Friday, October 22, 2010

Its Friday...DIY time!!!

SERIOUSLY???  How simple is that!  If you already have large candleabras...use those....if not, saw some at Big Lots and Hobby Lobby!   Go to the Pumpkin Patch (Or grocery store)  Ours were $3.00 a pumpkin....the leaves FREE from yard!
You Go GIRLS!  You can do it!

HELLERRRRRRR!!!!  A pot  from your kitchen, a $3.00 Pumpkin, a bush of Sunflowers (I would actually get a more FALLISH Brick red Mums, or mixture of fall colored flowers or even Sunflowers, I just prefer A deep brick red color....Fall bushes at local Craft store , usually 1/2 price (if not its still not that much$$$$) or Dollar store,  AND, if you dare, some twiggy thingies with berries.
You dont even need a glue gun on this one!  Just clip the flower and leave about a  10" stem so you can secure the flower into the pot!
I have LOOOOTS of pots available in MY KITCHEN, since I dont use them to cook...remember, im workin on that!

LOVE the eggplant color added in...REMEMBER my eggplant colored bows on my entry Fall makeover...
Buy some small REAL pumpkins...NO FOAM ONES!  Foam + Flame = FIRE!  NO BUENO!
Get a wick kit from Craft store...make a small hole in mini pumpkin and secure wick..
VOILA!  A small pumpkin candle! 

How Caaaaaute is this?!  I would buy some fake oranges (Hobby Lobby or Big Lots) and Spice seeds, and some Goop Glue,( its a fast set craft glue) and glue em on...
You might consider Orange headed pins on a different fake fruit, like a would pull that needed color in with all the fall Orange, etc...

And THIS!  Greenery with some orange flowers (a bush of this tiny of a flower will cost next to NOTHING)  and YEP, those are spools of twine...craft store or a hardware store (Ace, Lowes, Home Depot).......

YEPPERS!  Previous picture made from this picture...WOWZERS!
These are all EASY DIY projects...I know, because I have done them, and I KNOW that you can do it too!

pics: mine, southern living
AND THIS.......Next weeks GIVEAWAY!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me and my sweet friend, Erika, at ~Tiptoe Butterfly~ are pairing up on this one!
This is the MOST AMAZING bath and body product!  I sell it in my store....I have been using it for 16 years, wont use anything else...Its Camille Beckman....It ROCKS!!!
be sure to check back on Monday for the details...
You do NOT want to miss this one!  Promise on the Bible....

OK all my FRIENDS....these are some SUPER SIMPLE , fun DIY projects for your weekend (or whenever you can fit it in)...
Have fun with it...Love you all ! AND:
Have a BLESSED weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love your photos! I've made the clove/oranges w/ real oranges... never thought to make ones that would last. There is no Hobby Lobby near Boston. Love your blog.

p.s. I am having a photography giveaway if it interests you. xo

Longuette said...

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Amy Bird said...

Love your blog! You have lots of inspiration for home design which I love! Looking forward to more posts! I also entered your giveaway on Tiptoe Butterly blog! :)I am now a follower!

Check out my blog and follow me too! :)

Barbara Jean said...

Some sweetly cute ideas here.
I'm enjoying my stroll through your blog.

Thanks for coming by and saying hi, and letting me know about the giveaways.

blessings and have a great weekend.


barbara jean

Anonymous said...

Love the blog Kara! Your house is beautiful and your family even more beautiful!! And what great ideas you have!!


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