Monday, January 27, 2014

Just A Seecond Shout Out...

Hey there everyone!!  THANK YOU so much to everyone who responded to me after my post this weekend!  Meant so much!  But I wanted to do a 2nd little post this morning just to try and reach those bloggers who take the weekends off ( not AWOL like me...OOPS ) 

If you are just reading this post to day, please scroll down to my post on Saturday about things to come!!

I LOVE ALL YOU GIRLS who were a HUGE part of my life when I was blogging daily!

Go Follow me on Instagram at  KARABOYDELEMENTS as this will be a place I share my life but also my store and my projects when I can't do a full blog.  I will also be updating my Facebook page to share there as well, but for now I will be posting to INSTAGRAM immediately...Its SO EASY it just makes sense for my life right now to do that as a way to stay in touch with all my Blog Gals when I cant be home on my computer :)

SOOOOOOOOOOOO!!  My project for today is SO FUNNNN...NOT!  Im off to get a root canal! 
UUUGGG!  I will give a tidbit of INFO about TEETH!

Everyone have a FABULOUS Monday and I will be back!  PROMISE!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yes, Im still alive and have NEW THINGS to come!!!

OK!!!  Is anybody still popping in over here???  Hello, ello, ello...Anybody Here, ere, ere...Im Back, ack, ack...Hello, ello, ello...
Well, im hoping I can get this blog back on track!  Lets just SAY, I had to take an EXTENDED VaCa {vacation ;) } Ive had some health issues and just LIFE in general!!!  Im ok and I would like to get back to Blogging!! 
I HAVE MISSED ALL MY FRIENDS IN BLOGLAND!!!   I will say that I have to be realistic about my time on my blog and while I WISH I could blog like I used to, THAT is just NOT POSSIBLE RIGHT NOW :(   I had found myself being run by my blog and not ME running IT...SO, Im going to set a goal of at least 1 to 2 times a week...I have a store that needs constant attention which NEEDS to come after God in 1st place, my Hub and 2 kiddos {and Parents} in 2ndplace to be followed by a clean home, clean dogs...clean dogs helps= clean home...laundry, dishes, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH...UUUGGGG!!!  If I could just have 5 of me, I could do EVETHING 2,000 % 

I am going to be UPDATING my Elements Facebook Page...I PLAN to share merchandise I offer in my store as well as any and all of my Handmade with TLC, Kara Pierce Boyd Collection, merchandise :) a quick fill in resource to my Blog, I have an INSTAGRAM page!!  I have some GOODIES on there already!!  So PLLLEEEEEEASE come FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!!  Im excited about that because it is such a quick and easy place to share not only my HECTIC LIFE with all of my Blogland FRENZZZ, but some of my projects as well!!!  I will be doing some Follow me on INSTAGRAM giveaways!!!  

So there you have it!  MY PLAN...Fingers crossed! I can NOT wait to see all of ya,ll again! 
OH!  And I DO plan to come back with that FUNNY POST I told yall I would be doing way back, months ago...OOPSIE!

xoxoxoxs Kara

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Back SOON with a FUNNY Post!

Hey Ladies!!!  I had a few of you show up here yesterday and your comments mean the WORLD to me!!!!  Ive missed all of YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!  Im going to get back into this blogging a little slower and less stressed!!  I had found myself in a situation of Posting EVERYDAY and doing a "Project" EVERYDAY to post about...needless to say, the Blog was running my life when it should be ME running my Blog!  So, now that ive figured that out, I did a lot of PRAYING and Soul searching and realized that I was running my health into the ground (possibly in a coffin, YIKES!) I realized I was partially blogging a project almost daily for fear of anyone in blogland might get bored with me if I wasnt sharing and showing all these "GREAT CREATIONS" almost daily. Then I realized that God would not want it that way!  He wants whatever we do in life to be a JOY and we should be at PEACE, and we should GLORIFY God in our daily life! 
SO!  New approach for Kara...Im going to blog ANY and ALL Projects I HAVE SCHEDULED to do for a client on an Interior Design job...Im going to post on any work I do in my Store, I JUST MIGHT even blog me opening freight I get for my store.....Im going to blog MY LIFE...NOT projects(though I will blog those when i have them)...
So I HOPE you all will go on this NEW journey with me....It wouldnt be the same without ALL of you, My Blogging FRIENDS!!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Im still here!!!

I hope i am not posting to an "Empty" blogger world!! 
I KNOW its been REALLY QUIET without me around the last, oh say, YEAR and a HALF!!!
Ive had lots to deal with and just needed to regroup a bit, BUT, I PLAN to get back into this Blogging GROOVE...little by little.
SO...that said, I just wanted to put out a little "Hello" from Texas and say how much I have MISSED my BLOGGING FRIENDS!!!!!
I look forward to visiting all of ya'll and hope ya'll will come back here and see me:)

SO!  Big HUGS and KISSES from me to ALL of you!!!

