Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Room that Looks Heavenly....

Aaaaahhhh!  Need I say more?  Actually I you have seen, my personal home is very Old World/Tuscan with Very Warm colors, HOWEVER, as an Interior Designer I LOVE a huge variety of Styles, and FLOWY, ROMANTIC, CLEAN WHITES and CREAMS I Dream of....It reminds me of what I imagime Heaven to be like, and again Aaaahhh!  And I love the mirrored chest as nightstand, Mirrors are IN!!! Also the added Metal piece above the bed offers another texture...
bedding from Horchow

Again, Mirrored Anything is Very IN!  These would be Beautiful in the bedroom on a chest made of Wood...You would NOT want to place these on and already mirrored chest as that would be too much...Pull these in on the other side of the room...Perfect!
image Horchow

LOVE THESE!  Also very IN is anything branchy, grapevine or twig...these would be great in this bedroom we are pulling together for added texture!  Many times, a mistake made, is too much of one texture...The trained eye (and even the untrained eye) needs diffferent textures...For instance, in the Master bath of this room, I can see The vanity mirrors, the Travertine or Marble or hardwood floors and countertops, contrasted with a large Basket on the floor filled with rolled up Towels!   Thats why God Invented Towels :-)  To hang on towel bars to soften walls, just as rugs soften floors!
image Horchow

Im CRAZY about this Vase!  Beautiful in this room with Grapevine balls for texture or Moss balls for Texture AND Color...I Personally think every room in the house needs some Green...It invites nature into your home, and lets face it, Nature is Beautiful and a gift fromGod!
image Horchow

And AGAIN, Crazy about this Chandelier!!!  Wish I had a spot in my house but it would look like a grain of White rice in a grouping of colored Lentils...not good!  I think these would make FABULOUS Nightstand lights suspended from ceiling instead of Lamps...Frees up more nightstand space to boot!  Its an UNEXPECTED fixture for such a "Formal" looking room, but THAT is what Design is all about, throw in the unexpected...These would fit the bill!
image Horchow

This is a Frame from My Picture frame line that we produce locally in my hometown, Lubbock Texas...I LOVE PICTURES!  They, to me, are what makes a house into a HOME!  I LOVE designing these frames as of my stress relievers!  This particular Design would fit in this room perfectly!  I sell these in my store and have many other Designs
image MINE! :-)

To show the Detail...I will be showing more of my Designs in later posts...Stay Tuned IN! :-)

I can see this as the Kitchen in this home...the one we are putting together in this blog :-)  LOVE the Baskets, Love the Clear canisters and the the Pressed Tin Element on the frig doors is AMAZING!!!  I would personally fill the front basket with Green Granny Smith can get VERY Realistic fruit at Hobby Lobby (and pay attention to ads and get then 1/2 price)
image Southern Living

Topiaries, topiaries, topiaries!!!  Always a great choice to add some green life to a room, I think a grouping of 3 in this kitchen would be perfect!  NOTE: In the world of Interior Design, Odd numbers always look better 98% of the time!  Wheather it be topiaries, pillows, candles etc....
image Ballard

And, finally...the REASON I cant have a WHITE, FLOWY, ROMANTIC, and CLEAN theme in my personal home!  Not to mention the BLACK LAB!  Wouldnt trade em though.....

and AGAIN...Messy!  However, I just realized that this mess would be a white mess...Anywhoooo, it could easily have been Hersheys chocolate syrup!  You get what im sayin :-)

My Daddy I LOVE so Much!!!  Always supportive of ALMOST everything I do! I love you Daddy! (he wasnt crazy about my Small Tatoo or Small nose piercing (Its a TINY little stud and my tatoo is a cross) 

and my Mom that I LOVE just as much!  Also supportive of ALMOST everything I do!  I love you mom! (and ditto about the tatoo and piercing)

our Gazebo in our Back yard...felt like throwing this one in because of the White Snow!
Im not sure why I woke up in the mood for white...could be because MY house is a WRECK (by my standards) and the white helps me Breathe!!!!  To share with you...I LOST my camera case back a few months, and my Handy Dandy camera case had these Greaaat little slots to keep several camera sim cards in it at one time!  A Great feature IF ONLY you have all your pictures on those memory cards uploaded to your computer....Go ahead, ask me if I had them ALL uploaded!  Drumroll please...NO I DID NOT!  Wwwwaaaaaaaaa!  Years of family, holidays, a 2 & 1/2 year house remodel (on our personal home we now live in) and Pictures of a TON of my work for my Portfolio, GONE!  It makes me Nauseated!  SO, I am forced to search out Pictures from some of my favorite websites, to offer Visuals...Im so sorry!  I LOVE Horchow, Southern Living, Ballard and use these as resources to Shop at times but would have LOVED to show ALL my personal work!
Let me just say, Any of the Pictures I have used in my Blogs that are too pricey, there are Always alternatives as I have to search them out, we take an Idea or Inspiration and look for alternative budget friendly options...these are a few of the places I use...Target (i LOVE Target...I can stay in there ALL DAY), Ross, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, JC Pennys, Dillards and , YES, even Super Wal Mart ( They have stepped up their Game!)
So dont get discouraged if you cannot afford the stuff in the Pics...We just have to do some lookin!  Hope there are some inspirations in here!  Have a Blessed day, xoxokpb


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