths my family are allowed to use are in a top drawer near every sink...I have trained them well :-)

Just me and my Husband...I love you babe and thank God he gave you to me...He knew you would put up with my OCD!
I dont REALLY have OCD, I just like everything a VERY PARTICULAR WAY!  (ok, maybe I do have OCD!)

AND, my precious babies that God Blessed us with!  Now, if I could just get God to come down here and get them to PICK UP after themselves, and only have to tell them ONCE, heehee! todays post I wanted to keep it simple as its Hump day, Tomorrow im gonna lay it on THICK..(just teasing!)...Ive created this blog to hopefully bring you tips and do it yourself advice at a Budget friendly price, as we are all having to tighten our spending a bit!  God has given all of us a talent and he wants us to use it, and I have be doing Interior Design since 1987 and just felt God pulling at my heart to do something Helpful for others!  My hope is that I will serve this purpose and bring you all information, ideas and pictures to inspire you!  I HOPE it helps!  AND, by the way, God did NOT talent me with Bookwork, so for those of you out there that can do that...God Bless You for it! have a blessed day! xoxokpb
P.S.  Take time out every day to enjoy the little things, your family, a hobby, garden, cook, read a book and maybe some quiet time (alone or with God)...I find it will bring some peace in your life, in this hectic world! xoxokpb


Longuette said...

wow, you are so pretty!!! you really look like a soap opera actress!

I wish I could be positive and full of life like you..I should come back more often to your blog and get inspired


Ness Lockyer said...

True, true. I do like the blonde hair btw...very nice. Love your white shots and your family looks so sweet.
Ness xx

Unknown said...

ps ur kids are BEYOND adorable!!! - and u look great with ur blonde hair!!!!!

Gypsy Heart said...

Love the blonde hair! Your family is very striking ~ thanks for sharing the pictures.

I'm glad you share design tips too. I'm not one that goes by what is "in" or what is dictated by the masses but love suggestions and how-to's. I like things funky, eclectic, a bit traditional and lots of color.

Hope you're having a blessed day!

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