Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Is Here...Lets Decorate...

Nothing welcomes Fall more than a beautiful wreath ( or 2 for double doors) on your Front door, the entry to your Home. Your local craft store has "Fall Picks"...if your not the Creative type, this makes it SUPER SIMPLE to create your own wreaths....just grab a few picks, a fall bush and a hot glue gun!  OR...make a trip to Dollar General, Dollar Tree or Big Lots...They have some great stuff!!!  Budget friendly!

Just make groupings of Pumpkins and Gourds all around, not only on your front porch, but inside the house!  Uncarved pumpkins will last you through Thanksgiving and even Christmas.  To incorporate pumpkins into Christmas decor, just hot glue a christmas ribbon and some Christmas tree ormaments( colored balls is best) that fit in with your Christmas colors....

More simple groupings of pumpkins and gourds...I mean, how simple is THAT!  I may have my kiddos (6 and 10) do that...its easy enough that they can do and kids LOVE to help...Surely they cant mess this up...??? :-)

LUUUUUUURVE this!  Easy, Breezy, Beautiful..( Cover Girl )...Wait, thats makeup...such a Catchy phrase though!  We make it WOOOORK!

Ok...I know this is such a RANDOM pic to throw in this mix...but with the holidays upon us, who COULDNT use an island in their kitchen???  I have made ( ALL by MYSELF!)  a kitchen island very similar to this by making a few trips to our local Home Depot, Lowes and Sutherlands.  They have all the parts needed: Decorative legs, MDF board (they will cut to whatever size you need) and you can top it off with Butcher Block tops (they sell this too) or precut formica tops, or if you are REALLY handy, top it with  MDF and tile it!  Great way to give yourself the extra needed counter space!!!  And its still early enough that you have time..a One weekend project..let your creative juices FLOW!

Baskets, Baskets, Baskets...group them everywhere...fill them with Fall bushes from the craft store or even any Dollar stores...CHEAP to the wallet...NOT cheap looking!  Its doesnt have to cost alot to look expensive! 

Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!  Need I say MORE?  I think NOT!  This one makes me MELT!  Look at the elements in the picture, use it as inspiration and DIY project! 

I make a gazillion of these every year for clients!  SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL and simply simple!  Go for it!
images:Mine, Southern Living, Frontgate

Hope I have inspired some ideas and sparked your creative juices!!!  Oooooooooooo Noooooooooo!  I just realized, I may be BLOGGING myself right out of my job as an Interior Designer, Yikers!  For those of you that live in Lubbock Texas...you still NEED ME!  heehee!  Its ok, God will take care of me, no worries!
ENJOY....have fun and DIY on a budget!
Have a BLESSED day!


Robert said...

Yay!!! I think it's gonna work this time...sorry the kids are sick and Mrs. Kara is blue. Smile...God is great, the weather is awesome, and your blog is fantastic. Gonna have to pick your mind for a gift for my mom on Oct. 19. Really like the idea of a center piece for her table.

Longuette said...

a giveaway at the very beggining of blogging is a great idea!


Lynn said...

Hi Kara, I have joined your blog. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to win one of these great-looking candles!

Also, did you post where you found some of the items in Monday's post? I'm particularly interested in the glass canister set (you suggested putting lentils in them...). Please let me know where I can find them. Thanks!

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