Monday, October 18, 2010

All About Fall...

LOOOOVing the Pumpkin wreath!  Just add some pumpkins to the Entry of your home and some autumn colored mums and you are set for the rest of October and through Thanksgiving!
The Pumpkin wreath:so EASY!  Your local craftstore, a Round shaped foam, some foam Pumpkins a gluegun and some toothpick like picks (on the same isle as the gluesticks) .  Poke the toothpicks into the foam pumpkins and then hotglue the picks into the pumpkin and into the this till its covered in Pumpkins!  Voila!
*P.S.  The dog is not necessary :-)  although he might keep the pumpkin thieves away!

Helleeeeerr!  A Vase with some Tree twigs (probably out of your own yard but if not, check your neighbors yard) and a small grouping of pumpkins and gourds...SIMPLE!
*P.S.  Twig thieves are are just helping your neighbor with yard work :-)

As you get to know me you will figure out I LOVE TOPIARIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I saw some great looking Urns at Big Lots...Just wrap an inexpensive garland around the outter edge of the urn, then stack 3 (the odd # Rule!!!) pumpkins...I would use a little Hotglue to help secure one to the next and BAM, a beautiful Pumpkin topiary...I say there is no need to light them but if you are feeling SUPER ambitious, GO FOR IT!

Aaahhh!  There are NO WORDS, just Aaahhhhhhh! 
NOTE: there is another pumpkin topiary as the centerpiece...Triple Aaahhhh!

OK!  Seriously, its a glass hurricane ( check your local craft store or ALWAYS check Dollar Tree, Dollar General or Family Dollar for glass hurricanes...the candles too!)  Add some orange-ish rafia and a simple twig wreath....the furry looking little fellas, just slip those right in!
NOTE: I have been doing Custom Florals for ooooooo, over 20 years..CANNOT remember what those are called!  Sheez!  They are on the Dried flowers isle....sorry, I will do my homework:-)

Again...Breathetaking!  Here, the Fall Elements have been layered on piece by piece.  Pick your main focal point (i.e.  a Pretty ceramic turkey or, if you have a rooster in your kitchen, that will do, no need to buy a new turkey)  Then possibly a layer of pumpkinns and gourds.  Then a few fall, mixed flower bushes(craft store 1/2 price) and simply fluff and lay them simple:-)
images:Mine, southern living

Just a few pictures to lay on that fall inspiration!!!  I will be doing a MAKEOVER to the front of MY PERSONAL HOME with BEFORE and AFTER photos for tomorrow!!!!!!!  Come back TOMORROW!
Much love!  xoxokp
Have a blessed day!


Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

that pumpkin wreth is ADORABLE - and i'm SO not a wreth person!

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