Monday, October 25, 2010


THIS is our GIVEAWAY!!!!!
You do NOT want to miss this one...This is a product I sell in my Store. 
On the left is a SUGAR CANE BODY POLISH-Camille Beckman has taken a great Thought and make it work even BETTER!  You will usually find "SALT SCRUBS"-NOT good, the salt DRIES your skin! The sugar cane exfoliates without drying!
In the middle is a Camille Beckman GLYCERINE THEREPY-AGAIN, she has taken a simple moisturizer and made it BETTER!  HOW?  She simply adds GLYCERINE to a FAINTLY FRAGRANCED Lotion...Let me explain...MOST lotions are VERY fragranced...smell good, but the BAD news is FRAGRANCE is made with ALCOHOL!  That is NOT good...this is why many times you will find yourself having to REapply your lotion over and over and over!
Camille Beckman puts just a touch of frangrance in to make it smell good, then adds GLYCERINE to ALL her products, even the Sugar Cane Body Polish...the Result, your skin WILL feel like SILK!
I PROMISE!  I have been using Camille Beckman products for 16 years and dont use anything else!
This GIVEAWAY, the fragrance is Mango Beach!  YUM!  Its her #3 across most of the Nation!
THIS STUFF ROCKS!  Again....Addicting!
The Pretty glass dispenser can be used as a reed diffuser...OR, I like it as a container for Bubble Bath...Looks so pretty at the Tub area:-)

And this....................................Just some inspiration to use the Above pictured GIVEAWAY!!!

So to get in on the giveaway simply:
*Be a Google Friend Follower of BOTH: This Blog(Elements Interiors) AND ~Tiptoe Butterfly~


Winner Announced Next Wednesday!

On another note....Do you just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my NEW site Look?!
I have a precious friend Melanie (Note her web design ad down the page) and we have been working on this over the weekend...NOT Finished, so please be patient.....That is why a few things are missing or out of place...we hope to have it all strightened out in a few days...Thank you Melanie!

Alright Erika!  Lets DO THIS GIVEAWAY!!!
EVERYONE...Have a Blessed day!


STYLE'N said...

following you now (found you over at Erika's!)naina

Kristin Waide said...

I'm following both! Hope you're doing well sweetie!

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

Just found you via TiptoeButterfly! Following!

Jamie Leigh said...

Hey! I was doing some blog hopping and found your wonderful blog! I love interior design, it is so intriguing!! Looking forward to following you :)

Simply Colette said...

Entered the giveaway! Nice to make your blog acquaintance :)

Longuette said...

yes,this new layput is really pretty! Love it!

I am a follower of both already,
hope to have luck!


Stacey said...

Newest follower via Erika! Great giveaway!

heather said...

mango beach sounds dreamy!

Unknown said...

Just popped by from Tiptoe...and now following!

Crystal @ Rue said...

Just found you via coco + kelley! lovely to "meet" you!

designchic said...

Thrilled to find you via Tiptoe - now I'm a follower!

Tammy said...

I am over here from Melanies! Love the look you two created! New follower too! :)

MFEO2009 said...

I'm entering the giveaway and I'm a new follower courtesy of Mel's Coffee Break :)

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