Talk to ya'll soon!!


Monday, August 1, 2011

To Run or Not to Run???

Oh Emm Geeeeeeeeee!  Where da HECK have I Been??? goes...
SO!  I am going to give the SHORT {Yes...I CAN make a story SHORT...NO making FUN uhh ME! :) }
I have been moving my store, which most of you know...That has been like the BOTTOMLESS PIT of merchandise...its NEVER ENDING!  I am STILL inventory-ing and puting merchandise out...I need like LOTS of Santas lil Elves to help!  I dont care which ones either!  He could send me Sneezy, Doc...{ sick of NOT Doc } Happy, Bashful, Sleepy...{ OOP!  Rewind...I AM already SLEEPY!  That wont do!  He can keep Sleepy too },  Dopey, Grumpy...Eewww, NO...cant deal with Grumpy either...He can send Dasher { He sounds FAST!  NEED THAT! } and Prancer and Dancer {Dancer sounds like a LOTTA FUN...He and I can have some fun together with the music BLARING!!! }
OH! kis are trying to tell me something...HANG ON...What Brogan???  Those are the 7 Dwarfs?  WHAT?!  What did you say Kolton???  Those are his REINDEER???  Oh!...{ Clearing Throat }
OK!  SOOOOO...I KNEW THAT!  I wuzzzz just teasinn!  ANYHOO....I dont care WHO he sends, he could send Laverne and Shirley for all I care as long as they can help me finish this!  Preferabally  BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!!  OK...back to my point...
Not only has this move consumed my last few months, but  I have needed to step back, take a breath and clear my head {YIKES!  That could take a WHILE!} In all Honesty,  I was finding that I was allowing my Blog to RUN my life and me NOT allowing my LIFE to run my Blog.  Does that make ANY sense to ANYONE ELSE?  I felt I was RUNNING around, scurrying to do projects to post about...and all the while, losing my sense of SELF and NOT puting the time needed into ALL the other things in my life.
Even to the point of not giving myself enough time to be REGULAR in my visits and comments to ALL OF YOU PRECIOUS LADIES and FRIENDS!!!  SO...That is NOT GOOD!  Why?  Because ALL OF YOU are the reason I Blog to begin with!!!  NOT to have 7 projects in a week!!!  PEOPLE are important, God is important, Family is important, FRIENDS are important...NOT Projects!!!  NOT EVEN Remotely important, is what I write...Unless its ABOUT something important!!!  HOWEVER, all that being Creative Juices { GOD Given } are important as they are part of what God made ME to be...but it should NEVER be a Forced thing nor a BURDEN...So I hope you all { and I know yall do...because that is the kind of Quality ladies you ALL are! } i know yall understand...I cant Run circles around my Blog anymore...I need it to "Fit" into my life.  THAT is the way God would want it to be...SO!......................
Am I going to quit my Blog?  NO WAAAAAAY!!!  I LOVE it...I just need to "Rework it" a lil...
I will STILL be a NUT...I will STILL share my projects with you...I will STILL host WHASSUP Wednesday....I just need to prioritize...
What will NOT and has NOT HEARTFELT LOVE for all the FRIENSHIPS I have made here in Blogland!!!  I am even finding that my FRIENDSHIPS with many of you girls here in Blogging are MORE GENUINE that lots of my friendships here at home...Needless to say...I am going through some "STUFF" lately...BUT, I will come out STRONGER, more AWARE and a better person for it all!
Bottom line...I WILL be back to Blogging SOON! 
I MISS you ladies and FRIENDS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUUUCH!!!  I hope this Post doesnt SCARE yall away, Eeekkkk!  I will see yall SOON!

God bless ALL of you and as always...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whassup Party!!

This doesn't seem like Wed already!  When a holiday falls on Monday it throws everything off, doesn't it??
I will be back to my crazy normal self soon!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Is ANYONE still popping in over here at me?
LOL!  How SAD has my Blog been?!  Can you say PA~THET~ICK {I know...its spelled pathetic...} but in THIS case, ICK...for ICKY, is betta suited!  I will be SHOCKED if anybody comes OVA'!  I mean...REALLY???  I have blogged like TWICE in the last 6 weeks or so...UUUGGGG!  Girlfriends...I am SO BEYOND SORRY I have been MIA!  I did a post, like EONS ago, and explained that I was in the process of packing and moving my Retail Store.  OKAAAY!  That has been a BLAST!  HA!  Shoot me now!  Me and my Hub have done the move ALL BY OURSELVES!!! heard me...ALL. BY. OURSELVES.  What the HILLBILLIE  HAYDAWG { I just now made that up...errrdeeerr!  It was nicer than what I wanted to say...OOPS! }  But SERIOUSLY?!?  What were we thinking?  Well...MAYBE we thought a few of these things:

* We are STILL 22
* If we are STILL 22, our bodies are STRONG and able to do ALL THIS heavy lifting, etc
* We dont have kiddos to come home to and COOK for, or just feed...
* The same kids we DONT HAVE, dont need some attention...
* We dont have an Investment business OR an Interior Design business that NEED to STILL   
   be tended to...AhhDuuhh!
* Since we are still 22, with NO KIDS, we can get this move done in a JIF! Like a couple of weeks, EASY
* All that CRACKELING, and POP-ING, and CREEKING noises our bodies are making during this move are just FIGMENTS of our imagination....

OKAAAY!  Paaalease!!!  REWIND!!!  We learned that:
* We are NOT 22...AT ALL!  We are like blah,blah,blah years OLD...
* Those 22 year old bodies are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back there on the corner of MANY years 
   ago and Wishful thinking Street!!!  Wwwaaaa!
* OMGosh!  We DO have 2 little ones who are ALWAYS HUNGRY {like we JUST fed yall an hour ago}
* AND they like a little attention...they are not so CRAZY about us OLD FOLKS coming home and 
   COLLAPSING on the bed and STARING at the ceiling...for HOURS...IN COMPLETE SILENCE!
   My son nearly called 911!!! 
* Uuummmmmmmmmmm...I have a TONof STUFF in my store...LIKE, a TON...and, weeeeeeeeeell, this
   move is NOT happening in a JIF!  its been going on since EARLY to mid May till STILL in final stages!
* ALL these NOISES our bodies are making...NOT GOOD!  Those are actually BODY
   PARTS...FALLING APART!  Like Cars!  We are gonna need to call our Insurance 
   adjuster !  ORRR...Go to the Doctor!  Which I have had to!  3 TIMES NOW!  Good LAWDY!  I can 
   NOT seem to stay outta there!  And yall KNOW how much I LOVE the Drs office!  YEP!  I am NOW
   on steroids and pain medicine for my REINJURED NECK!  For the Love of Pete!  Heavens to 
   Betsy!  SHEEZZZ  Louise...Do I NOT learn ANYTHING over the last few MONTHS of my LIFE??
   Which, By The Way...If we had HAD Pete, Betsy and Louise...this move would have gone MUCH
   BETTER! Maybe it would NOT have been such a NIGHTMARE!!!

WHICH...That brings me to my NIGHTMARE of Summer 2011!!!  Remember that NIGHTMARE I had after Christmas 2010???  UhhhhHuuuhh!  Welp!  This MAY just be WORSE!!!  Heres a lil PEEK a BOO at my BooHoo NIGHTMARE!  YEPPERS!  Im DRAGGING yall throught it with me...KICKING and SCREAMING!  LOL!  Here ya go!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!   Remember THIS?  I can breathe!  Im in LaLaLand!

 YEP!  It WAS pure BLISS!!!  But now...EEERRRKKK!  It another NIGHTMARE!  And we ALL KNOW that the SEQUEALS are WAAAAAY worse than the Original, right???

*Insert JAWS Music*

If yall could SEE MY FACE RIGHT NOW!!!!


And PROVIDE me with some OXYGEN so I could breathe!  Or fix me one of those Venti, Vodka, Vallium, Mocha Lattes...

Or...that glass of WINE right there might do!!!   YES is a glass of winer!  LOL!

AGAIN!  MY FACE right now!!!

Im SUFFOCATING!!!!!!!!!!   CALL 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Uuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggg!

ANYBODY gettin the DEPTHS OF HAYDES I am DEALING with ova' here???????  OMGaaaaaa!!

So PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE....Hang with me a little bit longer...DONT leave me or give up on me yet...
I will be DRAGGING yall through this with me...KICKING and SCREAMING!  And again...PLEASE KNOW I AM popping in on all you sweet gals to see all your BEAUTY { while I am over here SUFFERING IN my NIGHTMARE of Summer 2011 }  I am just having a DIFFICULT TIME getting ANY Comments done!  Seriously...I have reinjured my neck { from my neck surgery...disc replacment from a few years back } so I am on Prednisone, take care of the pain and numbness in my neck, arms and hands...So, PLEASE KNOW I am HERE...just a lil "Mater-ed Out"!!! 

I am SO SORRY I totally FORGOT Whassup Wednesday last week!  If ANYONE is still coming by here...I WILL have Whassup Par-Tay up and running tomorrow!  Which brings me to a BIG THANK YOU to Vanessa and Heather from At the Picket Fence, for letting me be a "Hostess" to one of their AWESOME Link party days...It was a ROCKIN WEEK and a TON of work for them!  Thank you guuurlzzz for ALL YOUR HARD WORK!  I love yall!

I HOPE and PRAY to see some people come Link up TOMORROW!!!

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...I will be in a NIGHTMARE!!!  SOMEBODY, WAKE ME UP!!!

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